FAQs for Buying YouTube Views


Buying YouTube Views can be a little confusing, so we’ve put together as many frequently asked questions as we could think of and did our research for each and every one. Enjoy buying views and actually knowing what you’re doing.

General FAQ

These are just general common questions we hear about buying views.

How does “Buying YouTube Views” work?

Buying views is an exciting category of services. The only goal that’s name hints at is the guarantee of more views. So how you get more views can vary widely based on the company or provider you choose. Some deliver views through website ads or popunders. Others through partnerships with social networks. Others pay or reward users for viewing your video. Others use clickfarms where thousands of low-paid workers view your video. Others use bots or automated software to get the job done. There is literally no limit to the number of ways companies can deliver views.

Where do views come from?

This varies based on the company or seller and their methods. Some reputable companies offer views from a variety of locations to simulate natural use (social media, websites, blogs, etc.), and a few of the better companies offer “geo-targeting” for views – where you can choose where your views originate from – you can find these on our top lists. Others generate views from bots or clickfarms, which are generally the dirt-cheap views you find on Fiverr.

Can you make money from buying views?

If you mean to make money through YouTube Ads, then the answer is no. You cannot. YouTube and Google are both brilliant in keeping their money, and bought views do not interact the same way as natural views do, so you won’t earn money and could actually get your Adsense account banned if you try it. So be sure to disable Ads on videos you’re buying views for.
However, you can make money indirectly. Buying views can lead to a nice JUMP in popularity and influence, which can lead to third-party partnerships or sponsorships that can turn into lots of money.

How much should views cost?

Since buying views vary widely based on the techniques or methods used to get those views, prices can vary widely. Here is some guidance on costs and the usual quality/type of views you’ll get with them.

Cheap Views ($1~2 per 1,000 Views) – These are the super cheap views you’ll find on Fiverr or independant sellers on forums. These views are usually from bots or click-farms and are very low quality.
Regular Views ($2~4 per 1,000 views) – These are in the middle. The source of these views can vary widely from bots and click-farms (again), reward platforms to untargeted website traffic. Quality can also vary.
Organic / Targeted Views ($5~10 per 1,000 Views) – These views are the cream of the crop. They’re usually from good sources such as relevant websites, social networks, influencers, blogs, ads, etc. This is just a reference and isn’t mean to categorize all view services by their prices. There are plenty of sellers that sell expensive “cheap” views, and others that sell lower-cost “Organic” views, so this is far from absolute.

Is buying YouTube views anonymous?

It depends on the company you choose. Some top providers like Devumi, BuyViews, and FastFollowerz offer comprehensive privacy policies and require the bare minimum of information to ensure you’re privacy stays private. This is one of the biggest factors we consider when reviewing companies. However, there are still companies, sellers, and providers out there that don’t offer any privacy policy. While we’ve never heard of a company revealing their clients’ info, we usually recommend using a provider that has a strict privacy policy.

Common Concerns

If you’re worried or have a concern about buying views, these FAQs should clear things up. Don’t worry – we’ve done some pretty extensive research to answer these questions.

Is buying views safe?

Usually yes. Buying views will not get your video removed, you won’t get banned, it’s not illegal to do, and others won’t usually be able to tell you bought views (if you do it right).

Everything else depends on what company or provider you choose. Some offer complete privacy, 100% money-back guarantee, retention guarantee, excellent customer service, and high-quality services – others don’t. Choosing the right company then becomes pretty essential.

While there are dozens of different techniques, providers use to deliver views, your video. Many providers of view services do an excellent job of delivering views effectively and within the terms of YouTube or social networks. Some providers don’t abide by terms or sellers that use bots (automatic programs) to deliver fake views. Choosing the right company or provider of views makes all the difference. Buying views for YouTube or anything else is completely safe. Unfortunately, there are some spammy, low-quality companies out there – but if you stick with one of the Top 5 companies, you should be fine!

Can I get banned?

Nope. Whether you buy super organic views or dirty-cheap bot views, you won’t get banned from YouTube, and as of late 2014, your video cannot get removed. The worst that will happen is your views will drop – this usually only happens when you buy fake views/bot views from cheaper providers.

If you could get banned from buying views, you could easily just buy your competitor’s views secretly. It’s not as if you need their login or anything.

Can I get scammed?

Absolutely! Just like any industry, there are lots of scammers and shitty providers that only care for a quick buck. They’d love to take your money and run.

The entire purpose of our website is to find the best providers and root out the bad ones. Be sure to check out our Top 10 list to choose a good provider and avoid getting scammed. Don’t be tempted by “cheap” views from a shady company – it may end up costing you far more in the end.

I was scammed! What should I do?

Your best bet is to open a dispute on PayPal or issue a chargeback with your credit card company – the majority of them have very strict consumer protection laws, and if you escalate the issue, they will advocate on your behalf. If we’ve reviewed them, you can also reach out to us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Of course, to avoid that headache, just buy from one of the Top 5 companies and never worry about getting scammed.

Can I lose views?

Yes. There’s always a risk of losing some views as YouTube filters “spam” or “Illegitimate views” from their system, though your risk of losing views is dramatically reduced when you purchase high-quality or organic views. The Top 10 companies ALL offer a Money-Back Guarantee and/or Replacement Guarantees in the event that you DO lose views. That’s the peace of mind we love.

