YouTube Video Downloads Hacks and Tricks

YouTube is a powerful platform for video content. There is no video content that you cannot possibly find on YouTube.

Notwithstanding, people don’t realize that there are a lot of hidden hacks for YouTube. Many people believe that downloading YouTube videos is not possible. So, they do not benefit from the secret hacks of YouTube.

In the real sense, these features are not ‘hidden’ per se. They are merely not familiar to people. For instance, do you know that you can download videos on YouTube and save it on your phone storage? Mind-blowing knowledge. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled top YouTube video downloads hacks and tricks that will make usage of YouTube beneficial and smooth experience.

YouTube Video Downloads Hacks and Tricks
  1. Using the KeepVid website on your computer

One way through which you can bypass viewing of videos on YouTube and download them directly is by using the KeepVid website. The KeepVid is a website that is free and permits the easy downloads of YouTube videos. Keep in mind that this download hack is ideal for your computer only. 

  • Visit in a web browser. Preferably use Chrome. Before you utilize the KeepVid website, you need first to open the video on YouTube.
  • When YouTube website loads, select the video that you want to download. To do this, type the video’s title into the search box. The results for the videos are displayed. Select the video subsequently.
  • When the video starts playing, click on the ‘share icon.’ N.B. The ‘share icon’ is a grey arrow below a YouTube video. The moment you click it; specific sharing options appear.  
  • You’ll see a blue ‘copy’ link beside the URL. Click on the link. Automatically, the link copies to your clipboard. 
  • Afterward, open a new tab. In the newly opened tab, visit You don’t necessarily need to open a new tab though. You can perform this action in the same tab where you visited YouTube.
  • On top of KeepVid page, there is a field labeled ‘Enter Link’ right-click the link.
  • Paste the link (previously copied to your clipboard) in the field. 
  • Once the page loads, the video and download formats are displayed. 
  • There are different download formats. If you want to get the best quality formats, click the download formats and select the ‘best video download video’ that is next to the video. 
  • Choose a saving location and save. Once your video saves successfully, you can now proceed to watch the video on your computer by double-clicking the saved file. 
  1. The 4K video downloader

The 4K video downloader is another way to hack your way around downloading YouTube videos. The 4K video downloader is available on all Windows and Mac computers. Unlike the KeepVid, this video downloader is not a website, but rather a computer application. To get the app, visit Once the website loads, there is an icon display ‘Get 4K Video Downloader’ on the left side of the page. Immediately you click the icon, the application set up file will download into your computer. Take the following steps to download YouTube video into your computer:

  • Install the 4K Video Downloader setup file on your computer. After the setup file downloads, install the application immediately. Windows and Mac computers have different ways of installing a setup file.
  • For the Windows computer, double-click the setup file. A prompt comes up, click yes. Subsequently, comply with the setup instructions displayed on the screen. 
  • For the mac computer, double-click the downloaded setup file. Afterward, verify the installation process. Keep the 4K Video Downloader application in the “applications” folder. After that, follow the displayed instructions. 
  • Navigate to Explore the video you wish to download. Select the video once it is displayed. 
  • Click the URL address of the video in the bar of your bowser’s window. On Windows, click Ctrl + A. On Mac, press Command + A to select the URL address adequately.
  • After 4K Video Downloader downloads, open the application.
  • On the top left corner of the 4K Video Downloader, there is an icon‘ click paste link.’ Once you click the link, the copied address immediately extracts.
  • Choose a preferred video format from the formatmenu. 
  • Once you choose the video format, select the quality of the video. By default settings, the highest quality is the first. However, many laptop screens are incapable of supporting 4K videos. So, select a lesser quality by checking the box of video formats. 
  • At the bottom end of the displayed window, select the download option. Immediately, your video starts downloading
  • Once your video’s download completes, right-click the video, and click the ‘show in folder’ option in the drop-down menu. 
  1. For android devices, use TubeMate
17 Different Ways to Increase Views on your YouTube Videos in 2019

Although the focus has been restricted to download hacks on computers, you can use the TubeMate app to download YouTube videos on android. However, the app is not available on the Google Play Store. Instead, try the manual approach by downloading the APK. Note that there are risks involved when downloading APK files. Nevertheless, TubeMate has a considerable level of credibility. 

  • Once the TubeMate app installs on your smartphone, open the app.
  • After opening the app, review the terms and policies. Select ‘Agree,’ indicating your agreement to download videos solely for private use. 
  • A permission setting will pop-up. Tap OK on the permissions setup; this enables TubeMate to run on your device
  • Follow the other on-screen instructions to grant TubeMate more permissions. 
  • When you select the back button, a  page similar to YouTube’s, tap through the how-to session quickly.  Type your desired video title in the search box at the top of the YouTube page to select the video.  
  • At the bottom-right of the screen, there is a red arrow icon. Once you tap it, a list of the video’s download options will appear.
  • Choose your preferred size and file type by selecting the MP4 video formats at the top half of the screen. 
  • At the right end of the displayed screen, there is a red arrow icon. Once you tap it, the video will automatically download on your android device. After a successful download, you can now view the video in your gallery or photo app. 

These hacks are not the entire tricks for downloading YouTube videos, but, they are quite useful. It is worthy to note that downloading YouTube videos is not illegal. But, it violates Google Terms and Policies. So, when trying these hacks and tricks, be careful, friend.

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

You can post a lot of wonderful videos on your channel, but if the views are limited to none, it can be disappointing. To obtain more views on your videos, you have to seek ways on how to expand your channel and to make your videos engaging to the viewers. But that would be a challenge.

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

This is the reason why we set up the ultimate guide on getting more views for your YouTube videos. The guide will aid you to boost views for your YouTube channel. We will be emphasizing a variety of methods that can be important for your success. This is an 8 chapter guide that will give you details on what will you need to do for you to be noticeable and make progress in the YouTube world.

Any sort of channel can make use of this guide, whether you a business channel that sells products, a gamer who makes reviews or tutorials, or even a beauty product endorser who gives beauty tips, this will surely help you make an impact. Just apply these approaches and practice it often to have a better possibility of amassing YouTube views.

