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The Basics of DIY YouTube Brand Marketing for Start-Ups

This will be your Go-To Souce for DIY YouTube Branding and DIY YouTube Marketing for Start-Ups and other people making their future now!

The Basics of DIY YouTube Brand Marketing for Start-Ups

Youtube is one social media application that tops the list of the most visited site globally. It is the second most visited app in the world because it’s a source of millions of visual contents. The presence of these visible contents makes YouTube a search engine of some sort that needs to be optimized just like webpages. The more optimized YouTube videos are, the more they appear top in YouTube search rankings. If you know what that means, it means good news, especially if you are interested in YouTube marketing.  

Are you ready to know how to optimize your YouTube video for brand-boosting and marketing purposes, read on?

Research and find appropriate keywords

Nothing is as important as the video on YouTube, like the relevant keyword. In most cases, it is almost more important.

Because video marketing is very much like SEO, to get an optimized video always starts with researching for the appropriate keywords. To get these keywords, you need to Initiate a search for the most applicable keywords particular to your niche. You can initiate the search for these keywords by looking for the keywords of products or services that most users in your industry mostly use. This is similar to the many myths about buying YouTube views, so do not worry!

 Some tools can help with this search. One of them is Google Keyword Planner. What makes this tool spectacular? With the Google keyword planner, you can access a lot of different keywords alongside the number of times that they have been used. It is that simple. Interestingly, this is not the only step.

Search and analyze trends and trending videos

Patterns are the same on all social media platforms. They are the top tweets on twitter, they are the highest feeds on Facebook, they are the most viewed or interacted with on Instagram, and they are the most viewed on YouTube. Because this is a DIY guide, it is essential to know how to use them in your favor.

Social media marketers use YouTube’s autocomplete feature to search, analyze, and utilize the best trends. They use powerful target phrases to narrow down on the search trends in their industry. You can and should do that too. With this feature, you can collect any amount of keyword that users have typed into YouTube.

Since this is a DIY guide, it is pertinent to know how to do this (all the nine yards of it) check out the channels/ pages to the most popular videos that are in your category. Duplicate the keywords that are most optimized there, and you are good to go. This is not only great for finding trends, but the patterns you see can also serve as muse for your content (hence boosting your chance to be more creative)

Using tools such as google trends can also help you to achieve the same result. However, ensure that the search option is moved from web search to YouTube search. This switch ensures that you get YouTube centric results whenever you initiate a search. Proper trend search tools must be able to analyze and compare keywords to determine which is most popular. Remember, the more popular the keyword, the better the choice for your trend search. An excellent trend search tool must also be able to update you with daily, weekly, and monthly results and changes in the trends.

Gather video keywords

It is essential to know that YouTube marketing takes time and considerable effort. Speaking of energy, it takes a lot of effort and time to gather video keywords. What are video keywords? Video keywords are those search results that pop up when you initiate searches on Google’s pages. Getting the right keywords that communicate the right messages you intend to talk about your video will help your videos be optimized. This means that your videos will pop up first and often whenever a search is initiated that has those keywords you have already collected. To gather these video keywords is easy, enter your keywords into a tool like rank tracker and watch out for the results that would pop out.

Essential tools to use for video design and marketing

You can achieve more with less. You can obtain more using any of these tools for either design, editing, keyword search, or SEO optimization. Check them out.

  • Awario: if you need to track your mentions on social media, you need specific tools to do this. You need a tool like Awario. This tool allows you to track and analyze every time your video is mentioned on social media and the internet in general.
  • Canva: with several pre-designed templates, Canva is the most favorite tool for designing, editing, and customizing your video. It contains colors, fonts and video thumbnails that will ensure that your video is attractive enough to compete with videos edited by professionals
  • Youtube analytics: as the name implies, this tool is predominantly used for checking the performance of your channel. It allows the user to get much more than a peek at consumer behavior because of the popular demographic, impressions, click rates, and other vital information you need.
  • Tube buddy: if you are in charge of your YouTube management, then you certainly will need a buddy that you can trust. Tube buddy is that buddy. This tool allows the user to keep track of their competitors, check their social shares, and get vital tips on video optimization.  


As a self-marketer, the journey to getting a well-optimized video usually begins with a well-planned keyword. The attention you pay to a keyword as a marketer shows how well you understand YouTube video marketing. With several tools like google trends, autocomplete features, and others, finding trending keywords or gathering them is easy. There are no mincing words about YouTube because being a marketplace, and in markets, well-promoted wares are often visited first and most than others. We hope this has been helpful.      


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