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Guide To Creating A Successful Youtube Kids Channel

Because of that, running a Youtube channel is more complicated than running a regular one. There are so many limitations and rules.

The way things are right now, Youtube rivals television and even cinemas for providing video entertainment. The website offers so much content people can watch for days on end. The best thing is, unlike TV, people can choose what they want to watch on Youtube. Then, most of these videos are free to view. There is also variety in forms, genres, and purposes. Moreover, there are videos for different demographics. Some are meant for adult entertainment, while the others are for children. 

Guide To Creating A Successful Youtube Kids Channel

In fact, a specific platform dedicated to content for kids exists within Youtube. This section is called Youtube Kids. 

Nowadays, even children are surfing the internet. They use social media sites primarily for entertainment and educational purposes. Unfortunately, their parents cannot monitor them all the time. So, it falls upon the websites, such as Youtube, to regulate what they can view. 

Because of that, running a Youtube channel is more complicated than running a regular one. There are so many limitations and rules you must abide by. Still, the sheer amount of prospect audience means that it is feasible. 

It may be an intimidating task at first, but you will be fine as you master the dos and don’ts. Follow the guide provided below to have a successful Youtube Kids channel.

Determining Whether Your Content Is “For Kids”

There are three classifications of content. The first one is videos that are specifically made for kids. Its primary audience is children up to 13 years old. Content made not specifically made for kids but attracts this younger audience falls in the second category. The third is videos inappropriate for kids. They could either contain sexual themes or violence. Both the first and second ones are allowed on the Youtube Kids platform.  


Note that if you label your content as “made for kids,” the comments will be disabled. Furthermore, no ads will be displayed before them.

Find An Alternative Way For Monetization

Again, you cannot take advantage of ad revenue if you make video content for kids. If you are looking forward to using the channel as your primary source of income, that could be a turnoff. But, there are plenty of ways to compensate for the loss of this capability. 

For example, you can sell merchandise to your audience. That way, you can gain support from your fans. Granted, the money will come from their parent’s wallets. Still, you provide entertaining and educational videos their children enjoy, so you deserve to get that support. 

Another way to earn money is through sponsorship deals or using affiliate links. However, keep in mind that both ways would only be effective if you have a large audience. To speed things up, you can buy cheap Youtube views. 

Explore Different Niches 

There are certain topics that kids are most interested in, such as nursery rhymes and cutesy cartoons. Learn about these from the most popular channels. List these trends and try to make content in alignment with them. Make as many as you can. By doing so, you can find out which ones you enjoy making the most. But more importantly, you will see which among them your audience likes the most. Focus on these niches to ensure the success of your channel.

Be Creative And Discover New Ideas Kids Love

It is a good move to explore the most popular niches. However, that would also mean you would face competition against many others. That includes giant channels like Cocomelon and Peppa Pig – Official Channel. It could be hard to persuade children to watch your videos instead of theirs. 

So, it would be best if you can come up with unique and interesting ideas. It will set you apart from other content creators, thus increasing your visibility. By doing so, you will gain many subscribers.

Ensure High Video Quality to Grow YouTube Views

Like in regular Youtube or any other content creation platform, the quality of your videos is important. Not minding it will put you at a disadvantage against your competitors. So, it would be best if you invest in high-quality equipment to produce amazing content. Included in the things you should consider getting are professional lighting and high specs microphone, headset, and camera. Also, you can use a green screen to add a fun and versatile background to your setup. These will couple quite nicely with growing YouTube views for the long future ahead. People wonder still – can you buy YouTube views? The answer is yes, of course!

Learn How To Edit For Kids

People of different ages perceive things differently. Older people like things that range from a little complex to outright intricate. On the other hand, children like things that are simple and easy to understand. Also, they like vibrant and colorful things, while adults would prefer to tone them down. 

So, you must understand what your audience, the children, likes. It would be best if you complimented your editing style to their preferences. 

Guide To Creating A Successful Youtube Kids Channel

Always Imagine You Are Talking To Children

It is highly recommended that you use language appropriate for kids. The way you talk in the video greatly affects how much children will like the content. Kids like high-pitched voices or voices that sound funny. Use these to establish a stronger connection to them. If you can take voice acting lessons, that would be great. 

You should also avoid using complicated or uncommon words. Else, most of them would not understand you. That would not be good for your channel, wouldn’t it? So try to keep it simple. The only instances where you can use these words are in educational videos where you are explaining what they mean. On anything else, that would be a bad idea. 

Last, it would be best not to swear, use profanity, or talk about explicit topics. If parents find out that you are saying those things, they will never let their children watch your content ever again. You may even get reported. Worse, your video may get taken down immediately for not being child-friendly. That would cause you to lose subscribers and repel prospects. 

Guide To Creating A Successful Youtube Kids Channel

Remember that you need to have many subscribers for the alternative methods for monetization to be effective. So, as much as possible, try to keep your audience’s and their parent’s trust. If you do that, you will not encounter any trouble, ensuring the success of your Youtube Kids channel. 


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