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Top 7 YouTube Channels Jobseekers Should View

If you are looking for a job, there are many ways YouTube can help. Read on to find the top YouTube channels that can ease your job search efforts.

Top 10 YouTube Channels Jobseekers Should View

It can be surprising to many to know that YouTube is not exclusively for entertainment purposes. There are many top YouTube channels today dedicated to helping Job Seekers. All are top career experts with entertaining YouTube channels that share exciting and helpful tips to guide job seekers.

YouTubers can be a goldmine of resources you can find on various YouTube channels that will set you apart from the crowd. From how to dress to body language, how to have a good handshake, interview etiquette, and many more, you will get a dedicated YouTube channel to help you.

With hundreds of YouTube channels targeted at helping job seekers, it can be hard to make a choice. This is why we have selected seven top YouTube channels that all job seekers should watch. It will go a long way in preparing them for the next interview.

1. Denham Resources YouTube Channel

This is one of the YouTube channels that penetrate deeply into the most fundamental aspects of interview questions. Denham Resources is the first on our list that is worth checking out. On their archive is about 16 videos that expose job seekers to almost all basic interview questions anyone should expect during an interview. One exciting thing about the videos is that it is interactive, as the tips are presented just like a real interview. Job seekers should subscribe to this channel to get great advice and guides to have a successful meeting and increase their chance of getting a job as soon as possible.

2. LinkedIn’s YouTube channel

A lot of people think LinkedIn online exists as a website. The truth, however, is that LinkedIn has a YouTube channel dedicated to job seekers and career growth. The channel is filled with videos that provide job coaching, interview guides, career guidance, and many other helpful related videos for new entry job seekers. The channel is up-to-date. Therefore, job seekers should subscribe to the LinkedIn channel to get a notification anytime they release their videos as soon as possible. 

3. Linda RaynierYouTube Channel

On her YouTube channel, Linda has made an effort to cover a lot of interview questions, resume tips, cover letter guides, salary negotiation, and many other related topics. One of the factors that make Linda’s videos outstanding is that she creates her videos in a series in a way that makes it look like a course. For instance, she made a five weeks’ series on how to recruit a perfect job candidate. The idea behind the series is to educate recruiters and hiring managers. Job seekers will get access to insider information and secrets to get hired. She releases her videos every couple of days and presents them like online paid courses, although they are free. Also, the concept of Linda is relevant for both parties, the employer and the employee. 

4. Brian Krueger’s YouTube Channel

Brian Krueger owns a website where he gets job seekers acquainted with different interview tips and other related information. On his YouTube channel, there are over 68 video archives, which majorly focuses on disseminating great interview tips. These videos entail the overall information on a job hunt, from wardrobe selection, developing a cover letter, resume etiquette, having a successful interview session to negotiating salary, and many more.

One interesting fact about her video is that they have been around for quite a while, yet they are pretty relevant. Besides, they belong to the top list category of the top must-watch YouTube channels for job seekers because his guidance and advice are priceless. For example, so many people still get it wrong when they ask them this question “tell me something about yourself.” Brian Krueger has the perfect answer to that in his short clip, which made his YouTube channel one of the best for job seekers.

5. Andrew LaCivita YouTube Channel

Here is another YouTube channel dedicated to releasing helpful information to job seekers. Andrew LaCivitais a Recruitment Executive and also a Career Coach. His passion for the job search industry is what made him pour out his knowledge and secrets on his YouTube channel. To help job seekers, he has videos on real issues facing job seekers in their job search. There are interview tips, salary negotiation, etc. 

His YouTube channel is not only for young job seekers. He carried the older people (50 and above years of age) along and offered helpful advice on how to change careers at any stage in life.

6. Self-Made YouTube Channel

A lot of job seekers will fall in love with this channel because of its simple, interactive, and fun method of presenting helpful tips. One could think this YouTube channel is a joker because of its playful expressions and bright, beautiful colors used by the video founder, Madeline Mann. But, the truth is that this channel means business. Interestingly, Madeline focuses more on unexpected circumstances that occur or may occur during an interview and how to handle them with wisdom. Such as what to do when an interviewer mispronounces your name. Another beautiful thing about this channel is that it includes tips for employed persons, such as going after the success that you want, being happy at your current place of work, and many more.

7. Find your dream job YouTube channel

The fantastic thing about this job seeker’s channel is that there are tons of videos on it. There are videos from different top impressive career experts. They all assemble to release their knowledge, opinions, and topics on various categories of questions anyone may have concerning job searching. It offers excellent answers to questions bothering job seekers, from a resume, cover letter to a new job, among others.


As described in this article, there are many YouTube channels aimed at helping job seekers. You cannot over-prepare in your search for the perfect job. Subscribing to these channels and following the experts’ will. The knowledge you will gain will go a long way in making you exceptional from others.


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