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Will A Coronavirus Quarantine Get Your Channel More YouTube Views?

Will A Coronavirus Quarantine Get Your Channel More YouTube Views?

Will A Coronavirus Quarantine Get Your Channel More YouTube Views?

With cases of COVID-19 increasing exponentially, several countries have issued strict community lockdown procedures. More people are now confining themselves inside their homes to lower the risk of infection. With that being said, a massive increase in daily internet users has been recorded. This surge of online users gives online businesses and influencers an enormous opportunity to gather leads and potential customers. This situation is no different from what is happening on YouTube’s platform.

As one of the most significant search engines online, YouTube is a prominent medium for users to promote, introduce, and entertain a myriad of audiences. With more than 20 billion monthly visits – second only to Google, YouTube is a well-known site on the internet. Also, YouTube caters to a diverse field of the audience that ranges from different age groups to genders. What’s more, marketing influencers and businesses have used this platform to create a diverse audience enabling them to captivate potential customers using videos and clips. 

However, garnering potential customers is easier said than done. Amidst the influence of the coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are logging online. They do this for the fact that the online world is the only place for them to get the necessary information on how to survive COVID-19. And YouTube is a prime place for people to search for relevant content. So, how can you utilize the quarantine to make your YouTube channel stand out and increase its views? Here are some tips you can carry out on your YouTube channel to do just that. 

Target a Niche Community

If you want to create a better opportunity for your business, acquiring leads and customers is essential. And, one way to do this is by targeting a specific line of audience. Not only should you introduce your content to locals but of the same niche. For instance, if your content circumvents animals, you can target pet owners, suppliers, and enthusiasts. Create videos that can captivate your said niche and convert them to subscribers and willing viewers.

Use Proper Hashtags and Keywords

A hashtag is an essential tool for increasing the number of views on YouTube. Keywords are alternative search terms that are in relevance to your subject or target. Sometimes people are reluctant to provide a specific set of words or phrases when they search online. This is where keywords are essential. Since you tag your videos with titles that contain keywords, it makes it easier for your audience to see your content and eventually watch it. 

Implement Quality Descriptions

YouTube is not only about watching videos or clips. Many people are also intuitive with the description of your videos. You can use this by putting as much high-quality information on your specifications. Moreover, you can apply hashtags and keywords to your description. This method of applying keywords to your video description enables YouTube to include your set of videos on your audience’s recommendation list. What’s more, always keep your information on your profile up-to-date. This will show your audience that your channel is active. 

Utilize Captivating Thumbnail Images

Although videos are the primary means of media on YouTube, images and thumbnails also play a significant role in increasing your views on the platform. Captivating your audience on YouTube is vital to building up a steady foundation for your channel. With that being said, thumbnails enable your YouTube channel to bring an impression to your audience. In fact, people are more likely to view your content if your thumbnails are in relevance to your video. 


Language is a huge subject when it comes to social media. Language barriers can become a problem, especially if you are targeting a wide range of people. Since most people speak English, YouTubers became reluctant to use transcripts to support their videos. However, putting transcriptions and captions on your videos can help you increase your social credibility. Likewise, people who can’t speak English can better understand your videos if you supply transcriptions for your videos.

Link Your Contents to Current Trends

Current news and trends give you a better chance to have leads, especially if you make videos out of them. Today, current news about COVID-19 gets an insurmountable amount of views. With that being said, try and create videos that are relevant to the outbreak. For instance, if you make tutorials or how-to videos, you can channel your videos to educate people on the do’s and don’ts while quarantined.

Make Use of End Screens

YouTubers often disregard end screens. But little did you know, end screens can help drive more views into your YouTube Channel. End screens show relevant content on the previous video your audience has watched. Also, it allows a recommendation list for your audience on what to watch next. And, if you have a playlist on your channel under the same niche of the content, the end screen can and will show it to your audience, making them stay and watch more on your channel. 

Collaborate with your Fans

Connecting with your subscribers enables your channel to receive a better trustworthy response from other viewers. Commenting and responding to questions gives your audience an idea that your channel is active and is filled with valuable information. Also, if you own a business and are using YouTube’s platform, it can help your audience to build trust with your services and products. You could also collaborate with other YouTube channels under the same niche and recommend those to your audience. This process can connect you with a better resource for lead and view generation.

 The Bottom Line: Does the increase of users on YouTube help your channel get more YouTube Views?

Yes, considering the swell on daily users, your YouTube channel is more likely to be visited with potential viewers. Keep in mind that you must create content that has relevance to the trending subjects today; this will help create a funnel that will drive in more traffic. Moreover, using definitive and specific hashtags and keywords can bring your videos on higher search rankings.


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