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KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator with Growing YouTube Views

American Roblox player, YouTube star, and social media personality Forrest Waldron is having a fantastic year.

A Glimpse at KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator

Now that we live in an era of technological innovations, online gaming has become more popular these days. Most of us have subscribed to different streamers and witnessed their journey as famous personalities in the gaming world. YouTube is the leading social media platform that most streamers use to gain supporters and followers. KreekCraft is one of these streamers who became popular with playing games every day and making Roblox video theories and updates.

Who is KreekCraft and Why Is He Growing YouTube Views?

American Roblox player, YouTube star, and social media personality Forrest Waldron is having a fantastic year. Waldron is better known to his fans as “KreekCraft,” with his views and subscribers on YouTube increasing dramatically. Roblox is a popular global platform that brings people together and is the second-most-watched game on YouTube. Roblox enables everyone to create, imagine, and have fun with other users while exploring millions of immersive 3D experiences. As part of YouTube’s official blog, here’s a closer look at KreekCraft’s life as a YouTube gaming creator, his prospects for online gaming, and more. 

The Beginning of His YouTube Journey

Computer class in school played a significant role in KreekCraft’s YouTube journey. He went into video editing on YouTube for a few years before starting his gaming channel in 2014. Because Minecraft and other video games were a big thing during those days, doing gaming videos became natural. Watching other Minecraft YouTubers also contributed to creating his channel. 

“KreekCraft” was derived from a game called “World of Warcraft.” Waldron was so bad at coming up with names for his character that he randomly hit the keyboard a few times and ended up with “Kreek.” When he started playing Minecraft, the username “Kreek” was already taken, so he added the word “craft” at the end. 

KreekCraft was known for his signature hat. There’s also a story about his legendary hat. He used to stay up late playing video games and would often stream early in the morning. To keep himself awake, he would wet his hair and throw cold water on his face. However, winter didn’t give him enough time to dry his hair. To get enough warmth, he puts on the hat, which became an everyday thing to him. Later on, everyone recognized him with the hat.

His Roblox Journey

KreekCraft started in Minecraft as it was a big thing on YouTube back in the days. However, the gaming environment began to change in the platform around 2017. Most of his audience got tired of playing Minecraft and wanted him to try Roblox. Roblox is very popular online that it ranked as one of the top online entertainment platforms for users under the age of 18. Users have spent 37 billion hours playing Roblox since 2008, with three billion total engagement hours each month and 5.2 million peak concurrent users.

In addition to that, Roblox has paid $241 million to the community developers. However, Roblox was not a thing for KreekCraft, and he thought it “will never be.” But the unexpected happened, and KreekCraft tried playing Roblox once. In the beginning, he still finds it not attractive enough, but Phantom Forces caught his attention. Phantom Forces is a Roblox FPS that offers a high-skill challenge. A shooter game played in an online arena in teams, similar to today’s “Call of Duty.” He began streaming Phantom Forces, and Roblox started to take off. 

A Glimpse at KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator

The Challenges and Perks of Streaming Online During the Pandemic

It’s been months since the pandemic took a toll on everyone’s lives. Conventions and similar events were put on hold, if not canceled. As a streamer who daily engages with his online community, KreekCraft had to stay emotionally connected with his audience. He had to find new ways of entertaining people as everyone was at home. Trying to be very open and honest about many things became his primary key to keeping in contact with his community. He also hosts a monthly meet-and-greet as one of the perks of his membership programs. To keep up with his members, he did seven meet-and-greets in a month, which are capped at 30 people. Apart from meet-and-greets, KreekCraft also hosted two movie nights in a month where he watched movies with his fans. During those meet-and-greets and movie nights, he would get 90 to 100 attendees at any given time. 

During the pandemic, online gaming in the United States has increased dramatically. As users and gamers were quarantined for several months, online gaming has increased by more than 40% as most people have been looking for social interaction. The global watch time for video game live streams has also grown to over 10 billion hours. KreekCraft agrees that online gaming is going to keep growing. The pandemic has something to do with its fast growth rate as well. However, KreekCraft added that there might be some possible drop-offs once everything starts to get back to normal, but gaming will still be there and will keep growing. 

The Perks of Having a Membership Business

Many creators online haven’t tried doing membership programs. Subscribers who enroll in these programs have monthly payments and get member-only perks like meet-and-greets, badges, and other goodies. KreekCraft was just one of those few who have tried and experienced a growing and successful membership business. For those creators who haven’t tried it yet, KreekCraft suggests just start. He also recommends starting small, beginning with a few dollars a month where members get to see the behind-the-scenes video or something that is worth their monthly payments. He also said that it is not advisable to do a $20-a-month-tier where your members won’t get what they paid for. Most YouTubers are only used to just making and uploading videos, but KreekCraft advised them to do something simple that perfectly fits their passion and what they’re already doing. 

A Glimpse at KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator

KreekCraft and Pop-Tarts

Growing up, KreekCraft has always loved delving into a bowl of Pop-Tarts. Pop-Tarts is a toaster-ready treat and a product of Kellogg’s. He would eat a Pop-Tart every morning for breakfast since he was a toddler. Now that he has his own house, he still eats Pop-Tarts every day for breakfast. He even added that he spared a drawer for his Pop-Tarts treats and named it “Pop-Tart drawer.” In KreekCraft’s bio on Twitter, he indicated, “Waiting for Pop-Tarts sponsorship.” As a massive fan of this foil package of toaster pastries, KreekCraft would say yes if Kellogg’s offers a sponsorship.


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