How Researchers Viewed YouTube Videos to Study Elephants

Researchers Utilized YouTube Videos in a Study With Wild Elephants

How do you use social media? Some people use it to connect with their friends and family members. Others use it primarily for entertainment purposes. That’s expected, as most of these platforms are designed with those in mind. However, some platforms also serve unintended purposes.

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YouTube Analytics Now Have a New Way to View Data

New Social Media Platforms On The Block Marketers Should Watch

New Social Media Platforms On The Block Marketers Should Watch

Social media has penetrated almost every aspect of life. They are useful as sources of news and information or as providers of entertainment. Also, they can now be used for shopping. But above all else, they are most known for communication. 

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A Look at YouTube: The King Of Video Content Views History

A Quick Look at YouTube: The King Of Video Streaming's History

When people want to watch videos, YouTube is one of the go-to places. Where else can you find an endless stream of videos that covers all types and genres from different cultures and countries? On the platform, there are movies, documentaries, music videos, vlogs, educational content, gaming content, live streams, and many more. There are at least 1,000 videos for each of these categories. It’s like a bottomless chest that contains all the treasures in the world. You will never get bored since you can always find something that could entertain you. 

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Play Views Music vs. YouTube Views on Music: Compared

Your choice will all boil down to your preferences. However, you’ll be left with no choice but to switch soon.

Google announced early this May that Play Music would no longer be available this year. So, to provide the most seamless transition for their users, Google created a new migration tool. The said tool will allow users to transfer their Play Music’s content and recommendations into the newly-released YouTube Music. 

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From YouTube in Delhi: Governments Encourage Schools to do E-Learning

From YouTube in Delhi to WhatsApp in Nagaur: Governments Encourage Schools to do E-Learning

At around 9 AM on April 13, two WhatsApp groups came alive in Hudeel, Nagaur district in Rajasthan’s gram panchayat. One WhatsApp group is for the parents, while the other is for the teachers and school officials. The messages in the group consist of lessons like a “body movement” video for Class 6’s NCERT as well as a YouTube link for Class 9’s remainder theorem.

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How Can YouTube Views Be A Dangerous Thing?

In the first episode of Rabbit Hole, Kevin’s new audio series, featured Caleb Cain, a college dropout who lives in West Virginia. Cain found himself watching a lot of YouTube videos that contain extreme topics. In fact, Cain started to believe in the things he absorbed from watching, such as misogyny, racism, as well as conspiracy theories.

How Can YouTube Views Be A Dangerous Thing
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YouTube Views Don’t Count in Album Charts Says Billboard Magazine

The decision is brought about by the pressure it is getting from various music labels as well as Apple Music. Back then, music bought from Apple’s download store or streamed via its paid subscription service has the same weight with free streams on YouTube when counted n Billboard’s Hot 100. However, Billboard announced that it is going to prioritize paid streams, which means that there will be a possibility for artists to promote their songs on paid services like Apple more than it does on free streaming sites. Of course, artists will choose to advertise on platforms that will give them more chances to top up on the Hot 100 chart.

YouTube Views Don't Count in Album Charts Says Billboard Magazine
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Should New YouTubers Buy YouTube Views to Get Started?

Should New YouTubers Buy YouTube Views To Get Started?

Almost every nation around the world is now in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are required to follow home quarantine requirements to contain the proliferation of the virus. Likewise, almost all work establishments and facilities have been forced to shut down its operation. For this reason, a lot of people have lost their means of income. 

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Top 7 YouTube Channels Jobseekers Should View

Top 10 YouTube Channels Jobseekers Should View

It can be surprising to many to know that YouTube is not exclusively for entertainment purposes. There are many top YouTube channels today dedicated to helping Job Seekers. All are top career experts with entertaining YouTube channels that share exciting and helpful tips to guide job seekers.

YouTubers can be a goldmine of resources you can find on various YouTube channels that will set you apart from the crowd. From how to dress to body language, how to have a good handshake, interview etiquette, and many more, you will get a dedicated YouTube channel to help you.

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