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Top 10 New YouTuber Themes During Quarantine

If you’re thinking on having a YouTube channel for yourself, but you’re short of ideas because there is a quarantine, then learn from the best!

Top 10 New YouTuber Themes During Quarantine

Since YouTube launched in 2005, it has grown from a site that no-one felt has something to offer to the most popular video-sharing platform that has ever existed. YouTube hosts lots of channels that cover virtually every topic you can think of.

With the number of videos on YouTube, you may have the notion that it is highly unlikely to succeed in opening a new channel that will gain massive followership on YouTube; but this notion is wrong. If you have a worthwhile idea, and you understand how to market your videos and the YouTube tools that can help you analyze the performance of your YouTube video and channel, then you can start a YouTube channel.

The best way to have massive followership on YouTube is to create content that is in the niche you have passion for. If you’re considering what niches are on the YouTube channel, here are the most popular niches:

1. Personal Vlogging

This is the most accessible niche that you can start on YouTube. Your day to day life may seem boring to you, but it may excite the public when you talk about it on YouTube.

For personal Vlogging, you only need to have basic video and audio equipment, and then you can start recording. You’re only required to register your thoughts, discuss the exciting things that happened during the day, etc.

You should be as real as possible- if you fake the content of your video, viewers can easily see through the lies. Even if you ideally create undetectable lies, if your viewers discover one false information in your content, they won’t believe whatever you say henceforth.

If you have a pleasing personality, it will increase your followers. Plenty of these bloggers got their start using our list of the best sites to buy YouTube views to get their initial personality trending!

2. Gaming  

If you love playing video games, then YouTube has a perfect niche for you. Gamers are one of the highest earners on YouTube. A popular player with the YouTube name PewDiePie has amassed a whopping 75 million channel subscribers.

There are numerous approaches to showcasing yourself under the gaming niche. One way is by discussing the latest gaming out there or a review of games. A very sure way is by recording one of your gaming sessions and uploading it to YouTube.

3. Cooking and Recipes

The best way to explain how to cook a meal is on YouTube. People like seeing how a meal is prepared, as this is easier to understand than reading a cook-recipe.

There are numerous ways to have a channel in this niche. You can show people different ways to make a dish, or you can concentrate on one type of meal, e.g., cakes. The benefit of this YouTube channel over others is that it attracts lots of opportunities to make money; this is because food companies and restaurants may pay you to talk positively about their products and restaurant.

4. Product reviews

Reviewing products and services is a niche that is highly financially rewarding as companies may pay you to talk about their products when you’re famous in the business.

You can have a review channel that focuses on numerous categories like unboxing, how to’s, comparison between X and Y, or product testing.

5. Health and fitness tips

Most people head to YouTube first for advice on fitness and health. This is a niche on YouTube that brings an immense amount of traffic to the platform.

People prefer workout videos to book because it is easier to follow the workout procedure in videos. If you understand and know a lot of fitness and health, you should start a channel in this highly profitable niche. There are usually sponsorship deals from small and multinational organizations when your channels have lots of subscribers.

6. Traveling

Most people like to know about where they’re headed to, for their next holiday destination. No one wants to stumble on a location later to find out that it’s a nightmare.

Even if you don’t want to venture into this business fully, you can make videos of your holiday destination and upload it on YouTube. You can create videos about the people who reside in your holiday destination, the local food there, the environment, etc.

7. Gadgets and Technology

If you’re right in this niche, you can share the technology products that you find unusual, discuss discoveries, and make “how-to” videos. If you’re a programmer, you can show people more straightforward ways to debug a code, how to write the code for a website that has OTP, why PHP is better, etc.

When people are stuck, the first place they head to is a search engine, and if your video is optimized correctly, it will pop-up in search engine results.

8. Restaurant and Food Reviews

If you love tasting different cuisines, then this niche is perfect for you. You’re at liberty to review the food at home or outside.

9. Lifehacks

There is a considerable demand for lifehack videos on YouTube as it helps them to get things done faster and cheaper. You can make your channel one that caters to every type of life hack, or you can choose to focus on a category that you’re good at, e.g., iPhone hacks, cooking hacks or fashion hacks, etc. The videos usually have names like how to save money on your wedding, how to board a flight at a cheaper price etc.

10. Humor

Channels that provide fun are the most popular on the internet because people love to be entertained rather than educated. If people find your video funny, they will definitely share it, and that will increase the number of viewers you have.

If you want to start a channel in this niche, ensure that the video you’re planning to upload is indeed funny, if not, no one will subscribe to your videos except your family and friends.


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