The Most Effective Ways to Impress Your YouTube Podcast Guests

The Most Effective Ways to Impress Your Podcast Guests

Every podcaster will say that growing their audience is a difficult thing to do. In fact, podcasts have a number of unique challenges in comparison to other types of content. These challenges include the fact that podcasts are usually audio-only. This means that it can be difficult to grab the attention of a potential audience. In addition, audio is not as essentially shareable as videos, photos, or text. Another thing is that it is hard to discover new podcasts and podcast episodes. 

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A Timeline of Attempts to Cancel Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

A Timeline of Attempts to Cancel Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

People of social media have always been waiting for Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s actions to catch up with the both of them. Of course, the “what goes around, comes around” saying is something that a lot of people believe in. However, after many years of sporadic revolutions against violent slurs, blackface controversies, and pedophilia jokes– which are only a few of their indiscretions–it seems as if no meaningful resolution would be made. Instead, what people get are just white tears and an entire playlist of apology videos on YouTube.

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How Do People Use YouTube to Make Money

How Do People Use YouTube to Make Money

YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine in the world. It sits just behind its parent company, the largest search engine you will find on the Internet– Google. For this reason, there is no doubt why a lot of content creators use this platform to try and make money. 

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The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

We’re all a victim of low internet connections and poor streaming quality. And for us to continue a great time watching our favorite YouTube playlists and series most cheaply, the best way is to use a video downloader. With this tool’s use, you can be able to download a YouTube viewing video straight to your gadget.

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YouTube TV vs. Hulu + Live TV: Which One is Better

YouTube TV vs. Hulu + Live TV: Which One is Better

YouTube TV ad Hulu + Live TV are the two most popular alternatives to cable TV. 

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How To Measure Real YouTube Views?

To measure your own YouTube views you need to know two things. What number of views you get on your videos. What number of views you get on other people’s videos. To improve your SEO and help you grow, you need to know what kind of view views are getting, how many they are, what kind of subscribers they’re getting, and how much. You should categorize them, even if you buy YouTube views, into categories.

Original views are the views you get for the original video itself. This category is where the real value of Google+ comes in. Google will now attempt to act as the resources for you to get more views from your videos. In other words, YouTube is going to increase the views count on its own network by promoting you.

What Are Real YouTube Views?

It’s always important to remember that real youtube views are both a measurement and a reflection of how many people were affected by the search. However, it’s important to also understand that even if these views fell far short of reality for you, this doesn’t mean you’ve been hurt by the search.

If you thought the original piece was low quality, you probably won’t have gotten the results that it generated from your action on Reddit. If you were shocked by the release, you probably missed out on some of the blog posts.

Is Your YouTube Video Unique?

Also, what really makes a video unique? First, do not look at them, just look at the real numbers. You’ll see that most videos on youtube are the same. You can’t make an animation you don’t own. Even movie posters are the same. Second, consider what the video is trying to accomplish. Asking a video developer to make a video that you already have on your computer with pixels all over it sounds like a lame request.

What Does YouTube Count As A View?

YouTube views are made up of the time that you stay on your website, and the time it takes you to go to another website. So, if you stay on your website and click through the redirect URL, YouTube counts a “view” as your visit. And for websites that have short URLs, YouTube’s method is simple: a direct call to the URL doesn’t count as a view. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you call someone’s mobile phone number when you’re in a meeting, that would be horrible.

What About Huge YouTube View Counts?

These large views are indicative of more mainstream appeal: it’s difficult to argue with that. In addition to more mainstream appeal, YouTube’s top shows—those that seem to gain the most traction in the first place—are all the more popular when viewers come to watch them. Many will also check the videos on YouTube with their friends and family. That’s another indicator of the appeal of views and the service’s audience—and the service has a large audience.

What Can YouTube Do With View Data?

YouTube puts some of the traffic that comes to the site into what’s called a library. Essentially it’s a permanent collection of clips. By analyzing those data points, we can come up with a fair idea of which videos people find the most value, and which ones they’d never see again. So with those data points in hand, we made a video, called Don’t Do That, that takes a particular set of snippets of radio and reviews shows from the 1990s and turns them into what the video company calls “freshness,” which is used to rank some videos.

What Can The YouTube Algorithm Do?

