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Remembering YouTube Star Nicole and her Many YouTube Views

The Instagram post also explained that Thea had already pre-scheduled a few YouTube videos to upload on her YouTube channel before she died.

YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dies Along with Her Unborn Child

YouTube star Nicole Thea died on July 11 at the age of 24, along with her unborn child.

The family of the London-based influencer has confirmed the news in an Instagram post published on Sunday. In the post, they also stated that Thea’s unborn baby died with her.

In the statement, Thea’s family addressed the YouTube star’s friends and supporters. They then informed the public that Thea and her son who she and her boyfriend Boga named Reign both passed away on Saturday morning. 

The Instagram post also explained that Thea had already pre-scheduled a few YouTube videos to upload on her YouTube channel before she died. Boga, her boyfriend, has made a decision to allow those videos to be aired. The family also asked Thea’s supporters to give them privacy as they mourn and struggle to cope up with the loss of the YouTube star.

Thea’s Family Believes That the Cause of Her Death was a Massive Heart Attack

The cause of death of the former dancer, who is around eight months pregnant, is caused by a massive heart attack.

Thea’s uncle said that their family believes that she died due to cardiac arrest. He also added that the YouTube star had a heart attack in her house and she was telling her boyfriend that she was having chest and back pains. 

The YouTube star’s uncle, Charles Murray that Thea said that she was having a difficult time breathing. She was also struggling with her chest pain. 

Moreover, Murray said that Thea’s sudden passing felt surreal because the former dancer was so young. He also added that her niece was physically active and does not have any health issues.

YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dies Along with Her Unborn Child

Whether the YouTube star’s cause of death was really heart attack is yet to be confirmed until the family has the post mortem.

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Thea and Boga Announced Her Pregnancy Last April 

Thea and her boyfriend announced her pregnancy back in April through an Instagram video. In the video, she showed off her baby bump while dancing beside her boyfriend. The video’s accompanying caption said that Thea and Boga cannot hide the news any longer. In the caption, she announced that they were given the biggest blessing yet and that she is finally creating a beautiful little human inside her. She also said that her boyfriend has been the best support ever and that God made no mistake for making him the father of her child. 

The YouTube star also added that they are already obsessed with their child, who she called a miracle baby. She then thanked the unborn child for choosing her and Boga to be its parents and best friends.

Thea had garnered more than 80,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. In her videos, she often discussed her pregnancy journey. She has also posted content where she featured Global Boga, whose real name is Jeffery Frimpong, a street dancer.

Her latest YouTube content was uploaded on Sunday. 

In her most recent video titled, “GOT IN A BATH FULL OF MILK! *BTS PREGNANCY SHOOT,” she shared with her viewers the process in her pregnancy shoot.

In the 14-minute video, Thea was getting ready for her milk bath while she was talking to her viewers in the process. She also showed her fans the most special moments from her maternity shoot.

On the morning of Saturday, Boga shared a video where he was dancing while holding a baby carriage. Moreover, he said in a post the week before the video was posted that he believed that his son was arriving on a Monday. 

Fans Also Mourned Over the Death of the YouTube Star and her Growing YouTube Views

Thea’s death shocked all her supporters. Her fans paid tribute as they mourned over the death of the YouTube star. One of her supporters said that she would always love Nicole and she is so sorry for her sudden death.

One follower also said that their heart is with Boga, as well as with Thea’s family and friends. To this day, despite many myths about YouTube, her channel can be found with growing YouTube views and subscribers in her honor.

At the end of June, the YouTube star shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend. In the caption, Thea said that she cannot wait to see their little man. 

YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dies Along with Her Unborn Child

Thea was nearing her full term in pregnancy and was due to give birth to their son in the coming weeks. On her Instagram bio, she described herself as a mother to be and a content creator. She is also the face of the brand Thea Kollection, a jewelry and eyelash line. The brand has thousands of its own followers.

Moreover, fans have taken to Twitter to mourn over Thea’s loss and pay their condolences to the YouTube star’s family. One of her fans wished for her boyfriend to be comforted by God and her family to be granted with all the strength and peace. 

Another fan wished for Thea and her unborn son Reign to rest in a wonderful peace. The fan also added that heaven has gained two new beautiful angels.

One fan also said that their heart was heavy since Thea’s passing was announced. However, they do not know what to feel after the family confirmed the news. 

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