Getting people to watch your YouTube videos isn’t always easy. If you don’t have your foot in the door, or you don’t have a lot of connections, it’s pretty tough to rack up a substantial number of views. Often you’re competing with heavyweights who pour tens of thousands of dollars into advertising campaigns to get those millions of views, others use their connections, partners or subscribers to promote their videos, while others go viral by blind luck… But is that really the case?

There are tricks to the trade that can help you get more views on YouTube, and onto the screens of thousands or even millions of people. Here are the top 10 most effective ways we’ve found to get more YouTube views.

Top 10

Top 10 Tips (Short & Sweet)

1. Focus on Quality

No one wants to watch lame videos. Make sure you’re making a video you and your friends would want to watch before spending effort and money promoting it. The better the video, the easier it will be to get seen.

2. Optimize your video
Having a good title, description and tags using keywords will make an enormous difference. Also, don’t forget to make an intriguing thumbnail that people would want to click on!
3. Share your video
Tweet it, post it, and share it yourself. You should have friends or peers who would be interested (at least your mom, right?).
4. Forums and Reddit
Share your video outside of your social circle when relevant.
5. Blogging and Content
Blogging and content marketing are excellent ways of gaining organic exposure and traffic.
6. Crowd Marketing
Get top influencers to share your video with their followers and fans to gain more exposure.
7. Buy YouTube Views
A vastly underrated way of getting YouTube views, gaining credibility and attracting viewers. Check the top providers.
8. Partner with other YouTubers
Share the love! If you cover similar ground, their viewers can be easily yours and vice versa.
9. Advertise on YouTube
Use YouTube’s Ads to promote your video and gain targeted views. A pricey but solid option.
10. Don’t Give Up!
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Don’t be like the millions of other people who give up after the first setback.

1. Focus on Quality

Work hard to make an amazing video! This is the most important thing you can do. Amazing videos keep viewers watching, sharing and craving more. Keep it interesting, grab hold of their emotions, and make the entire experience visually and acoustically stunning. To do this, you’ll need to get the right equipment and someone on your team with the skill set to make first-rate video.


Here are some tips to keep in mind while making a good video:

  • ● Keep it concise, imagine your audience only has a 10-second attention span
  • ● Focus on good lighting
  • ● Pay attention to wear your microphones are
  • ● Keep the music in the background
  • ● Create a stable camera setup with a tripod
  • ● Pause in your speech

Have a listen to the popular YouTuber Rickvanman on the right (below, if you’re on a phone) as he gives tips on how to make better videos.



2. Video Optimization (Easy)

Now that you’ve made and uploaded an amazing video, the next step is optimization. This is easy to do, and incredibly important. It’s how people find and then actually click it to watch.

Title – Your video title should be short, sweet and hit the target. Write a title that grabs attention, while accurately describing your video. Also, consider using keyword research to find specific phrases you can include in the title to help get hits.

Bad: “Get More Video Views”
Good: “How to get more YouTube Views”

Video Description – The description on your video should provide your viewers with everything they need to know from the actual description, to shout outs to other YouTubers, and any other the relevant information. Consider including keyword phrases in the description to help users find your video.

  • ●   If you mention something in the video such as a website or product – Link to it!
  • ●   If you made a music video, include a download / purchase link, lyrics, your official website, and social media accounts.
  • ●   If you’re a business, include a link to your website, social media accounts, etc.
  • ●   If you upload videos regularly, tell your viewers to Subscribe.

Video Tags – These are keywords that describe your video, and help people find you. Not only will your video show up more in searches if you use tags, it will also show up in the Suggested Videos section when a user watches a similar video.

If this article was a video, these would be our tags:
YouTube, Vimeo, Views, Marketing, Subscribers, Methods, Tips, Advice, Tricks, Viral, SEO,

Video Thumbnail – Your YouTube Video Thumbnail is the first thing most people notice, so it should grab their attention and make them curious. You can either grab a frame of your video or upload your own thumbnail. Get creative and see what works.

Learn more about optimizing your YouTube videos.