YouTube algorithms and the people who design them are smart. They are particularly good at recognizing the kind of videos that fans like. If they see a video of someone wearing a furry hat, they know. If another unique part of the animal, they see it too. It tends to be higher in searches on YouTube than the site’s normal picture of that person in a hat. That’s called “natural ” or “hard count,” meaning that a video that’s been “naturalized” and uploaded to YouTube can still result in a spike in searches on Google for all people with the same fursona.

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

You can post a lot of wonderful videos on your channel, but if the views are limited to none, it can be disappointing. To obtain more views on your videos, you have to seek ways on how to expand your channel and to make your videos engaging to the viewers. But that would be a challenge.

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

This is the reason why we set up the ultimate guide on getting more views for your YouTube videos. The guide will aid you to boost views for your YouTube channel. We will be emphasizing a variety of methods that can be important for your success. This is an 8 chapter guide that will give you details on what will you need to do for you to be noticeable and make progress in the YouTube world.

Any sort of channel can make use of this guide, whether you a business channel that sells products, a gamer who makes reviews or tutorials, or even a beauty product endorser who gives beauty tips, this will surely help you make an impact. Just apply these approaches and practice it often to have a better possibility of amassing YouTube views.

Chapter #1: Catchy Title and Descriptions

What is the first thing a viewer on YouTube sees upon deciding what to watch? It’s the “TITLE”! So making a catchy Title is very important, because having a boring title will surely fail in gaining attention.

Catchy Title and Descriptions

Your title needs to have relevance to the main topic of the video, be very detailed and appealing to a potential viewer. Always remember that the title should be short but concise. But that is just one of the things you may do.

Another one to add is keywording, if you make sure that you will use the right keywords in the title, it will accumulate more views on your video.

Some tools can be used when using the keyword method, like “AHREFS” or the keyword planner of Google that can seek out what popular words are being used. The algorithm of YouTube can exhibit your video to potential viewers. It is also effective to put phrases “how-to, “tutorials and “reviews”.

Having well-defined video descriptions will truly help you to better your video’s existence. Spice up the description by using significant keywords to make your video easier to locate. It will also serve as a great instrument to deliver information regarding your channel and the details of your videos. Remember, the effectivity of getting more views depends on how precise and engaging your description.

Lastly, is using YouTube tags. Tags are an important part of the metadata of a video and help the viewer to find the content they are looking for. So make an effort to tag as many relevant as possible to lead viewers to your video.

Chapter #2: Make your Channel Eye-Catching

Making the design of your channel more appealing will help you make your audience lock eyes with your content, and entice them to be a subscriber that can lead to more viewers. 

Make your Channel Eye-Catching
8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

By achieving to have way more subscribers, you need to learn the art of making an Impressive channel. Think and build something new and one of a kind design that can tell a story about your channel.

Make sure that your channel will be easily determined. If your channel’s content is all about a brand, create a slogan, logo and pick a great colorway. Your logo can be an ideal identity of your channel. Just make sure that the quality of the picture is high, it instills the fact that it will attract attention and viewers can be aware of how capable of you to produce high-end videos.

A great way to lure more new viewers is to make a channel trailer. Just like movie trailers, this can be a way to attract new viewers before showing the full movie. Think of making the trailer as your business pitch. Present it with confinement and in detail so that you may attract new potential subscribers. Keep in mind that getting more subscribers means getting more views.

With regards to your desire for more views, always include keywords that have relevance to your content and always talk about what’s next you wanted to post, schedule when it will be posted and give a little information about you.

Maintenance is important for your channel, so update the channel regularly and maintain a very alluring channel to have a better chance of gathering more views.

Chapter #3: Maximizing Social Media

In today’s time, social media is often used all over the world. If you come to think of it, this is a great way to promote your videos and your channel. Share your videos on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, is a good deal to engage people who are so focused on social media these days. 

social media

Exposure is the main reason for you to utilize social media. This can be a stepping stone to gather more views for your videos or even subscribers for your channel. Encourage the people to like, comment or share your video to continue the growth of the users who can view your videos.

Hashtags are a thing today, so make sure to use some hashtags too. It would help you to find people who can be engaged in certain topics that you may have. Post frequently, but always keep in mind that there is a thing called too much, so acquire the right balance of wanting more and too much. Creating a series and providing an episode now and then will be fine.

