How To Get More YouTube Views Using Content Marketing Tools

How To Get More YouTube Views Using Content Marketing Tools

Video marketing has made a critical impact on the journey of individuals as consumers in more ways than one. This is the main reason why social media marketers, as well as content marketers, started to pay more attention to video marketing. Besides, a lot of consumers initially look for information regarding a product before they finally make a purchase. And it was proven that videos are responsible for affecting the decisions of many consumers. 

Unfortunately, the video marketing industry faces many difficulties. The most common challenge that video marketers face is the challenge of building an audience. So if you are a video marketer, below are the ways on how you can create an audience for your YouTube videos.

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Want to Monetize Your New YouTube Account? Buy YouTube Views

Want to Monetize Your New YouTube Account? Buy YouTube Views

It is not a secret that YouTube is now the second largest search platform next to Google. This means that millions or even billions of users are using this video-sharing platform. This is the reason why a lot of people are using this platform to make the videos they create accessibly.

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Top 7 YouTube Channels Jobseekers Should View

Top 10 YouTube Channels Jobseekers Should View

It can be surprising to many to know that YouTube is not exclusively for entertainment purposes. There are many top YouTube channels today dedicated to helping Job Seekers. All are top career experts with entertaining YouTube channels that share exciting and helpful tips to guide job seekers.

YouTubers can be a goldmine of resources you can find on various YouTube channels that will set you apart from the crowd. From how to dress to body language, how to have a good handshake, interview etiquette, and many more, you will get a dedicated YouTube channel to help you.

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Top 10 New YouTuber Themes During Quarantine

Top 10 New YouTuber Themes During Quarantine

Since YouTube launched in 2005, it has grown from a site that no-one felt has something to offer to the most popular video-sharing platform that has ever existed. YouTube hosts lots of channels that cover virtually every topic you can think of.

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The Basics of DIY YouTube Brand Marketing for Start-Ups

The Basics of DIY YouTube Brand Marketing for Start-Ups

Youtube is one social media application that tops the list of the most visited site globally. It is the second most visited app in the world because it’s a source of millions of visual contents. The presence of these visible contents makes YouTube a search engine of some sort that needs to be optimized just like webpages. The more optimized YouTube videos are, the more they appear top in YouTube search rankings. If you know what that means, it means good news, especially if you are interested in YouTube marketing.  

Are you ready to know how to optimize your YouTube video for brand-boosting and marketing purposes, read on?

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The Most “YouTuber” YouTube Personalities

The Most "YouTuber" YouTube Personalities

Best YouTube Personalities

Regardless of the entertainment giants, they are followed by millions of Internet users. Creativity is a constant topic in discussions about marketing and communication in social media, especially when it comes to video content. 

Read our article on the best youtube personalities in the world.

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How to Block Recommended Videos on YouTube Forever


Recently, YouTube has become infamous for recommending videos. These videos often are not close to your taste at all, but YouTube’s tech support likes to believe that their algorithm is super smart and knows you more than you know yourself.

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Ways To Share YouTube Videos On Twitter for More YouTube Views

Ways To Share YouTube Videos On Twitter for More YouTube Views

Technology has evolved into the modern world, and this has led to a vast improvement in the way we think, labor activities as well as social media orientations. Many organizations now use social media as a source of income.

In no doubt, traditional marketing has packed up. Brands, organizations, and individuals media as a tool to develop their company or brand. This is because over 75% of the world population makes use of social media. Therefore, it serves as an easier way to sell one’s products than the traditional method.

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Ways to Grow your YouTube Live Audience For Maximum Views

Ways to Grow your YouTube Live Audience For Maximum Views

Increasing Your YouTube presence

Social media marketing has become famous through mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Hangouts, and the likes. These platforms all offer live streaming features. In recent times, the practice has been on the rise very prominently on YouTube. Boasting over 1.5 billion users, this video-sharing platform was created for users to share pre-recorded videos. Still, it has now become a popular site for streaming videos in real-time. A considerable part of its success is because of the large variety of content on practically every subject matter.

Here are techniques to growing your YouTube Live audience

1.     Attracting viewers’ attention is key

How do you pique the interests of the YouTube audience? The first step is to create an appealing profile. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this aspect because the human mind subconsciously evaluates this. Take the time out to review your channel header and update your profile regularly. A good-looking profile is a fantastic greeting address. Set up your account and add basic info to your stream.