Chapter #1: Catchy Title and Descriptions

What is the first thing a viewer on YouTube sees upon deciding what to watch? It’s the “TITLE”! So making a catchy Title is very important, because having a boring title will surely fail in gaining attention.

Catchy Title and Descriptions

Your title needs to have relevance to the main topic of the video, be very detailed and appealing to a potential viewer. Always remember that the title should be short but concise. But that is just one of the things you may do.

Another one to add is keywording, if you make sure that you will use the right keywords in the title, it will accumulate more views on your video.

Some tools can be used when using the keyword method, like “AHREFS” or the keyword planner of Google that can seek out what popular words are being used. The algorithm of YouTube can exhibit your video to potential viewers. It is also effective to put phrases “how-to, “tutorials and “reviews”.

Having well-defined video descriptions will truly help you to better your video’s existence. Spice up the description by using significant keywords to make your video easier to locate. It will also serve as a great instrument to deliver information regarding your channel and the details of your videos. Remember, the effectivity of getting more views depends on how precise and engaging your description.

Lastly, is using YouTube tags. Tags are an important part of the metadata of a video and help the viewer to find the content they are looking for. So make an effort to tag as many relevant as possible to lead viewers to your video.

Chapter #2: Make your Channel Eye-Catching

Making the design of your channel more appealing will help you make your audience lock eyes with your content, and entice them to be a subscriber that can lead to more viewers. 

Make your Channel Eye-Catching
8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

By achieving to have way more subscribers, you need to learn the art of making an Impressive channel. Think and build something new and one of a kind design that can tell a story about your channel.

Make sure that your channel will be easily determined. If your channel’s content is all about a brand, create a slogan, logo and pick a great colorway. Your logo can be an ideal identity of your channel. Just make sure that the quality of the picture is high, it instills the fact that it will attract attention and viewers can be aware of how capable of you to produce high-end videos.

A great way to lure more new viewers is to make a channel trailer. Just like movie trailers, this can be a way to attract new viewers before showing the full movie. Think of making the trailer as your business pitch. Present it with confinement and in detail so that you may attract new potential subscribers. Keep in mind that getting more subscribers means getting more views.

With regards to your desire for more views, always include keywords that have relevance to your content and always talk about what’s next you wanted to post, schedule when it will be posted and give a little information about you.

Maintenance is important for your channel, so update the channel regularly and maintain a very alluring channel to have a better chance of gathering more views.

Chapter #3: Maximizing Social Media

In today’s time, social media is often used all over the world. If you come to think of it, this is a great way to promote your videos and your channel. Share your videos on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, is a good deal to engage people who are so focused on social media these days. 

social media

Exposure is the main reason for you to utilize social media. This can be a stepping stone to gather more views for your videos or even subscribers for your channel. Encourage the people to like, comment or share your video to continue the growth of the users who can view your videos.

Hashtags are a thing today, so make sure to use some hashtags too. It would help you to find people who can be engaged in certain topics that you may have. Post frequently, but always keep in mind that there is a thing called too much, so acquire the right balance of wanting more and too much. Creating a series and providing an episode now and then will be fine.

Using forums is another platform, Reddit and Quora can also boost your views. You can answer inquiries that are related to the topic of your video.

Always remember to think outside the box, and video is now an essential part of learning for other people.

Chapter #4: Optimize the Thumbnail

A thumbnail serves as an indicator that shows an aspiring viewer what is in your video. Your mission is to captivate the eyes of the audience with a fascinating bunch of images that will allure them to click. The images that will be shown is all about what the video is all about.

Optimize the Thumbnail

You have to realize what viewers wanted to watch and use it to your advantage through thumbnails. You should pick colors that stand out and gain attention. Also, consider the quality of the image as it will be seen at a smaller size. So it is important to have a high-quality image used as a thumbnail.

Don’t write your title on the thumbnail. Naturally, viewers already have seen the title, so it will only take up space on your thumbnail. Refrain from using more text in your thumbnails, unless it is necessary to do so.

Always put in mind that the video thumbnail is the first thing that pops up in the search engine results, which is why it is a crucial instrument in promoting your video. With a ton of results that can be viewed anytime, a thumbnail is a make or break factor in how you can get more YouTube views.

Chapter #5: Create your Playlist

Think of how you segregate and organize what can be clustered with one another. Isn’t pleasing to the eyes and makes it easy to find what you are looking for? Now create a playlist will not just be seen as an organization of videos but it can also help the viewer look for the one they need easily. It plays an important role in ranking up your videos. It is a way to make a person stay on the YouTube site for a long time.

Viral and Trending

Remember, the more the merrier, so rack up the volume of your videos so that the viewer will be engaged in your channel. That’s why it is crucial to have a playlist so that your channel would be visible to other viewers.

When you have a playlist, and a viewer watches your video, it will automatically play another video of yours after the end of the first video.

Giving your playlist a title that can urge people to click and watch your videos. It will also give viewers the information they needed about the videos.

Chapter #6: Using the End Screen and Video Cards

Have you ever noticed the little box popping up during or at the end of a video? The one that pops up during the video is the video cards and the one showing up at the end of the video is the end screen. 

How Custom Intent Audiences Can Boost YouTube Marketing

Using them is a good way to make a viewer more engaged in your videos. YouTube permits the usage of cards within 5 times and you can use it anytime in the video. But you have to take note that quality over quantity, you have to link websites that can be a big help. Place the cards at the point where you think it is a boring part of the video.

This would be a good ground for people who are just starting or continuing a business. You can use the cards to show the company logo or the company name, and you can even promote content the viewers can download if they wish to be a customer.

The end cards are usually being used at the end of the video, it is likely for what to watch next. You may utilize this as a way to put another video of yours for the viewer to stay on your channel.

Channel #7: Follow what is Viral and Trending

Utilize videos that became viral and trending at the time of its popularity. You know that a viral video gained a success to fame, you can use it to make a review and people will dig into it. Create a video about your take on a trendy video, and include what the title and what the content of your video is all about.