Using forums is another platform, Reddit and Quora can also boost your views. You can answer inquiries that are related to the topic of your video.

Always remember to think outside the box, and video is now an essential part of learning for other people.

Chapter #4: Optimize the Thumbnail

A thumbnail serves as an indicator that shows an aspiring viewer what is in your video. Your mission is to captivate the eyes of the audience with a fascinating bunch of images that will allure them to click. The images that will be shown is all about what the video is all about.

Optimize the Thumbnail

You have to realize what viewers wanted to watch and use it to your advantage through thumbnails. You should pick colors that stand out and gain attention. Also, consider the quality of the image as it will be seen at a smaller size. So it is important to have a high-quality image used as a thumbnail.

Don’t write your title on the thumbnail. Naturally, viewers already have seen the title, so it will only take up space on your thumbnail. Refrain from using more text in your thumbnails, unless it is necessary to do so.

Always put in mind that the video thumbnail is the first thing that pops up in the search engine results, which is why it is a crucial instrument in promoting your video. With a ton of results that can be viewed anytime, a thumbnail is a make or break factor in how you can get more YouTube views.

Chapter #5: Create your Playlist

Think of how you segregate and organize what can be clustered with one another. Isn’t pleasing to the eyes and makes it easy to find what you are looking for? Now create a playlist will not just be seen as an organization of videos but it can also help the viewer look for the one they need easily. It plays an important role in ranking up your videos. It is a way to make a person stay on the YouTube site for a long time.

Viral and Trending

Remember, the more the merrier, so rack up the volume of your videos so that the viewer will be engaged in your channel. That’s why it is crucial to have a playlist so that your channel would be visible to other viewers.

When you have a playlist, and a viewer watches your video, it will automatically play another video of yours after the end of the first video.

Giving your playlist a title that can urge people to click and watch your videos. It will also give viewers the information they needed about the videos.

Chapter #6: Using the End Screen and Video Cards

Have you ever noticed the little box popping up during or at the end of a video? The one that pops up during the video is the video cards and the one showing up at the end of the video is the end screen. 

How Custom Intent Audiences Can Boost YouTube Marketing

Using them is a good way to make a viewer more engaged in your videos. YouTube permits the usage of cards within 5 times and you can use it anytime in the video. But you have to take note that quality over quantity, you have to link websites that can be a big help. Place the cards at the point where you think it is a boring part of the video.

This would be a good ground for people who are just starting or continuing a business. You can use the cards to show the company logo or the company name, and you can even promote content the viewers can download if they wish to be a customer.

The end cards are usually being used at the end of the video, it is likely for what to watch next. You may utilize this as a way to put another video of yours for the viewer to stay on your channel.

Channel #7: Follow what is Viral and Trending

Utilize videos that became viral and trending at the time of its popularity. You know that a viral video gained a success to fame, you can use it to make a review and people will dig into it. Create a video about your take on a trendy video, and include what the title and what the content of your video is all about.

Viral and Trending

You can make videos about the upcoming popular events. Surely many people would like an inquiry of an upcoming event, this would give you a chance to gather more views. 

Having a different and funny approach to a Viral video is another effective way to gather views. Making a parody or creating a funny review out of a video has been proven effective to make a YouTube video engaging.

Always remember that to gain views, you need to create videos that will surely engage the viewers or potential subscribers. This is why many people are buying YouTube views, they can’t manage the process.

Chapter #8: Growing your own YouTube Community

Interaction with the viewers is an ingredient for maintaining old viewers and absorbing new ones. If you connect with the viewers or reply to their inquiries with a friendly tone, you can create a welcoming environment of your YouTube channel.


If your channel is well-known to be engaging, people may want to view your videos or even subscribe to your channel. You can have loyal supporters, which is a good thing. Because loyal supporters can promote your channel to other people and can cause a chain of reaction to other people, therefore increasing your views and maybe even your subscribers.

YouTube has a Community Tab that can make other content creators collaborate. A community also is where you can interact with your subscribers. It will be a big help as creating an atmosphere where you and your subscribers can communicate.


Now that you have new information on how to gather more views, make sure to use it efficiently and start to make progress on your YouTube channel. Results may come in gradually, but you will rack up the volume of viewers. 

All you need to do to reach that success is patience and perseverance. Good luck!

