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The Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve most likely seen the ridiculously popular Gangnam Style.

As you can see the ever popular Gangnam Style video has garnered over 2 BILLION views – making this video a legend on YouTube, and making the artist PSY a very rich man.

YouTube is home to the most popular videos on the internet, and many of them are helping brands and content creators gain maximum exposure and YouTube revenue.

What does this mean for you? It means success has been figured out. You too can be a viral success on YouTube if you know which types of videos perform well and rake in the most views.

To point you in the right direction, we made a list of some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. Take inspiration from these examples and be sure to take note of all our quick tips!

Product Reviews

Watching product reviews is the dignified form of window shopping today – only, you don’t have to leave your room.

During a product review, a content creator features a newly released product. Towards the end of the video, they’d put it to the test and share their insights with their viewers.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing the GoPro Hero4 Session, you might want to watch this video first. It gives you a comprehensive rundown of what to love and hate about the waterproof camera.

Overall, the video has received over 1.6 million views and over 2,000 shares – gaining some massive mileage along the way.

Quick Tip

When doing a review, be sure to focus on highlighting the primary features of the product. Keep your reviews short and be sure to be as honest as you can with your viewers – YouTube viewers hate a sellout!

How-to Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet?

More and more people are using the video sharing platform to answer some of their “how do you do it” moments. According to Google, searches for “how-to” videos grow 70% each year.

A “How-to?” video is an instructional type of content that breaks down a certain task into easy-to-follow steps.You know how easy it is to follow a recipe with pictures, right? Well, videos make it even easier through guided demonstrations.

Want to know how you can achieve mermaid-like curls without using a curling iron? This tutorial can teach you how in a few easy steps.

With over 22 million views, this is one of the most reliable resources when it comes to heatless curls on the internet!

Quick Tip

When filming a tutorial, record the video instruction and the audio recording separately for maximum clarity and coherence.


Video blogs or “vlogs” give us a sneak peek at what goes on in the lives of our favorite YouTube stars.

They record snippets of their day and put them all together in one episode. Vlogs usually last anywhere from 7 minutes up to 40 minutes – depending on whether it’s a daily or weekly vlog.

Joey Graceffa is a known gaming-turned-lifestyle YouTuber who makes daily and weekly vlogs. His vlogs receive thousands of views per episode, and this one in particular has garnered over 2.8 million views – making it one of the most-watched vlogs on Youtube.

There are also companies who use vlogs as a way to communicate with their audience on a more personal level. This is a good marketing tool that can help you engage your audience with more immersive content.

Quick Tip

Focus on quality and find your niche. Once you’ve established a connection with a particular group of people, engagement will be easy because they are already interested in your life and what you do.

Gaming Videos

95% of gamers turn to online videos for educational and entertainment purposes. With such a robust gaming community, it’s no wonder gaming videos are one of the most highly searched and viewed types of content on YouTube.

Gaming channels put out many types of videos for their audiences. They release react-and-play-along videos, fun and experimental play styles, reviews, and even tech unboxings.

PewDiePie is a YouTuber that needs no introduction, just see for yourself how he manages to ring in 33 million views just by playing the mobile game Flappy Bird.

Quick Tip

Stay on top of trends and new releases. Invest in equipment such as microphones and video editing software that can help you come up with good quality content.

Comedy or Skit Videos

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? People of the internet turn to YouTube for a quick dose of entertainment.

Comedy skits are gaining massive popularity because they make entertainment so accessible and they are not hard to make – as long as you are gifted with a quick wit or a dedication to comedy.

Jenna Marbles is one of YouTube’s biggest stars. In this video, she sits in front of the camera and roasts herself – for all us to enjoy.

Who knew reading mean comments can get you 2 million views? Jenna Marbles knew.

Quick Tip

Be as direct and straight to the point as you can – people want entertainment and they want it fast.

Haul Videos

Haul videos are particularly popular in the beauty and lifestyle niche. These videos also give viewers a window shopping experience without ever having to leave their homes.

Trisha Paytas is a known lifestyle YouTuber who lets viewers see the results of her latest binge shopping escapades.

Despite the randomness, her video still received over 600,000 views – which tells us how receptive people on the internet are when it comes to haul vids.

Quick Tip

Be honest with your audience. Let them know whether the products were sent to you by the company, or you bought them with your own money. People hate a fraud so be sure to be transparent!

Unboxing Videos

If you are contemplating a purchase, chances are you’d turn to YouTube for advice.

Unboxing videos are gaining massive popularity within the tech, lifestyle and beauty niche because they give consumers a good look at newly released items like cosmetics and gadgets.

This tech unboxing of the latest iPhone 6 in Red has garnered over 1.5 million views in just a couple weeks!

One incredibly popular unboxing channel for kids toys, called Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review, has gained a massive following of kids, and also kids-at-heart.

This content creator takes the attention away from herself and focuses on unboxing some of the latest toys – from Shopkins to Moana. The simple toy unboxing shown below has received over 100,000,000 views – we repeat, OVER 100 MILLION VIEWS.

If the title of the video or channel seems weird, it’s because the content creator chose to use as many keywords as she can to drive traffic to her content – and we can’t say it’s not working!

Quick Tip

Focus on the product and be as concise as you can. Also, make use of focused keywords in the beginning of your title for maximum searchability. Increase your searchability even more by purchasing YouTube Vews from a reputable provider who delivers as promised.

Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are among the most popular and engaging types of video on YouTube. They’re considered audience-centric because your viewers have the power to ask you their most burning questions.

Q&A videos are pretty straightforward: your viewers send in questions and you try to answer as much as you can in your video – simple as that.

IISuperwomanII is known in the YouTube hemisphere for her hilarious skits. In order for her fans to get to know her beyond the characters she portrays, she uploads Q&A videos that keep her viewers engaged and entertained.

Her “Most Honest Q&A” video has gotten over 2.7 million videos since being uploaded 11 months ago. How does she do it? See for yourself.

Quick Tip

Hype up your Q&A video by utilizing all your other social media accounts. Create a custom hashtag that will help you consolidate all of the questions for more efficient browsing.

Prank Videos

Prank videos on YouTube are reminiscent of the gag shows we’ve all grown to love back in the day – but today they’re a lot more ruthless to their victims and highly viral in nature.

They might be more challenging to put up due to logistical concerns (and the possible consequences) but that doesn’t stop content creators from making them. Prank videos, when done right, can easily become viral because of their shareable nature.

This scary prank video may bring some of our darkest nightmares to life but they’ve managed to rake in over 7 million views and 13,000 shares – a true content creator’s dream!

Quick Tip

Plan your prank videos well. Prioritize safety and choose your victims carefully. There’s no telling how a prank will be received so be sure to be ready for the worst!

Get a Plan in Hand!

There you have it, some of the most popular videos in YouTube Land. There’s a lot to learn from these high performing videos and we are certain you can incorporate what you’ve seen here today in your own content.

When crafting a video to shoot, be sure to pick one that will most resonate with your tribe. Knowing who your audience is should tell you which type of video will be received well.

After uploading a video, be sure to have a strong follow-up strategy that will help you gain more views. If you want to increase your video’s appeal and strengthen your social proof at the same time, consider purchasing bought views from a reputable provider.

Our Top Provider List includes some of the best providers out there that give you exactly what you paid for along with value-adding services such as prompt customer support, safe payment methods, and even comprehensive guarantees – things you won’t find with just any provider.

Combining your newly gained insights with a fresh batch of bought views is a recipe for YouTube success that’s just waiting to be born – so go ahead and make it happen!

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