Viral and Trending

You can make videos about the upcoming popular events. Surely many people would like an inquiry of an upcoming event, this would give you a chance to gather more views. 

Having a different and funny approach to a Viral video is another effective way to gather views. Making a parody or creating a funny review out of a video has been proven effective to make a YouTube video engaging.

Always remember that to gain views, you need to create videos that will surely engage the viewers or potential subscribers. This is why many people are buying YouTube views, they can’t manage the process.

Chapter #8: Growing your own YouTube Community

Interaction with the viewers is an ingredient for maintaining old viewers and absorbing new ones. If you connect with the viewers or reply to their inquiries with a friendly tone, you can create a welcoming environment of your YouTube channel.


If your channel is well-known to be engaging, people may want to view your videos or even subscribe to your channel. You can have loyal supporters, which is a good thing. Because loyal supporters can promote your channel to other people and can cause a chain of reaction to other people, therefore increasing your views and maybe even your subscribers.

YouTube has a Community Tab that can make other content creators collaborate. A community also is where you can interact with your subscribers. It will be a big help as creating an atmosphere where you and your subscribers can communicate.


Now that you have new information on how to gather more views, make sure to use it efficiently and start to make progress on your YouTube channel. Results may come in gradually, but you will rack up the volume of viewers. 

All you need to do to reach that success is patience and perseverance. Good luck!

16 Ways To Gain YouTube Subscribers for 2019 and Beyond!

Over the years, YouTube has established its authority as the ultimate platform for video content marketing.  Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have gradually started encouraging video content marketing. However, none of them has shaken the overwhelming influence of YouTube. An unfortunate thing about the YouTube video content marketing space is that it has become overpopulated. Everyone wants to be the best vlogger out there, and this is affecting the chances of gaining subscribers and credibility as an average YouTuber.

16 ways to gain YouTube Subscribers

For you to gain traffic on YouTube as a channel owner, you must have a lot of subscribers. Getting subscribers can be quite hard because of the saturated YouTube space. Nevertheless, with these sixteen steps, you can gain more YouTube subscribers and generate more traffic. This is why people buy YouTube subscribers to achieve the same goal, just a lot faster.

1. Create a video plan for your videos.

No doubt, anyone who fails to plan, plans to fail. This principle also applies to your YouTube videos. As a YouTuber, you should have a well-written plan for videos to be uploaded on your channel. You also need to plan the structure of your videos. When planning, try not to copy the seemingly successful YouTube channels blindly. Do not sacrifice your passion on the platter of YouTube clout.

2. Create engaging and compelling content

Creating engaging content for your YouTube channel to gain more followers is an undeniable fact that should not be on this list. However, this advice should not be overlooked. You need to create informative, valuable, and compelling content if you want people subscribing to your channel. When creating videos, endeavor always to ask yourself: what will my audience gain from this particular video. Is it beneficial or impactful? Also, generate evergreen and burst videos. These two types of videos will make your audience come back and become loyal subscribers.

3. Increase your uploading frequency

This advice is possibly the hardest to follow on the list.

Nevertheless, if you want to gain free massive subscribers to your YouTube channel, you have to be ready to give what it takes. One of such thing is uploading videos most of the time. You need consistency if you ever want to develop a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers. Make sure you publish at least one video a week; it will increase your channel’s loyalty and awareness.

4. Learn the art of optimizing your titles.

Against popular beliefs, optimization is not only relevant to websites and blogs. You also need to optimize your videos’ titles if you want free subscribers jumping on your YouTube channel. One of the great ways to maximize your videos is by naming them names that sound offbeat. Unique titles have the potential to build up curiosity in your potential subscribers, which will lead them to your channel.

5. Create a YouTube Trailer

There is a feature on YouTube which lets videos on your YouTube channel automatically played upon opening. The feature is highly advantageous as it is something you can work on with ease. Note that the ideal channel trailer is between 30 to 60 seconds. Hence, in your channel’s trailer, show your prospective subscribers reasons to keep watching.

6. Use Calls to Actions Annotations.

CTAs are seemingly annoying popups in videos watched on YouTube. However, if you use this feature to your advantage, you can increase your number of subscribers quickly. Do not let your future subscribers off by letting them know that the CTAs are mainly for gaining subscribers; instead, do it a smart way.

7. Use the right tools.

There are lots of tools that you can use on YouTube to rake in subscribers. Some of these tools include TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is critical to an average YouTuber’s success. You should try utilizing Tube Buddy if you are serious about gaining subscribers. The tool is famous for helping you find more viewers, make more money, and automate the entire YouTube process.

8. Limit the time range of your videos to under 5 minutes

Reducing your videos to a range under 5 minutes is another effective way to gain YouTube subscribers. The high optimized videos on YouTube are mostly the ones under five minutes. Be part of this crew by producing informative and valuable videos that are under five minutes. 

9. Focus on quality… not quantity

This advice might be a contradiction to the previous recommendation of increasing uploading frequency. However, it is a counterproductive measure. Instead of solely concentrating your efforts on always uploading videos that may not necessarily appeal to your audience, you should focus on releasing videos that are useful for your target audience.

10. Reply to every comment

Those negative comments which you are deleting or not replying to might be the reason for your low subscribers’ count. If you want to gain more subscribers, respond to every comment on your videos. It will give you the chance to stand out from other YouTubers.

11. Write an appealing channel description

The description of your channel is next to everything. If you want to gain more subscribers, you have to create a narrative that is compelling and sellable. Also, use specific keywords in your description; it will help your channel rank better on YouTube.

12. Use a superb channel icon

Your channel is one of the most visible features of your YouTube channel. You should make sure yours is compelling enough to make subscribers click on your channel if you ever want to gain subscribers. If you are a personal brand, use a high-res headshot. Use the logo specially designed for YouTube if you are a company.

13. Create a YouTube channel tagline

You cannot stand out from the rest of you continue to do things like the rest. Most YouTubers never include taglines in their content’ this is why you should find out the unique characteristics about your channel and embed it as your channel’s tagline. Surely, you will stand out and gain more followers.