Pros & Cons of Buying YouTube Views

YouTube offers a good environment for anyone to start their business. View count on YouTube determines how many people have interacted with your content. Many entrepreneurs and musicians choose the video-sharing platform due to its popularity. The more views you have on YouTube, the more influential you appear. YouTube views grow according to how much people watch the content. For a starting business, gathering many views can be challenging. Thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, so a lot of hard work is required for your video to stand out. As a result, many people opt to buy views to speed up the process of people finding your content. If you are wondering about the effects of buying YouTube views, you have to the right place. The following are the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. 

Buying YouTube Views


Gaining social authority

In the current era of likes, comments, and views, the more views you have, the more influential you appear. It also becomes easier to watch what other people are watching. A video with thousands of views looks reputable, popular, and credible. People would like to watch content with a high number of views because they think you are a master in your field.

Gaining social authority

Content creators spend money in buying YouTube views because they are a symbol of social proof. Social proof dictates that people accept something because many others have accepted it. Viewers are more likely to interact with a channel having many views per video and many subscribers. If your goal is to gain social authority, then purchasing YouTube views offers a good start.

Improved search ranking

YouTube search engine algorithm prioritizes videos with many views in its search results. The more views a video has, the higher it will be ranked. It follows that more people will watch your videos, improving its ranking even further. An increased number of views has a direct financial benefit.

 Helps you to make money

Increased number of views means more money to the YouTube channel owner. Celebrities and other renowned people with millions of views per video make a lot of money through their YouTube channels. You can earn money through paid partnerships, being a product ambassador, or through AdWords.

Head start for new videos

When a YouTuber uploads a video, there is usually a period of waiting before the video can gain a sizeable number of views. This waiting duration can determine the success or failure of the uploaded content. Buying views comes to the rescue during this period unless the YouTuber is an influential person who gets thousands of views after uploading their videos. View velocity is a term used to describe the rate at which views accumulate in the first few days of posting a video. A higher view velocity results in improved video ranking. Buying YouTube views will, therefore, increase view velocity and improving video ranking.

 Views appear to be organic

If you buy views from a quality source, they will appear to be natural. Your viewers will not detect whether you bought them to boost your video. Additionally, you can buy other elements that signify engagement, such as likes and comments, to add value to the views.

 YouTube won’t remove good views

YouTube constantly checks whether views are legitimate. If you bought the views from a credible source, the search engine would not remove them. It is, therefore, vital to buy views from a reputable source.


Purchased views do not substitute real customers

When you buy views, the users making such views will not become real customers. Since purchased views are not customers, they can not buy your products or generate any direct income for you. The views only attract people to your content and help in growing its ranking and popularity. Overall sales will increase from real customers.

Attract Even More YouTube Views With These Optimization Tips

The practice of buying views proves to be a failure at times because you do not make new fans and customers. Bought viewers have an interest in your money and not how you will grow your brand. Therefore, if you decide to purchase views, ensure they only serve as an attraction to your target market.

Ad revenue suffers

Purchased views are different from organic ones. If you buy views, expect zero engagement. This affects the rate of revenue gathered from ads. If your goal is to make money through views, you should consider growing your channel to gather real views for every content you upload.

Perceived as unethical

Although it is hard to find out, people might not like it when they know you have bought views. In a world where people believe in hard work for success, it is controversial to buy views. To avoid the risk of detection, YouTube views should be bought from quality sources. 

Possibility of scam

YouTube views business has attracted a lot of people. With the increase in the number of entities selling the same, there is a high possibility of buying fake views. YouTube audits views frequently to determine their authenticity. If it is detected that your views are generated by bots, the video could be removed, or the views could be trimmed, leaving only the legitimate ones. Whichever the case, it is a loss to the YouTuber since he spends money to purchase the views.

Increased risk of penalty 

The habit of buying views increases the risk of getting penalized by YouTube. There are certain red flags that YouTube observes when penalizing you. For example, a video with thousands of views but few comments and likes indicates fake views. As a practice of integrity, Google and YouTube advocates for growing your channel and gaining real views for every video upload you make.

Difficult in analyzing view statistics

Purchased views make it difficult in determining the success of your channel. Although you can know the number of organic views you have to attain by subtracting the purchased ones from the total number, you can not determine when the real views came in from when the purchased ones came. It becomes more difficult when the views increase after the video gains popularity.