YouTube Taking Views from Clubhouse Explained: YouTube Shorts

Clubhouse Explained: What is This Invite-Only Chat Platform All About

If you have been on social media frequently, then you might have already seen Clubhouse and wonder what it is all about. If you are wondering what Clubhouse is, then you are in the right place. Read on as we explain everything you need to know about Clubhouse. You’ll see why YouTube is adding new features to keep up with the competition.

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Starve the Trolls: Prevent YouTube Views on Misinformation

Starve the Trolls: Prevent Misinformation

Over the years, videos have been a popular way to disseminate information worldwide. For people looking for ways to spread ideas and messages, YouTube is their go-to platform. With millions of users every day, it continues to be the top video hosting platform up to this day. Having such a reputation, they recently announced an update regarding the rules on hate speech. By focusing on the reduction of content about harmful conspiracy theories like QAnon, YouTube hopes to curb the dispersion of hate and misinformation.

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KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator with Growing YouTube Views

A Glimpse at KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator

Now that we live in an era of technological innovations, online gaming has become more popular these days. Most of us have subscribed to different streamers and witnessed their journey as famous personalities in the gaming world. YouTube is the leading social media platform that most streamers use to gain supporters and followers. KreekCraft is one of these streamers who became popular with playing games every day and making Roblox video theories and updates.

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Guide To Creating A Successful Youtube Kids Channel

The way things are right now, Youtube rivals television and even cinemas for providing video entertainment. The website offers so much content people can watch for days on end. The best thing is, unlike TV, people can choose what they want to watch on Youtube. Then, most of these videos are free to view. There is also variety in forms, genres, and purposes. Moreover, there are videos for different demographics. Some are meant for adult entertainment, while the others are for children. 

Guide To Creating A Successful Youtube Kids Channel
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Youtube Says Picture-in-Picture Feature for IOS is in the Works

Social media networks have been one of our primary sources of entertainment for at least the last decade. They offer a lot of content that we can enjoy. There is Instagram for those who love looking at beautiful photos. Likewise, sites like SoundCloud and Spotify exist for music lovers. Then, there is Youtube, the social media that is the unrivaled provider of video entertainment. It is so popular that it became the world’s second-largest website. 

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BLACKPINK’s ‘Gone’ Music Video Breaks 100 Million YouTube Views

BLACKPINK’s Globally-Anticipated “The Show” To Air On January 31, 2021

Last December 16, BLACKPINK, one of South Korea’s phenomenal girl groups, announced that their highly-anticipated virtual concert would have to be postponed. Dubbed as “THE SHOW,” this concert was initially dated December 27. However, due to the country’s current restrictions and safety precautions concerning the ramifications of COVID-19, BLACKPINK was left with no choice but to move the schedule to next year. In the official announcement, the girl group said that “THE SHOW” would take on January 31 at 12 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. KST.

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Remembering YouTube Star Nicole and her Many YouTube Views

YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dies Along with Her Unborn Child

YouTube star Nicole Thea died on July 11 at the age of 24, along with her unborn child.

The family of the London-based influencer has confirmed the news in an Instagram post published on Sunday. In the post, they also stated that Thea’s unborn baby died with her.

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YouTube Helps Mental Health of YouTube Fans Buying YouTube Views

YouTube Discusses Mental Health With World Economic Forum

Managing mental health has never been easy, considering how fast-paced the world right now is. But now that there is a global COVID-19 pandemic, the issue became even more complicated. Now the question is, how are people coping up these days? 

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Play Views Music vs. YouTube Views on Music: Compared

Your choice will all boil down to your preferences. However, you’ll be left with no choice but to switch soon.

Google announced early this May that Play Music would no longer be available this year. So, to provide the most seamless transition for their users, Google created a new migration tool. The said tool will allow users to transfer their Play Music’s content and recommendations into the newly-released YouTube Music. 

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The Latest on YouTube: James Corden & Korean Girl Group BLACKPINK

The K-pop band will preview “THE SHOW,’ their upcoming YouTube live stream concert experience.

Recently, the YouTube record-breaking international K-pop group BLACKPINK guested on CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden. The group gave their fans a glimpse of what to expect to see and hear on their upcoming exclusive live stream concert experience on YouTube called “THE SHOW.”

BLACKPINK had a chat with Corden from the concert venue located in Seoul, Korea. This allowed them to give fans a glimpse of their performance. 

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