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BLACKPINK’s ‘Gone’ Music Video Breaks 100 Million YouTube Views

Last December 16, BLACKPINK, one of South Korea’s phenomenal girl groups, announced that their highly-anticipated virtual concert would have to be postponed. In the official announcement, the girl group said that “THE SHOW” would take on January 31 at 12 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. KST.

BLACKPINK’s Globally-Anticipated “The Show” To Air On January 31, 2021

Last December 16, BLACKPINK, one of South Korea’s phenomenal girl groups, announced that their highly-anticipated virtual concert would have to be postponed. Dubbed as “THE SHOW,” this concert was initially dated December 27. However, due to the country’s current restrictions and safety precautions concerning the ramifications of COVID-19, BLACKPINK was left with no choice but to move the schedule to next year. In the official announcement, the girl group said that “THE SHOW” would take on January 31 at 12 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. KST.

BLACKPINK also stated their disappointment, mainly due to the intense reaction of BLINKS, the official name of the group’s massive fan base. The girl group expressed their immense excitement to entertain their fans –to give them comfort, especially during these challenging times. However, they also noted that the safety of BLINKS and the other people who are working hard to make the virtual concert possible is more important to them than anything else. Notably, they want to make sure that everything is in order and that safety measures are in place.

Winning On YouTube with 100 Million YouTube Views

Despite the announcement made last December 16 was followed by the details about refunds. Notably, everyone who reserved their slots for the virtual concert using their channel memberships would get an automatic and full refund. As per BLACKPINK’s confirmation, here are the things that fans can expect:

  • Fans who purchased access to the virtual concert would get emails from Youtube, confirming the cancellation and return of payment.
  • Following these emails, there is an option to repurchase new access via the “JOIN” button. This link will take the fans to the official Youtube Channel of BLACKPINK. In here, they can repurchase access to the January 31 big event.

Additional perks for new channel members

BLACKPINK’s Globally-Anticipated “The Show” To Air On January 31, 2021

BLACKPINK has other good news for their fans worldwide; despite the rumors, the successful band buys YouTube views to promote their music. Those fans who failed to purchase access to the first scheduled concert now have the chance to acquire their slots to a new channel. Aside from having the opportunity to watch the virtual show next year, fans can enjoy additional benefits such as:

On BLACKPINK’S official Youtube Channel, fans can click the “JOIN” button on the offer page, which will automatically give them access to the newly scheduled virtual concert. The page functions both on desktop, mobile, and other handheld devices.

Notable, there are two types of new channel membership:

The STANDARD MEMBERSHIP allows fans to live stream THE SHOW, watch its rebroadcast and engage with the girl group and other fans using customized emojis. This membership costs 36,000 KRW ($29.98 USD).

The PLUS MEMBERSHIP, on the other hand, gives the same perks as the STANDARD. However, it comes with a juicy offer wherein fans can gain access to behind-the-scenes content. It costs 48,000 KRW ($39.98 USD). 

BLACKPINK: One of the World’s Most Successful South Korean Girl Groups

It is undeniable that K-Pop has been breaking global records. But while BTS is one of the groups that has been making waves in the music entertainment scene in such an unprecedented manner, it’s only fair to say the BLACKPINK is enjoying its global audience. A 4-women group, BLACKPINK’s popularity, and career achievements are some things that would surely go down in history, not only in South Korea but as well as the rest of the world. 

BLACKPINK debuted as a girl group back in 2016 under the management of YG Entertainment. Right away, Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie had enjoyed a rapid ascent to stardom. Their multilingual performances had captured both local and international audiences. Currently, their single Ddu-Du Ddu-Du holds the record as the most-watched K-POP group video on Youtube. It has more than 730 million views. 

The famous members of BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s Globally-Anticipated “The Show” To Air On January 31, 2021

Kim Jisoo (Jisoo), 24

Jisoo is the oldest member of BLACKPINK. She is known as the group’s mood-maker with her sense of humor. Although she is not as fluent in English as the other members, she is a proud trilingual. Jisoo is fluent in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. 

Kim Jennie (Jennie), 23

Jennie is the group’s lead rapper. She spent a few years of her childhood in New Zealand, where she acquired her English language skills. In 2010, her family returned to South Korea. Since then, Jennie has pursued her love for music and became the first-ever member of BLACKPINK to release a solo track. She also speaks Korean and Chinese fluently. 

Park Chaeyoung (Rose), 22

Rose was born in New Zealand. However, she spent her childhood in Australia. In her teenage years, Rose auditioned in YG Entertainment’s talent hunt and was placed first. Among the four members, she is the most fluent in English. She also flaunts a distinct singing voice, which lands her as the group’s lead singer. Rose also plays the piano and guitar. 

Lalisa/Pranpriya Manoban (Lisa), 22

Lisa is BLACKPINK’s lead dancer. She is the baby of the group at age 22. She was born in Thailand. Even since she was a child, she had been joining dance competitions. During her training as a K-POP idol, Lisa learned to enhance her singing and rapping skills. Today, she is regarded as the group’s most versatile member.

BLACKPINK: The History behind the Now World-Famous Name

As per YG Entertainment’s official press release, the name of the girl group represents femininity. It is usually associated with the pink color. However, to convey the message that the girl group is not just typical females who are all nice and sweet, they’ve added the term black, a color representing strength, power, and authority. In the opening line of Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, Jennie can be heard singing, “I may look sweet, but I don’t act like it.”

What makes BLACKPINK stand out from the rest of South Korean music groups?

Notably, the discography of this girl group is limited. Before the global hit “Kill This Love,” BLACKPINK had released no more than 20 tracks. Aside from their Korean songs, they also released Japanese versions of these music hits. Every piece in their album has gone viral worldwide, and their songs have ranked high on Billboard charts. They have also established their signature choreographies that have set historical trends in the dance industry. However, BLACKPINK is notably recognized for its powerful singing, bold rapping, and of course, chic styling. 


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