14. Include your videos in blog posts

Your blog is an excellent source for gaining free subscribers. Hence, you should embed more of your videos in your blogs as it gets it in front of more people.

15. Promote your videos on other platforms like EBooks, webinars and lead magnets

Funnel your people from other channels such as lead magnets and EBooks into your channel. One of the few ways to do this is by including your videos in your EBooks and lead magnets.

16. Let your channel be findable

You cannot tap the potential of gaining subscribers if you do not make your channel discoverable by people. Once you get people to discover your brand, your brand’s credibility will increase as your channel automatically becomes a verified representation of your YouTube brand. Also, include your blog’s URL in your channel and vice versa.

Tips in Boosting Views on Your YouTube Creative and Music Channel

Have you ever asked yourself how to amp up your views? Don’t worry this post will be about how to focus on boosting views by the sense of outreach. You may want to practice your communication skills as we will be using it for contacting particular people to help you in getting more views. But to whom? That’s what we are going to find out.

Tips in Boosting Views on Your YouTube Creative and Music Channel

Reaching out for a promotion of content on YouTube is indeed a great method. But before reaching them out, make sure you have a marketing video about the company or what products they sell, the video can be used as leverage as social proof. Just keep in mind, this marketing strategy needs a lot of courage and enthusiasm and it all plays well in the end.


So the question is, Who do I need to contact? Your main objective here is to find a subject who will get involved in the content you make. It’s a great strategy to keep your views and subscribers volume up!

Contact Companies or People You’ve Tagged in your Videos

Having connections is an advantage in the Marketing world of YouTube. Contacting companies is a gamble, but a good one. They may even give you tips on how to improve.

Contact Companies or People You’ve Tagged in your Videos

Complimenting any product or method a company uses is a good way to have a chance of landing the promotion. 

You may even create a jingle or a song for the company, send it and it may have a result. The news may be a good or a bad one, but hey, it is worthwhile to at least try. But do not think of it as a sellout, think of it as a way to flatter the company. 

Always remember to be friendly to others. Always give a kind response to attract other people who can help you in the long run.

Reaching the People you Lookup To

Do not worry if you have less social proof videos to back you up. What you can do next is look for another medium to leverage views for your videos. That’s where the people you look up to come in the scene. The challenge here is if they will be willing to participate with you. Learning something new is always laid on the table.

Come to think of it, the worst thing that you may receive is a “no”. But it would be a great reward if you tried to and they say “yes”. Just keep in mind that the person you will contact is connected and has the expertise to the niche you are doing.

Connect with People who Makes the Same Content

Of all things on the internet, there is “fan-base” present, and some of these fans also do reviews on YouTube. These are the people you would want to connect with to widen your range of viewers. You may want to work as a team and have a great collaboration. Collaboration is popular in YouTube Videos, especially in covers of a song.

connect with peoples

You may want to send an email to a certain person who writes blogs and use it as another tool for more viewers. All you need to do is be friendly and ask politely if they can do any write-ups of your video. It’s worth a shot. The purpose of this is to attract the subscribers of the other party to be your subscriber too.

If you are not on a tight budget, you may consider paid methods. It is faster and can be accessed easily. But if you don’t want to spend, you need to persevere to achieve your goal. 

Get the Artist Involve 

Get ready to shoot for the stars, my friend! But as they say, you will never know unless you try. How about you try to get the artist involved in your videos? Maybe your dreams can come true?

This is crucial whenever you are making a cover of a song, make sure that you possess the right of covering the song. An alternative way if you don’t want to contact the artist, is to contact the people that surround the artist. It may be the producer, the manager, oven people from the technical side, as long as it is the team of the artist. They may even like it or better yet give you the recognition you deserve on social media.

Try to request precise feedback on your work, let them enlighten you with what should you improve in the cover and seek advice on how to improve for future projects. It is innate for people to help others in need. This is why people buy YouTube views to increase their metrics.

Take note that contacting the team of the artist or even the artist comes with restrictions. Do not send multiple messages now and then, as this can be viewed as harassment. In any entertainment industry, you should always be professional and friendly at the same time.

Wrapping it Up

These ways of how outreaching other people may seem overwhelming to you. You may think it is a lot of work and you may be too pressured. But one thing is for sure, if you can land even one contact, there is a great chance that success will follow. 

You may also create a spreadsheet of the companies and people you want to get in touch with, for the order of not contacting them twice.

Always put in mind to believe in yourself.

Everything happens for a reason, but not trying to be successful is as good as failing. There is no harm in trying, so why don’t you try until you succeed. But always be patient. Good luck!

How to Sell Using YouTube

When it comes to social media selling, YouTube is one of the best media to use due to its global acceptability. Let’s know How to Sell Using YouTube. The primary reason for using videos for marketing purposes is because it has what it takes to generate tons of sales for your brand. With YouTube, you’d be able to give out the information that’ll attract your targeted audience with just some little effort. Selling on YouTube is quite easy; you’ll need to know how online marketing works. For instance, let’s consider promoting a clothing product that you were trying to portray as the best product to your targeted audience. Usually, a clothing e-commerce expert would advise you to have your sample description and clothing picture; to some extent, the conversion rate will be limited. This rate is where YouTube assistance comes in; you could leverage it by making good videos showcasing your clothing brand.

How to Sell Using YouTube

 Three Things You Need for Great YouTube Selling.

1.    Creating Good Videos

You cannot market your brand on YouTube channel without having your video in place. Though, this may appear complicated to you, particularly when you are just starting. It pretty easy once you have a good recording camera and some thought about your brand, then you good to go.