Let the title give an idea of what viewers should expect to tune in to. Keep the title reasonably short and precise. Ambiguity is not the best idea, especially if you are a budding channel. Remember, there are billions of users on the platform, so you are sure to catch the interests of a good number of them as long as the title is intriguing.

2.     Search Engine Optimization

You want to get across to as many people as available, so having your videos pop up on the first page of a google search will do you a lot of good.

The thumbnail is another eye-catcher. For instance, makeover and tutorial videos tend to put up the result as a thumbnail. With YouTube, clickability is profitable. The thumbnail itself should be a teaser. The majority of recommended videos are those that are most likely to be clicked, and a good thumbnail raises the bar. Ensure that they can still stand out when they are shrunken. Always zoom in to view the image as it will appear once uploaded.

3.     Inform the public

Here is the main difference between pre-recorded videos and live streams. The former requires promotion after it has been uploaded. In contrast, the latter has to be promoted before the scheduled live streaming. You need to let your subscribers know that you are planning to go live. Post a teaser video at least a week in advance. This leaves enough time for people to see the announcement. It should include a bit of juicy information about the subject matter as well as technicalities like the date and time.

To have a climactic effect, you can build up viewers’ interests by releasing the teaser in bits over a period.

Promote Maximum Views To Your YouTube Channel

Don’t hesitate to encourage your viewers to subscribe. Notifications are helpful, so ask them to turn those on too. In fact, now even new YouTubers are buying YouTube views on their new YouTube channels to capitalize and capture all that sweet, sweet quarantine traffic potential!

Engage in partnerships with other YouTubers

Partnering with other YouTubers who already have a strong fanbase can increase your channel’s exposure. To benefit from cross-audience interests, make video collaborations with other brands that have similar business values.

4.     Keep viewers engaged

You’ve got their attention; now you have to keep them watching. Children may have the shortest attention spans, but adults don’t have it that much longer. The YouTube algorithm values view time. Don’t give viewers any reason to click away. Editing is your best friend for pre-recorded videos, but live streams are at a slight disadvantage here. Maintain a quick pace to keep up with wavering attention spans. Do not deviate for too long from the subject matter (and when you do, make sure it is something either visually or verbally engaging). Be extra-prepared and avoid extended pauses.

You most likely have a target audience, and this should influence your language. You know what they want, and that is what you should give them. Write a script, organize a scene, and practice takes. Bestsellers are always well thought out stories. Deciding to stream on a whim could work for an amateur who just got lucky, but if you hope to build your brand or grow your company, it is best always to have a detailed plan.

Interact with them

You could create a poll about a product or service and ask viewers opinions on it. For companies, this is a good way to promote sales. Add some small talk to make them feel that there is active communication.

Offer incentives

Incentives take the motivation bar up a notch. People will always flock to places where they feel they can be rewarded. Everyone loves free stuff. Coupons are the most popular form of this medium. Giveaways are frequent for more established brands. Draw in viewers with exclusive content like audio files and e-books.

Take advantage of clip highlights

There are so many useful tools you can use to make your videos more engaging. Clip highlight tools help you capture and share awesome moments during your live stream. You can share them on social media and attract even more viewers. With highlight reels, people can see a summary of your event.

Send emails

Create an email list of your subscribers and send them an invitation to your live event.

Be consistent

It has been proven that a regular filming schedule guarantees stable viewership ratings. If people know when they can always watch your videos, they may make mental reminders to visit your channel and especially if you put up compelling content.


Livestreaming is definitely the trend nowadays; it requires patience because growing your audience takes time. From little details to more complex concepts can help increase your viewership. Make sure all factors combine to give a higher value. With a decent library of videos, you can implement end screens to direct viewers to other videos and increase watch time.

The modern business world relies on a lot of factors to promote growth. With the continuous increase in the use of electronic devices and the constant innovation in technology, live streaming has become one of the most utilized features by companies and individuals alike. YouTube live streams are a great way to expand your reach and grow your business or your brand name. It is a proven strategy with quite a few success stories.

How to Optimize New YouTube Channels and Videos for Better Visibility

How to Optimize New YouTube Channels and Videos for Better Visibility

Factors that determine visibility 

If all efforts at solving the issue prove abortive, it may be because you haven’t figured out the root cause of the problem. Google owns YouTube, and similar to its parent company, it works with machine-learning algorithms. These algorithms determine your channel’s visibility based on the following criteria:

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