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5 Reasons Why Your YouTube Videos Aren’t Popular

YouTube is home to over 1 billion logged in users worldwide. If you’re wondering why your YouTube channel isn’t doing so well, it might be because of those staggering numbers.

YouTube is home to over 1 billion logged in users worldwide. If you’re wondering why your YouTube channel isn’t doing so well, it might be because of those staggering numbers.

The pressure to stand out on YouTube is fiercely high, especially if you’re just starting out. You’ll always find yourself competing against millions of other YouTubers who are probably 10 times better at doing what you do. To make matters worse, earning money from your videos has become a lot harder to do. YouTube recently rolled out tighter monetization guidelines that left many content creators angry. But it’s not the end of the world – or your YouTube career.

To help turn things around for you, we’ve listed down five probable reasons why your videos aren’t doing so well on YouTube and how you can fix them. Read on to find out how you can start paving a more successful path on the Tube below

You Don’t Have A Schedule

If you’re following any content creator on YouTube, you might’ve heard them ask you to hit the bell button right below the video so you get notified whenever they have a new upload. You see, YouTube implemented changes to their algorithm that prioritize highlighted or well-performing videos and channels over new uploads.

That means subscribers also need to click on the bell icon below your video to be notified whenever you upload fresh content. That’s an extra step that everyone is willing to take.

To help your subscribers get front row seats for your newly uploaded videos, you need to come up with a consistent schedule – and you need to stick to it. Having a regular upload schedule helps you stay on everyone’s radar, building your presence at a steady pace. You’re also giving all your subscribers a chance to catch your freshest uploads as soon as it drops – even without the help of the notification button.

Colourpop is a brand that knows how to work their YouTube channel to their branding advantage.

Image credit: Colourpop on YouTube

Aside from using their videos to increase brand awareness, Colourpop releases two to three videos a week, which is enough to help them build a presence while maintaining a level of relevance to beauty aficionados everywhere.

If you want to recreate Colourpop’s success on YouTube, you need to commit to a realistic schedule that your viewers can count on, day in and day out.

You Steal Other People’s Title & SEO Tags

If you want to succeed on YouTube, you need to start paying more attention to detail – that means putting a lot of thought into every little thing, including tags and titles.

Tags and titles have a lot to do with how your videos are found by viewers. Videos are ranked based on their relevance to a search inquiry. If you want your videos to appear on as much relevant search results as possible, you need to use the right keywords in the title and tag your content accordingly. Contrary to popular belief, crafting the perfect title has very little to do with witticism and a lot more to do with data.

If you want your videos to do well, you need to invest some time in researching the right keywords that are both high-performing and has low competition. The keywords you find will be useful for all your meta descriptions – from the title down to the tags. You can use a mix of both multi-word and single-word keywords to get maximum reach.

Once you have a good set of keywords to work with, it’s all about threading them together to come up with most relevant and coherent title possible.

You Don’t Invest in Social Proof

The harsh truth is, viewers are most likely to gravitate towards videos and channels with an impressive number of followers or views – that’s just the way it goes. If you want your channel to grow, you need to start investing in your reputation. But we all know growing an impressive social proof takes time.

One of the most efficient ways you can grow your social proof is by purchasing an impressive number of YouTube Views from a tried and tested provider. Buying a few thousand YouTube Views from a reputable provider will help you attract the right kind of attention from the right kind of viewers. Once people see how much views every single one of your videos receive, they’ll most likely gravitate to it and be less hesitant to watch.

Bought Views are not designed to replace organic traction – but they can give you the running start you need to attract subscribers. When buying views, make sure to do your research and find a provider that offers the highest quality social signals for your money. You also need to make sure the provider you’re going with offers transparent guarantees and warranties that protect you during the delivery process, from start to finish.

To help you along in growing your channel, we’ve conducted extensive reviews on some of the most popular providers out there. You can visit our website to find a provider for your marketing budget.

You Don’t Keep Up  With The Trends

The internet is where people get their dose of the hottest trends as soon as they happen. If you want your videos to be more popular, you shouldn’t hesitate to touch on trending topics on your channel. YouTube’s trending tab is where you can find some of the most popular videos from across the world, updated every 15 minutes. A quick glimpse of the trending tab should give you an idea of what your target audience wants to see.

Image credit: The Daily Dot

Not everyone makes it to the trending page but you’re increasing your video’s chances of reaching the right audience by keeping tabs on the latest trends.

You Don’t Listen To Your Audience

There are only a handful of people you should listen to as an up-and-comer in the Youtube game, and your audience is number one on that list. The advent of the internet and social media has made it so much easier for content creators like yourself to engage and communicate with a viewership.

YouTube alone has a robust community thriving in the comments section of every video. You should utilize the comment section to start a conversation with your viewers. You can even take the conversation up a notch by engaging through other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Back in 2016, YouTube launched a feature that allows content creators to embed a poll card in their videos. Poll cards are nifty tools to use to fine tune your current content and marketing strategy. To add poll cards to your videos, simply go to video manager and click on the tab that says cards. From there, just add a quick survey for your viewers to answer and choose the timestamp where you want the poll to appear.

Image credit: Social Media Examiner

Aside from boosting engagement, poll cards are also nifty tools that can help finetune your current strategy.

It’s Time To Revamp Your YouTube Channel

While there may not be a textbook way of making your videos more popular on YouTube, there are plenty of things you can do to increase viewership. Brands and content creators are always looking for ways to increase their reach and grow their following on YouTube, so there’s no harm in rethinking and revamping your current strategy now.

Developing a growth strategy for your YouTube channel doesn’t need to be time consuming and expensive. There are plenty of resources and tips out there on the internet, you just need to invest some energy in understanding them.

While you’re brewing a new strategy for your channel, consider purchasing an impressive number of YouTube views from a tried-and-tested provider. A few thousand YouTube Views can drastically improve your social proof and earn you the respect of your viewers.

If you want to take your YouTube channel to greater heights, start by engaging, impressing, and connecting with your audience – and growth will surely follow.


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