 Here are some tips to know on the kind of videos you’d need;

 a.    Show your products’ manufacturing

 To start with, give out some clip on your products’ manufacturing; by showing this will go a long way in helping your brand do well on YouTube sales. Showing your videos will assure your market of your product’s reliability and also give other viewers a hint into your brand.

your products

 b.    Create useful content for your brand

Having great content in place for whatever you’re selling is an added advantage, with materials; you could reach millions of views. However, such content should aim at helping your audience, finding a solution around the problem, and some basic facts about the industry of your product. For instance, if you sell clothing material, you could make a video on how to know a quality clothing material, or talk on top ways to identify a better clothing fabric. 

 c.    Share your customers’ people testimony

 Selling on YouTube should not be restricted to you alone. It is good to share the testimony of your past buyers, mostly those whose reviews are good. Such an analysis can be found on the product page of your website or using the search bar of your products’ names on YouTube. 

 d.    Include user stories

Do you need real conversion from your prospect? Then users interview and story sharing is a good source of motivation for your channel video. Meet your clients and interview them, ask them if they can feature on your channel. Quite a lot of them will sincerely accept to help you. To make it easy, you can ask them for an interview session in their office or elsewhere. This method is an excellent marketing technique for you to sell well on YouTube.

 e.    Answer All Enquiries 

 Consider this as some sort of your FAQ video. No doubt, your clients will probably have some questions about your brand for after-sale, especially. You itemized your answers to tackle these sets of questions and answer those questions through video recording to making your YouTube selling profitable. 

2.     Attract traffic to your site

 After the setting-up video, the next thing on our sleeve is to garner some traffic to your page or website. Luckily, YouTube has several ways to allow its users to relate with your video content. Some of these are below:

Simple Methods To Increase Your YouTube Views And Subscribers

 a. Interactive digital cards

 This card is a new tool for YouTube online marketing. It’s a kind of feature that has different uses for video marketing, and it can of use for; web sales, other videos, and even for fundraising activities through the video. You should take a look on Google to see the cards that are right for your uses, and ways of using them.

b. Video annotations

 The term Annotation is like the heart of YouTube selling. You can leverage it for your business growth and to applying your call to action (CTA) at various times in the video. If possible, you’d need these:

  1. Annotation linking to your website
  2. Annotation to related videos on your YouTube channel
  3. Annotation at the start, middle, and ending of your video session

c. Video descriptions

This process has been considered as the method of getting clicks or leads. Your video description should have various links, which would navigate your prospect directly to your website. You are coupled with an accurate video description of what you’re selling. 

3.    Selling the videos to your viewers

 After you’ve made those videos and set them up on your YouTube channel, then, now is that time to market your channel. It depends on your selling skill; let have a look at how to do effective marketing on your YouTube page. These lists can be utilized for your selling anytime whether you’re skilled or not:

Teach Yourself Business Skills Through YouTube Like This Entrepreneur
  1. Connect with the YouTube community

The majority of YouTube comments are always belittled online due to the poor qualities they have, but for those selling on it, such as an avenue for massive traffic. By interacting with the community and answering their inquiries can surely be a better way for your brand promotion.

 Be kind enough to reply to all comments made in the community, whether such comments relate to your videos or not. For instance, if you’re selling jewelry, find videos on fashion related topics and reply many comments as you could.

 Do not promote your product/service forcefully. Instead, drop some salient information that such persons would be able to learn new stuff about the topic on your YouTube channel. 

 b.    Put in resources on YouTube SEO

 As we all know, YouTube has come to stay with us, hence making it ranking very high in search engines globally. It also outshines Google search engine, with videos popping up and more video results up using a search engine.

Final Thought

To sell profitably on the YouTube channel, you should consider it as a long-term project. Do not wait for overnight success. Instead, put in more efforts for some times and build your targeted audience. Your mission should be to help users with informative content through your videos, and afterward, sales will come naturally.

Meet Pip, the Southeastern Guide Dogs celebrity with 55 million YouTube views

It is only right to say that dogs are humans’ best friends. As commonly said, ‘if you feed a dog for three days, it will serve you for a lifetime.’ In most cases than not, dogs have proved to be the best companions and helpers for humankind, never leaving even in the worst-case scenarios. Actually, a human could easily abandon their dog, but a dog would even lie on top of its human owner’s grave if death were to strike. Over time, it has become increasingly realistic that investing in dogs is a worthy venture, and even more so for guide dogs.

Meet Pip, the Southeastern Guide Dogs celebrity with 55 million YouTube views

Guide dogs were traditionally trained to be guides for their human owners, regardless of their situation. Over time, they became the best bet if physically challenged people needed help or guide. We have seen cases where dogs are trained to do right about everything for their owners; from guiding visually impaired people, to fetching things as required and even being sent to deliver a message.

In the near future, it is projected that guide dogs will replace human guides totally. This is because, with adequate training, guide dogs turn out to be so thorough in their work, in most cases exceeding expectations. Have we not heard, too, of dogs who are trained to perform first aid on emergency cases?

It is for this reason that Titus Herman has hit the waves of social media platforms across the globe. He is a renowned dog trainer who specializes in guide dogs for people who have vision problems. Most people remember how he got to the social media platform through his short animated film of Pip the pup.

Introducing Pip the Pup

Pip is a young pup that is eager to begin attending school to guide dogs even at a very young age. She is barely big enough for school, but stretches high enough and passes to go in. Inside, her desk is even too high for her, and she has to sit on her books to reach all the way up. Well, she cannot even reach high enough to press the food dispenser! She makes several mistakes but quickly learns from them. When her principal cannot take in his final fail, he banishes Pip from school. 

This is her saddest moment, and she sheds a tear, lost on what to do next. It is while she is stranded outside the school in pity that she realizes a blind lady is having trouble maneuvering through a dangerous construction site. She quickly hurries to her and is able to guide her through to safety. Seeing such a heroic act, the school administration calls her back, and she is awarded by being dressed in the superhero cap alongside her certificate.

The biggest lesson here is that Pip did not lose hope and despair because she had been thrown out of campus. She still had the heart to help out the lady even with a tear in her eyes, choosing to do the positive, helpful thing instead of allowing her sadness to eat away into her heart.

Her warmth and positive energy are quite inspiring, and it is no wonder her short animated film has garnered as many views so far.

The Southeastern Guide Dogs

Titus Herman derived his motivation from the animation case of Pip, the pup. He aimed at showing us the dedication with which guide dogs work even when we throw them out; their beautiful and helpful hearts do not die.

