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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting YouTube Views

With over a billion unique visitors per month, YouTube is indeed the go-to platform for videos. YouTube stars have definitely taken to leveraging this platform for online marketing and publicity. It has helped them broaden their internet reach and build a huge fan base.

If you think you’re producing good content but you’re not getting the audience attention you think you deserve, then you might be doing something wrong and you are missing out on big marketing opportunities. However, getting views is easier said than done.

To drive huge traffic to your sales pages, you need to get more subscribers and views. You can take a bit of a shortcut down that road by purchasing views, subscribers, and other forms of engagement, though you’ll still need to produce quality content.

If you’ve already started your own channel but you aren’t getting views, then you might be committing some of the following mistakes.

Your Videos are Not Targeted Correctly

If you want to build a solid fan base for your YouTube channel, you have to deliver your online videos to the right audience. You have to choose your target audience, or better yet, stick to a niche or a topic.

If you’re a video gamer and your videos are about gaming, then your target audience should obviously be gaming enthusiasts. This is a simple example, but your particular situation may require a bit more thought. Delivering your content to the right audience will give you meaningful social engagement.

From the perspective of the viewer, if a YouTube channel is not focused on a niche or a topic, chances are they won’t subscribe to your channel. Some Youtube vloggers create a main channel for certain topics, and will create other channels depending on their needs. Their main channel can be about their vlog, another can be about gadget reviews, another is for gaming, etc. If you have many interests and you can’t weave them all together, you can create separate channels for your different interests.

One of the highest paid YouTube stars, Roman Atwood, has more than 11 million YouTube subscribers. He is known for his prank videos that have already gained more than 1.39 billion views in total. Atwood sticks to his niche of making prank videos or making his subscribers laugh which helped him gain a huge following.

Atwood has a completely separate channel as well, which he uses for vlog updates – RomanAtwoodVlogs.

Your Videos Are Actually Crap

You need to create content that is engaging, entertaining, or informative. The videos that really work best are the ones that capture all three of these features. You won’t gain subscribers, and you can begin losing subscribers if your videos don’t add value of some kind.

There are two basic kinds of videos you can shoot for: burst videos and evergreen videos. Burst videos are news-like, they keep up with the trends and will get you views when posted, but will become irrelevant soon. Evergreen videos will remain relevant irrespective of time. If possible, you should aim to create a mix of burst and evergreen, but focus more on evergreen videos.

You should also invest in editing your videos and making sure only your best ones get published. Don’t create half-baked, half-thought-out videos. Make sure your videos are high quality when it comes to content and editing, even if you can’t manage high production values.

Michelle Phan is a major YouTuber who is known for her makeup tutorials. Her first video was recorded with a laptop webcam, and yet it became popular because it was very informative and useful.

Over time, as she became more well-known and YouTube became more of a money-maker, her videos get better and better. Her content has become even more informative and entertaining, and her videos are edited so well it’s like you’re watching a TV show. No wonder she has almost 9 million subscribers!

Your Videos are Not Optimized

Optimizing your videos is an important aspect of YouTube promotion and yet most people just ignore it. To get the maximum amount of views for your videos you will need to confront the SEO part of YouTube marketing. Here are some keys you should focus on when optimizing your videos:

  1. Video Title: The titles of your videos are probably one of the most important aspects of building a strong channel. Your video titles are related to your ranking on search engines, and you should do some research to write better, more attention-grabbing titles that people won’t be able to help but click out of curiosity.
  2. Video Description: Your video description is where viewers will learn more about what your video is about, how it came to be, what your channel is about, and anything else that you need to say. This is also where you should include links to your other social media accounts and blog. Another tip is to include your main keyword here to help you increase your ranking.
  3. Video Tags: One of the best (and most crucial) ways to categorize your videos is through the use of tags. Tags play a role in choosing the related videos that are suggested after a video ends. Always remember to add relevant keywords to your videos. The more impressions you get, the more that YouTube will suggest relevant keywords for you to use.

For more tips on optimizing your videos and your channel, check out this handy video.

You Don’t Promote/Share on Other Social Media Platforms

In order for your videos to go viral, your viewers have to share them. Maximize the opportunities on YouTube by helping people to share your content across their different social networks. Mentioning your other social media accounts on your videos, or placing them in the video descriptions, will also increase your chances of getting more views and followers.

Providing those kinds of links is also good for your ranking. You gain even more ranking power when you share your content across your social networks. You can also try sharing and uploading your videos on social bookmaking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, and PinBoard

English vlogger Zoe Sugg, a.k.a Zoella, is one of Britain’s most popular YouTube stars. Her channel has more than 11 million subscribers!

She ends her videos by sharing her social media information, where you can find her on all her other accounts. Her video description also has all the links as well. Learn from Zoella’s good example, and you could be following in her footsteps.

You Don’t Engage With Your Audience

Don’t just finish your videos with a “Thank you,” or “Goodbye.” This is the perfect time for a call-to-action or to show an effective end card. The end of the video is one of the most influential parts of your story. So engage with your viewers, ask them a question, to subscribe, or to visit your site.

Interact with them by listening to their requests in the comments section. Reply to their comments, and make your viewers feel connected to you. This way you build trust with your viewers, turning them into subscribers.

Ryan Higa of the NigaHiga YouTube channel ends his videos with his signature “TEE HEE,” which viewers always remember. He also ends it with effective end cards featuring links to his other videos. But he also took another step up in engaging with his viewers by collaborating with them directly.

For Father’s Day, he asked of his viewers to take part in his “I Love You Dad” experiment video. Viewers submitted tons of videos of them saying “I love you” to their dads and documenting their reaction. He ended up getting way more submitted videos than he expected, and it helped make his own video incredibly popular.

Social Media is about connecting and interacting with other people. If your viewers know you care about them, they will give more of their attention to you.

Not Getting Enough Views?

If you are not getting enough views on your YouTube videos, then it’s probably time to step back and go over the fundamentals. Take careful note of the mistakes we’ve discussed here, and make sure you’re not committing any of them.

Remember, to get an instant kickstart on your popularity and ranking, you can buy YouTube Views and other signals of social engagement.  Your video will have a better chance of becoming very popular, which will increase your ranking, which will help you attract even more views!

Getting more YouTube views may sound complex, but ultimately the most important thing is good quality. There is no fixed formula to guarantee more views on YouTube. Monitor your channel for these bad habits, and try combining your new tactics with bought views for an even better shot at YouTube stardom.

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