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Should New YouTubers Buy YouTube Views to Get Started?

Every new YouTuber wants to know if they should buy YouTube views to get started, especially now that there is a benchmark for monetization!

Should New YouTubers Buy YouTube Views To Get Started?

Almost every nation around the world is now in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are required to follow home quarantine requirements to contain the proliferation of the virus. Likewise, almost all work establishments and facilities have been forced to shut down its operation. For this reason, a lot of people have lost their means of income. 

However, if you are stuck at home due to the quarantine, there is one thing you can do to ease your boredom and to make extra income. That is to start a YouTube channel. But building your own YouTube channel does not happen overnight. The competition on this platform is quite overwhelming. So, becoming famous is not that easy. 

Owners of YouTube channels often find ways on how they can gain more views and subscribers. One of the best and most used methods is to pay for these views and subscribers. While it sounds unsafe, there are several ways on how you can buy YouTube views to get started with your YouTube channel while quarantined at home.

How You Can Buy YouTube Views for a Better Rank

From what I see, it seems like everyone is trying to grab their own piece of the pie when it comes to becoming a popular YouTuber. But there are times when it becomes so hard and impossible to compete with other YouTubers, especially to those who already have thousands and millions of views. Sometimes, even getting your first 100 views for your video becomes a struggle. You always want to buy real YouTube views from trusted providers.

As an answer to such a dilemma, you can opt into buying YouTube views. However, you must be cautious in buying views. A lot of scams are now on the internet, holding a promise of high YouTube views in return for a couple of dollars, only to have your channel banned in the end. So, to help you avoid this kind of situation, below are some tips on how new YouTube channels buy views for their videos.

Only buy YouTube views from legitimate providers.

Just a few searches on Google, and it will deliver you with tons of different places where you can buy views and exposure on YouTube. While these so-called legitimate providers can increase your view count, the problem arises from the fact that you are not sure whether they are really valid. Apart from that, they deliver you with viewers who do not really want to watch your videos. This results in shallow engagement and low watch time for your videos. And in return, there will be low chances for you to get monetized.

Be cautious of illegitimate advertisers.

There are some methods that providers usw in trying to increase your YouTube views. Sometimes, these methods are against the terms of service provided itself. So, buying views from illegitimate advertisers can have your channel banned. Besides, low-quality providers may deliver you low-quality views. These views may post bad comments that can ruin your YouTube channel’s credibility.

Only buy views from high-quality providers.

While a lot of scam providers are lingering on the internet, several providers can deliver high-quality views. These views may either be in the form of bots or genuine people that get a reward in return for watching your videos. 

Moreover, bots are computer-generated views that pose as a real human. They have complete and neatly done profiles as well as display pictures. Such types of bought views also have a higher retention rate. And in an instance that your provider is credible enough, they will offer you a replacement for the views that you may lose.

On the other hand, you can also buy views that come from real people. Your provider will offer them rewards like cash or gift checks in return for watching videos from your YouTube channel.

Know that Buying Views is Completely Legal

In an instance that you are hesitating whether you should buy views, it may help that you know that buying views is entirely legal. While it may not be the most accepted method of boosting your online popularity, there are no rules written in YouTube’s terms of service that states that you cannot buy views. In fact, the surprising fact is that a lot of YouTubers from almost all kinds of niches are buying views to grow their channel. Who does not want to get views as fast as possible, right? Everyone can get benefits from this fantastic promotional service.

According to the terms of service provided by YouTube, buying YouTube promotional services like subscribers, views, likes, and even comments are not illegal as long as they are not automated by systems. 

How Does it Work?

Purchasing YouTube views is safe and comfortable as long as you are buying from a reliable source. The best sellers of YouTube views take the extra mile to provide their buyers with a mixed demographic of views. This means that when you buy views, you can target the location of the ones you will buy. 

Many people think that the top YouTube channels that they can find in the said platform do not buy views. However, the fact is that with all the benefits that this method can bring, a lot of YouTubers, artists, and companies buy views for their channel. 

Buying YouTube views works in the sense that your provider will do various steps to make your video one of the most-watched on YouTube. Some will offer you high-quality bots that they generated via the system, while some will find real people to watch your videos. 


Regardless of the type of views that you will choose, it is crucial that you only buy from high-quality providers. Also, it is essential that while you are buying views, you also integrate a comprehensive YouTube optimization method. This will help you reap the benefits of buying views by driving more organic views to your videos on YouTube. 


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