The Southeastern Guide Dogs
The Southeastern Guide Dogs

As such, he took to training many dogs, using the film as his marketing strategy. He is currently training dogs of all types to help out with people who are visually impaired. His dogs include golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, a crossbreed of the two called goldadors, and several other southeastern dog breeds.

According to Titus, his biggest motivation is the fact that dogs represent eternal optimism and joy, especially to their human friends who have any forms of disability, especially visual challenges. Today, Titus runs a Southeastern campus where he is training at least one thousand dogs to take these roles.

He goes on to state that Pip is a real dog, as featured in the short film. She is still young as portrayed in the film, and just as eager to learn and help the visually impaired people in life. She goes to puppy kindergarten and Titus, in conjunction with Bane, Pip’s raiser are keen on ensuring she learns until she enters the Guide Dog University. She was born on the campus, and currently, she is the youngest pup in the school. The characters Pip portrays on the film are actually even in her real-life; eager to learn on the basics of guide dogs along with the other older pups 

The Southeastern guide dogs’ venture is purely funded by donation helps and activity, and it runs a real dog school with dedicated trainers who aim at bringing out the best in these lovely guide dogs. This is a noble venture that should be given the full support of the people around the world. Of course, the official donors of the entire venture; Gary and Melody Johnson are the noblest people in the world where we understand the fantastic usefulness of dogs.  Any other donors and sponsors of ventures like those of the Southeastern Guide dogs are highly appreciated.

While at it, it would really be helpful to factor in the possibilities of having more and more campuses for guide dogs and in general, service dogs. The amazing help we get from these selfless animals can never be compared to anything else. We know how much they can put their lives on the line just to make sure we are safe from any harm. It is so unfair that after giving us such a service, we can still give them out or abandon them at all. It definitely would be a big venture to have more people like Titus, venturing into the production of trained fury guides.

Pros & Cons of Buying YouTube Views

YouTube offers a good environment for anyone to start their business. View count on YouTube determines how many people have interacted with your content. Many entrepreneurs and musicians choose the video-sharing platform due to its popularity. The more views you have on YouTube, the more influential you appear. YouTube views grow according to how much people watch the content. For a starting business, gathering many views can be challenging. Thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, so a lot of hard work is required for your video to stand out. As a result, many people opt to buy views to speed up the process of people finding your content. If you are wondering about the effects of buying YouTube views, you have to the right place. The following are the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. 

Buying YouTube Views


Gaining social authority

In the current era of likes, comments, and views, the more views you have, the more influential you appear. It also becomes easier to watch what other people are watching. A video with thousands of views looks reputable, popular, and credible. People would like to watch content with a high number of views because they think you are a master in your field.

Gaining social authority

Content creators spend money in buying YouTube views because they are a symbol of social proof. Social proof dictates that people accept something because many others have accepted it. Viewers are more likely to interact with a channel having many views per video and many subscribers. If your goal is to gain social authority, then purchasing YouTube views offers a good start.

Improved search ranking

YouTube search engine algorithm prioritizes videos with many views in its search results. The more views a video has, the higher it will be ranked. It follows that more people will watch your videos, improving its ranking even further. An increased number of views has a direct financial benefit.

 Helps you to make money

Increased number of views means more money to the YouTube channel owner. Celebrities and other renowned people with millions of views per video make a lot of money through their YouTube channels. You can earn money through paid partnerships, being a product ambassador, or through AdWords.

Head start for new videos

When a YouTuber uploads a video, there is usually a period of waiting before the video can gain a sizeable number of views. This waiting duration can determine the success or failure of the uploaded content. Buying views comes to the rescue during this period unless the YouTuber is an influential person who gets thousands of views after uploading their videos. View velocity is a term used to describe the rate at which views accumulate in the first few days of posting a video. A higher view velocity results in improved video ranking. Buying YouTube views will, therefore, increase view velocity and improving video ranking.

 Views appear to be organic

If you buy views from a quality source, they will appear to be natural. Your viewers will not detect whether you bought them to boost your video. Additionally, you can buy other elements that signify engagement, such as likes and comments, to add value to the views.

 YouTube won’t remove good views

YouTube constantly checks whether views are legitimate. If you bought the views from a credible source, the search engine would not remove them. It is, therefore, vital to buy views from a reputable source.


Purchased views do not substitute real customers

When you buy views, the users making such views will not become real customers. Since purchased views are not customers, they can not buy your products or generate any direct income for you. The views only attract people to your content and help in growing its ranking and popularity. Overall sales will increase from real customers.

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The practice of buying views proves to be a failure at times because you do not make new fans and customers. Bought viewers have an interest in your money and not how you will grow your brand. Therefore, if you decide to purchase views, ensure they only serve as an attraction to your target market.

Ad revenue suffers

Purchased views are different from organic ones. If you buy views, expect zero engagement. This affects the rate of revenue gathered from ads. If your goal is to make money through views, you should consider growing your channel to gather real views for every content you upload.

Perceived as unethical

Although it is hard to find out, people might not like it when they know you have bought views. In a world where people believe in hard work for success, it is controversial to buy views. To avoid the risk of detection, YouTube views should be bought from quality sources. 

Possibility of scam

YouTube views business has attracted a lot of people. With the increase in the number of entities selling the same, there is a high possibility of buying fake views. YouTube audits views frequently to determine their authenticity. If it is detected that your views are generated by bots, the video could be removed, or the views could be trimmed, leaving only the legitimate ones. Whichever the case, it is a loss to the YouTuber since he spends money to purchase the views.

Increased risk of penalty 

The habit of buying views increases the risk of getting penalized by YouTube. There are certain red flags that YouTube observes when penalizing you. For example, a video with thousands of views but few comments and likes indicates fake views. As a practice of integrity, Google and YouTube advocates for growing your channel and gaining real views for every video upload you make.

Difficult in analyzing view statistics

Purchased views make it difficult in determining the success of your channel. Although you can know the number of organic views you have to attain by subtracting the purchased ones from the total number, you can not determine when the real views came in from when the purchased ones came. It becomes more difficult when the views increase after the video gains popularity.