Is buying views illegal?

No – absolutely not. There is nothing illegal about buying YouTube views. There is absolutely no law in any country that states that you cannot purchase views or traffic. That would be silly.

Are bought views obvious? Can others tell I buy views?

That depends where and how you buy them. If you buy views from a good reputable company, then no. The views will come in naturally with good Retention and from real sources, as well as have a mix of likes, dislikes, and comments to help keep it looking natural.

If you buy from a bad unreputable company – then maybe. At worst, you could have a hundred thousand views come in all at once with no likes, dislikes, or comments. Now that looks fake, huh?

Our Advice: Always make sure the views come in naturally and that you either have likes and comments included or you purchase them as well. The best way to have your video look popular and real is to make sure it looks it all around.

Service Questions

Here are some of the questions we hear a lot about the actual Buy YouTube Views service.

How long does it take?

This depends on the company. Any provider worth their salt will be able to begin their services within a day or two. Actual turnaround will also vary from the amount of views purchased to the type of views and techniques used. The fastest of services can deliver 50,000 to 100,000 views per day, while slower services may deliver views at a pace of 300~500 views per day. That’s a big difference which can make turnaround times vary from 24 hours to 6 months or more. Check with the company you go with.

What does “Retention” mean?

Retention in the YouTube Views world means the amount of time a viewer watches your video, usually perceived as a percentage of the video watched. So if someone watches 3 minutes of a 4-minute long video, then the Retention is 75%.

High Retention” is a term you hear used a lot, which means that the views offer at least an 80% retention rate of higher.


Mixed Retention” means that the views will vary in retention. Some may be 10%, others may be 90%. In most cases, we’ve seen mix retention views bring an average retention rate of 30~60%.

Low Retention” means… can you guess? A very low or non-existent retention rate (under 15%). Typically barely enough to be considered a view in YouTube’s eyes.

Organic Retention” is a retention category we’ve seen more recently and means that retention is organic / natural and depends on the video content. This is typically used by providers that offer completely natural views and obviously cannot control how long a person watches the video.

Does Retention actually matter?

Yup. The better your viewer retention, the better chance you have at getting your video ranked on YouTube search results or suggested in the “Suggested Videos” section. This is because YouTube recognizes that people that watch your video actually like it and stick through it, and they want to keep people on their website as long as possible.

Are real people watching my video if I buy views?

Maybe, but it’s hard to tell. If you purchase from a reputable company, the views likely originate from a human – whether via social sharing, YouTube promotion, or traffic exchanges. If you buy from a cheaper provider, you may still get views from real people (click farms, etc.) but more than likely will get views from inhuman sources such as bots or scripts.

In other cases, you may get views from real people who don’t even know they’re watching your video. Would you consider that a real person watching your video?

This is an interesting question with an even more interesting answer.

Results and The Aftermath

These are some of the most common questions we get about the results of buying views or what happens afterward.

Will buying YouTube views help my Video SEO?

Yes, but only if done right, and even then, it’s only a minor factor. Buying high-retention views can help, and purchasing likes and comments can help as well.

However, your video has to have an optimized Title, Description, and Tags as well as be awesome and not suck. These take up 80% of your SEO factors which you can learn more about here. So while buying views can help, it’s not going to get you ranked well on its own.

Can a video go viral from buying views?

Absolutely! We’ve heard of a lot of success stories from people that started buying views to end up with an extremely popular and viral video. BUT this again depends heavily on the content of the video.

Buying views will help your video gain credibility and social proof, which can help attract people to watch it, but if those people don’t love it and don’t share it, then your video isn’t going to gain much traction. If your video is awesome, funny, or engaging and people love it, then they’ll share, and their friends will share it, and the viral train begins.

It all starts with making a good video.

How can buying views help my local business?

It can help you gain credibility and attract more customers. Say you’re a restaurant and have regular performances from bands or musicians. Making videos of them performing and of your customers enjoying it could be an awesome way of giving “potential customers” a taste of what to expect. Now, one of the factors that these “potential customers” will look at subconsciously is how popular the video actually is. If your video only has 100 views, then they’ll know right off the bat that you’re not that popular and may consider another restaurant. On the other hand, if your videos have tens of thousands of views, thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments, then potential customers will see them and think, “WOW! This is a big thing. I should go here.”

That is just one example of buying views to help a local business.

How can buying views help my online business/website?

Similar to the above example, buying views for your video will make your business or website look a lot more popular, reputable, and trustworthy. You can improve conversions and increase sales drastically with a few thousand views, especially if you use your videos on your website.

What should I do after buying views?

Once you buy views, take a look at your video and see what you like and don’t like. You can buy likes, dislikes, or comments on your video to look more appealing or natural. You can optimize your video’s title, description, tags, or thumbnail to improve how it looks and to get it ranking for the keywords that people are actually looking for. You can share it with your followers or fans on Social media. You can blog about your success getting 10,000 or 100,000 views. Or write a press release about it and let everyone know how popular you are.

Or you can make another video and do it all over again. There are a lot of things you can do afterward.