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Important Marketing Lessons from Breakout Creators on YouTube

Did you know that the number of YouTubers who are earning six figures annually grows 50% year over year? This just proves that YouTube is home to some of the most successful breakout stars on the internet today.

Whether you love them, hate them, or are secretly jealous of them there’s one thing we can all agree on: successful YouTube stars know a thing or two about internet marketing – and they know it well.

If you are dreaming of recreating even just a portion of their success you’re in luck because we will be breaking down some of the marketing strategies of the biggest YouTube stars out there.

Ready to be part of the YouTube Marketing Hall of Fame? Take notes on all the tips we’ll be discussing below!

Michelle Phan: Social Listening and Cross-Platform Sharing

Michelle Phan is considered to be first-generation YouTube royalty. She quickly learned how to use social listening as a way to grow her channel very early on.

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In the beginning, Michelle uploaded dog videos to her channel in an effort to spread happiness to the people of the internet. She quickly realized that it was her makeup videos that were getting the most views – which told her it was what the people wanted.

Her social listening skills taught her to adapt to what her audience wanted as quick as possible. As a seasoned blogger, Michelle also knew how important it is to utilize every available site to promote her videos.

Her consistent effort in sharing her content and her awareness of what her audience wanted allowed her to earn $3 million dollars on the platform back in 2015.

Do as Michelle did and listen to your audience. As a content creator, you have access to in-depth analytics and advanced tools that will allow you to identify exactly what your audience wants.

Food Wishes: Using Interrelated Content

Chef John began his online career by writing down his most favorite recipes on his blog Food Wishes. He quickly realized that he can pair his blogs with videos, so he then began filming and uploading cooking videos onto YouTube – and the rest, as they say, is history.

While his videos and blogs can stand alone, they are best consumed together. Reading his blog and watching the video gives you, the audience, a complete experience that is nothing short of satisfying.

In the video shown above, Chef John demonstrates how to cook crispy home fries. While the demonstration is comprehensive enough on its own, you can learn so much more about the process by reading his blog post.

Creating interrelated content can help you launch your online presence much more quickly. By driving your audience to your blog, website or even social media account, you’re encouraging them to consume more of your content without being too imposing.

Ariel Martin, Star: Take Them Behind the Scenes

YouTube is home to many internet sensations. and YouTube star Ariel Martin is known for her insanely rhythmic lipsynching videos that have garnered her millions of followers.

Ariel is dead set on becoming an internet mainstay and to do so, she makes sure her subscribers are as invested in her as she is in her channel.

In the video shown above, Baby Ariel teaches her fans how to create their own video. She demonstrates how she does her own videos and provides viewers with tips on how to make a killer clip. Her behind-the-scene/instructional videos are very popular among her fans, and have racked up over millions of views altogether.

If you want to build on viewer loyalty, don’t be afraid to take your subscribers behind the scenes. Combine insider clips with valuable tips and you are sure to build a solid following in no time.

Simply Nailogical: Listen to Your Fans

Michelle Phan taught us the importance of social listening, but nail artist Simply Nailogical took that a step higher by forging viral success simply by being more in-tune with what her viewers wanted to see.

Simply Nailogical fans were engaged and entertained with her videos but they wanted to see something different. As a response, she uploaded the Polish Mountain video shown below.

While the video was made purely for fun, it quickly gained popularity among the community of viewers and creators alike. It was so successful that a lot of creators gave it their own spin – creating videos that involved 100 layers of liquid lipstick, foundation and almost everything you can think of.

PewDiePie: Respond To Your Haters

With over 35 million subscribers, it’s safe to say that PewDiePie is one of the most recognizable and successful YouTubers on the platform.

Through his years on YouTube, PewDiePie has managed to grow a thick skin against his haters. He is quick to delete and disable comments that are not helpful to the community or relevant to his videos.

When he’s not deleting hate comments or blocking trolls from his channel, PewDiePie knows how to put his haters in place while gaining millions of views out of them.

While we can’t all do as PewDiePie did in his response video, you can learn a lot by being more responsive both to your fans and haters. The comment section can easily be turned into a positive community if you give it the right kind of attention.

Make your viewers feel like you are listening to them by responding to those who leave comments on your videos – regardless of if they are fans or haters.

Amber Scholl: Come up With Content That is of Good Use to Your Audience

Like girls everywhere, Amber Scholl loved donning designer items but hated spending a fortune on them.  So, she tried to recreate them herself.

Her friends took notice of her creativity and encouraged her to upload tutorials on YouTube to help others satisfy their lust for luxe fashion.

Her videos quickly became popular among fashion and beauty aficionados on YouTube. This just goes to show that on a highly competitive platform like YouTube, creativity and cleverness travel far.

Be creative and come up with some novel things you can offer your community in order to come up with content that resonates.

||Superwoman||: Engage and Love Your Community

IISuperwomanII is an Indian-American comedy YouTuber who embraces the funny aspects of her culture and incorporates them into her videos.

Her noteworthy success on the platform, however, did not rely on traditional brand deals. This YouTuber chose to forge her own path and create a brand for herself.

Instead of running after every sponsorship deal, she directed all her energy towards creating uplifting and inspirational content through her signature brand of comedy.

She believes that building a global viewership is all about forging a relationship with those on the other side of the screen. Connecting with them can help you become a more reputable force on a highly competitive platform like YouTube.

If you want to efficiently become more reputable on YouTube, growing your social proof and improving your authority, consider purchasing high-quality YouTube video views from a reputable provider to go along with your engaging content. This way, you can focus all of your energy on producing awesome videos, while allowing your social proof to do its thing.

Bethany Mota: Take a Stand Against Controlling Sponsors and Companies

Lifestyle, beauty and fashion YouTuber Bethany Mota knows the dangers of sponsorship deals. When choosing a brand to work with, she makes sure she won’t be tied up with strict clauses that can restrict her creativity and voice.

Currently, Bethany is one of Aeropostale’s latest brand endorsers. While we see her in some creative and lavish spreads donning the brand’s latest collection, she makes it clear that she won’t be wearing them in all her videos.

She sets a creative limit to all the brands she works with. As a result, she’s able to maintain her reputation without saturating her channel with sponsored video after sponsored video.

When working with brands, make sure you still have full creative control over the video you are collaborating on in order to avoid compromising your integrity and reputation.

Develop a Marketing Strategy Inspired by the Stars

We can all agree that some of YouTube’s brightest stars are also some of the most influential digital marketers of this day. As an aspiring YouTuber, you can learn a lot from the marketing principles they swear by.

Focusing as much energy as it takes on creating highly valuable, engaging and relevant content is what it takes to make it to the top.

Try pairing your amazing content with high-quality views from a reputable provider in order to efficiently and effectively strengthen your social proof without having to exhaust all your marketing resources.

Make sure to choose a provider that is tried and tested to provide reliable social media boosting services. We test and review the best providers out there to help you make the best decision for your channel.

What are you waiting for? Start your journey to YouTube fame by developing a marketing strategy inspired by the stars!

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