Should you buy YouTube Views in 2019?

YouTube Views

For many years today, YouTube has been in the frontline as one of the most influential marketing platforms for videos of all kinds. Like any other video, musical or not, they have to be viewed for people to get the information therein. And for people to crowd over to your video to watch it, you have to invest in thorough marketing for it. There are numerous methods of marketing your YouTube videos, according to experts. Depending on the approach, most of them do work. 

One of the most practical ways of obtaining many views on YouTube is by buying them. Depending on the packages, you can buy as many views as possible. This is one of the most effective strategies and even o for newbies and people who are still new to YouTube. If your video already has one thousand views, for example, it will be easier for you to get more as opposed to when it has none, to begin with.

Buying YouTube views is a short term strategy to ensure freshers have a grasp on all that is needed for them to thrive in the industry. But it cannot be used as a long term a means to an end. Essentially, all you need is to depend on the bought views to start to generate real views. There are more reasons for buying YouTube views, according to experts. 

Benefits of Buying YouTube Views

As already mentioned, buying YouTube views has its fair share of the good side, as listed but not limited to: 

  • It is a shortcut to getting quicker results. Posting a new video on YouTube and marketing, it is okay. It will begin to feel discouraging when you are not getting any views in the first place. Videos with minimal or no views at all may be universally thought of as dull, plain boring, or uninteresting. If you buy your first number of views, it is an added advantage as it will begin to attract more new views gradually eventually. 
  • Buying YouTube views ensures the completion of the content relevance and follower preference circle. With time, YouTube begins to sort out your video content and only directs them to followers who are interested in such or whose preferences match the content of your video. As such, you harness more benefits because everyone who watches your videos benefits from them in one way or another. Usually, the viewer will see a ‘recommended for you’ column when they open the YouTube page, meaning the content they are receiving matches their sought-out preferences.
  • Along with getting relevant viewers on your videos, you begin to get ranked on Google’s search engine. For instance, if your video is about ‘How to clean eyeglasses,’ someone searching for such information on the Google platform will be redirected to your page if they input the correct keywords. The more views you get on your YouTube videos, the better your ranking gets on Google since the latter is a subsidiary of the former. Take advantage and convert your videos into monetary value by using the combination of both these marketing giants. 
  • Your videos get viewed only by high-quality traffic. We would do anything to collect as much quality traffic to ourselves as we possibly can. The higher the quality of traffic to anything, the better the outcome since the more conversions can be made. Forget getting views only from viewers of similar interests as you; it gets better when the relevant recommendations of your videos are made to serious and professional prospects only. This is because you stand a chance of more than fifty percent of conversions.  The first views you buy are only meant to set the ball rolling. Soon, your videos will begin to be viewed by real accounts and active viewers, and receiving real and active comments and like to them. At this point, in the right timing and quantity of the incoming views, your videos’ audiences will only be growing gradually and eventually soar to the highest heights.
  • Buying YouTube views is the best way to ensure your videos go viral. As mentioned earlier, nobody likes to watch videos with a small number of views. We all love it when we watch videos with vast numbers of views because we find them interesting and likable. So, it goes without saying that if you buy your first views on YouTube, there are bigger chances of attracting more real views and multiplying them up and as the number of your views soars, they begin to go viral, and you will have made your first step in YouTube marketing.

There are several misconceptions about bought YouTube views. But as noted, they are purely misconception myths that have been demystified over the years. Here are some of them.

Increase Your YouTube Views with These 10 Easy Tactics
  • That bought YouTube views are fake is just a myth. As long as you ensure you buy your views from a legit seller, your views are as valid as the real active accounts’ views. Being an online transaction, it is undeniably easy to fall prey to a con seller who will sell you bot views. Check out the reviews of your seller before transacting with them.
  • That your channel will be closed down if you buy YouTube views is a lie. The only time your YouTube channel can be closed is when you violate the terms and conditions of YouTube or when you post videos that are illegal or insensitive. As long as you operate under the signed terms of service, your account is safe even with bought views.
  • That buying and selling of YouTube views are illegal in not true. In fact, some of the views are sold under the larger umbrella of Google to show you how legal this business really is. If you read the terms and conditions of YouTube, you will get some light shone on this issue.

It is absolutely safe, legit, and legal to buy YouTube views. Even more, it is hugely beneficial to the eventual outcome of your channel. Only, buy your view from a legit vendor, and ensure you operate under the terms and conditions of YouTube.

YouTube to Remove Thousands of Videos Pushing Extreme Views

YouTube has recently removed from their official website thousands of videos that allegedly advocate for activities that are not supported by their terms and conditions. This has affected many renowned media personalities who at any point violated any of the rules and regulations of YouTube. The move may have been received amid mixed feelings both by the affected people and the public in general. Some of the cited allegations by YouTube were segregation, exclusion, and those who posted videos denying the occurrence of certain incidents of violence. There is more.

YouTube Views

When the announcement was first made, most YouTube users thought it was bluff, seeing that the posts on YouTube are too many to keep tabs on. The YouTube spokesperson specifically outlined that the website was out to clean itself of hate speech and extremism, as well as videos that advocated for white supremacy and neo-Nazism.

This whip will not leave without striking perpetrators of crime and violence cover-ups. For instance, vloggers, who did cover-up shots denying that there was a mass shooting in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, will not be spared of this ban. YouTube was a bit indirect when making this statement, careful not to mention any names of people or companies. However, to affirm that they were not just empty threats, YouTube went ahead to carry out the ban and days later, numerous content creators came out with complains that their videos had been taken down and their ads removed from YouTube.

In response to the complains, YouTube spokespersons came out to state candidly that they were only carrying out their part in ensuring the users of the platform are protected from any form of harassment, hatred, trolling, violence, and discrimination.

The action by YouTube comes a few weeks after Facebook, another social media giant, took a considerable step to remove and ban completely, some renowned social media persons from their platform. Among those excluded from Facebook was the Infowars founder, Alex Jones. A few months ago, last year, the same person was barred from using Twitter, yet another social media platform.