3. Share Your Video (Easy)

Facebook ShareRight after you upload your video and optimize it, share it with friends, family, peers, or customers. You can do this through Facebook (personal or business), Twitter, Email (your contacts or a relevant email list, your website (if you have one), Reddit (When does the narwhal bacon?), or any other online platforms that you usually use to connect with people.

While pretty obvious, this is a great way to not only get people to watch your video, but also get feedback. You know your friends – Ask them what they think. Your good friends will be honest and tell you if it’s a wonderful success or a massive failure waiting to happen… hopefully, it’s the first one. You can also ask your friends to share your video with their networks for added reach.


4. Use Forums & Other “User-Contributed” Sites

Another excellent way of getting more views is sharing it on forums, message boards or of course, Reddit. There are millions of forums out there, with billions of members (we’re not kidding). Join a few related to your video and share it.


PSA: Don’t spam. Be genuine and follow each forum’s rules and guidelines.


5. Blogging and Video SEO (requires some work)

This method is pretty fun… and by fun I mean, you’re going to have to do some leg work.

Blogging has always been one of the most popular ways to get exposure for things online, and your video is one of them. Look around and find blogs that are relevant to your niche (if you make a video about Internet Marketing, find blogs about marketing), and contact them to see if they’ll write an article about or simply post your video on their blog.
If you’re video is likable, this should be easy.

Guest Blogging is another way of doing it. It’s similar to blogging, except you’re the one blogging and submitting your “Blogpost” to the blog. Some may accept it, others may decline it or ignore you. It’s always worth a try and when it works, you reek the rewards of views.

Video SEO is about getting your video ranked high on search results, both on YouTube and Google… don’t worry, you’ve been doing it all along. Optimizing your video’s Title, Description and getting links from relevant websites, such as blogs, is a great way to get your video ranking well. Look at you, Mr. SEO Specialist.


6. Crowd Marketing (Sponsored Word of Mouth)


The best way of getting a video to go viral is word of mouth – when people talk about, share and recommend your video on social media. There are tons of ways to encourage word of mouth marketing, but unless your video is hilarious or incredibly amazing – getting people to share it can be tricky. It’s a great way to getting viewers watching your video in the short-term, and has the potential of kickstarting word of mouth marketing and increasing your video’s search ranking.



7. Buy YouTube Views

Money talks, and one of its languages is buying views. While many consider this method shady, it’s undeniably been one of the most popular ways to get more views on YouTube and going viral. Celebrities and big companies have been known to do it, so why can’t you?

There are thousands of different websites and companies that sell YouTube Views, but the cold hard fact is, most of them use bots or other cheap methods of acquiring fake views (the ones you need to avoid). There are a handful of companies, including Devumi and FastFollowerz, which actually promote your videos to real people through websites and social media channels. We’ve tested and reviewed some of the top ones – checkout our reviews here.


8. Partner up with other YouTube Users

A clever way getting more views sourcing viewers from other YouTube users. Look around in similar or related industries – Not competitors but rather mutual partners. If you’re a late-night restaurant, find a night club. If you’re a Facebook marketer, find a Twitter Marketer. The key is finding a mutual partner that complements your business (their subscribers and viewers become yours) and vice versa.

How to promote with partners? Have them mention and link to your videos in their video (if the topic comes up), or at the end of a relevant video. They can also link to you from their website, Twitter or Facebook page. Of course, you would do the same or similar.


9. Advertising on YouTube

If you have a nice budget, YouTube In-Stream Advertising is a great option! You can target your audience by gender, age, interests and location, and have your video play before other videos as an Ad or get prominently featured on the sidebar. The views you gain through your Ads will count towards your view count, and you’ll know the viewers are well targeted. This would be a premium option, as prices ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 per view.


10. Keep it up and don’t give up

Don’t give up if your first few videos don’t succeed. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your success. Take time, focus on quality and learn from your mistakes. If you’re serious about achieving success on YouTube, whether it’s promoting your amazing video or creating better videos – keep at it! You’ll surely get there with some hard work.
There are over 2 million videos uploaded to YouTube every single day, with over 50 Million viewers daily. But less than 1% of those videos ever receive more than 1,000 views in their lifetime. Let’s get your videos some more views!