 According to expert observers, YouTube did exhaust the list of perpetrators it had or did it? One famous content creator who is accused of using slurry words and racial terms to insult a renowned journalist did not get his content taken down. The uproar was raised as it was evident that YouTube may have intentionally let some of the culprits sieve through their ban. When the perpetrator came out and claimed that his words were meant to be harmless, YouTube actually defended him and said he violated no terms and conditions. They claimed that he was just opinionated and not to the extent of violating their rules and regulations. After a big tug of war, YouTube finally came out and admitted that he had, indeed, and said they would suspend his account pending review.

Why YouTube Views Disappear And How You Can Regain Them

To defend its uneven execution of the ban in regards to the case of the journalist, YouTube came out to say that it may have been an overlook from their part, seeing that they receive not less than five hundred hours of videos per minute on their website. It may be easy, as such, to overlook a mistake. On the lower side, this has resulted in disturbing videos and ads in children’s content as well as extremist groups making their ways to publish content on the website. Some of these pop-up ads have resulted in significant companies withdrawing their content from the social media marketing giant.

The next time you think of posting content on YouTube that implies any form of harassment, for instance saying that women are inferior to men, or that the white race is superior to another race, or even that the world is ruled by Jews, please think again. You will have your account either closed down or banned from ever selling any content again. But if you are very opinionated and hateful without violation of any of the terms and conditions, various forms of punishments will be administered on your account. 

Apart from the punishment on accounts that violate the terms and conditions of YouTube, other news also had YouTube adjust a few aspects of its platform. For example, the automated recommended content was going to be adjusted to feature only relevant clients. The software responsible for showing viewers videos that are based on their frequent views is going to be tweaked to ensure users get the best out of it.

Critics came out to firmly state that other social media platforms should follow in the footsteps of YouTube to curb the growing hate and despise that is perpetrated on social media. Trolling, harassment, racism, and any form of segregation that is tolerated have severe impacts on the victims. Some of them end up committing suicide or going into depression as a result. To protect the victims, many speakers have called for a general audit of all the social media platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn, to flush out these perpetrators. 

According to YouTube, they are continually upgrading their system software in a bid to determine the kinds of videos or content that deserve to be banned, closed down completely, or go through any sort of punishment. As it is, the removal of key content creators might be a shortcoming on the side of YouTube, but only for a short while. It is worth every risk to minimize harmful content, and as much as possible invest in useful and non-abusive content. 

It is practically no use having all the videos in the world on the website, when the larger percentage is illegal, abusive, racist, or discriminating in any way possible. To avoid cases where some people or firms may escape the hand of punishment, YouTube and other social media websites are coming up with software updates that will prohibit the uploading of such sensitive content in the first place. 

The buck stops with me and you. Before posting the content you are about to on any platform, reverse the roles, and see if it would spread love or hate, then think again.

Using Videos Wisely To Get An Edge Over Competitors

Videos are considered as one of the best content formats to engage people online, but it can be a challenge if you don’t know how to use them effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the best video strategies that will let you dominate your competition. 

Do product videos

Product videos have become a perennial favorite among YouTube marketers. These videos let you introduce new products to a wider audience faster than other means of promotions. They are also great tools for sustaining that initial interest and eventually turning it into conversions. 

One thing that you need to know is that just uploading a random product video will not always guarantee good results. You need to make the effort to get people from watching them eventually heading to your site to make a purchase. Some ways to enhance your product videos are:

  • Shoot from different angles: Make sure to show all sides of your products and zoom in to reveal the finer details and present it more accurately to viewers. 
  • Add context: Show your featured product in situations that your target customers will most likely encounter them in to better convince them that it meets their needs. 
  • Don’t scare your viewers: Instead of focusing on the negatives of not getting your product, you should highlight its benefits in the video. 
  • Add a human element: Tug your viewers’ emotions and get them to connect with the characters that are featured in your product video. 

These steps help turn your product video from being a simple advert to a more compelling piece that will better convince your viewers to purchase. Google uses some of these strategies to effectively present an otherwise intangible product in their videos. 

Use video testimonials 

A study done by analytics firm BrightLocal reveals that 84% of consumers trust online reviews they read or watch. This means that posting video testimonials for your products is another effective strategy for enticing viewers to make a purchase. 

The big challenge here is how you can create with a really convincing, and genuine, customer testimonial video. In this case, you should get a customer that did have a positive experience with your brand or product. The easiest thing to do, since you’re on YouTube, is to see if anyone has already done videos on their own. You can then: 

  • Add them to a Playlist on your account
  • Add it to your Liked videos list
  • Ask them if you can post the video to your account 
  • Film a video with them,

When filming your video testimonials, let your subject speak as freely as possible. This will pave the way for a more authentic statement from them. You can edit out some unfavorable comments, but be critical in determining what you would leave intact. These other commentaries will help make your video testimonials more convincing to audiences. 

Create support videos 

After your customers make that purchase, you still want to continue engaging with them to encourage future purchases or referrals. Videos are again a useful tool for this effort. 

How-tos are one of the common support videos that you can create. 

Cover everything from the basic use of your product or service to advanced features. You can also focus on troubleshooting to answer some of the common issues your customers encounter. Lowe’s excels at this:

Make your how-tos more engaging by:

  • Keeping them short: A video length of two to nine minutes would be suitable to help your audience go through the tutorials at the right pace, but it may take a bit more time with more complicated projects.
  • Use talking heads: Open your video tutorial with a full shot of the person doing the demonstration. This helps viewers connect with and focus on the demo better. 
  • Do a more dynamic presentation: Moving your camera from left to right or zooming in to follow the action is an effective way to keep your viewers watching through to the end. 

By making these how-to videos more digestible, you turn them into more effective resources that people can refer to anytime. To further build them up, embed these how-tos and support videos to your website and incorporate them into your larger customer support procedures. 

These three strategies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using videos for your business. Explore other ways of incorporating videos into your online marketing cycle and you can attract even more customers and get ahead of your competitors faster.