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Pros & Cons of Buying YouTube Views

Pros & Cons of Buying YouTube Views. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of buying YouTube views by reading this full guidelines.

YouTube offers a good environment for anyone to start their business. View count on YouTube determines how many people have interacted with your content. Many entrepreneurs and musicians choose the video-sharing platform due to its popularity. The more views you have on YouTube, the more influential you appear. YouTube views grow according to how much people watch the content. For a starting business, gathering many views can be challenging. Thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, so a lot of hard work is required for your video to stand out. As a result, many people opt to buy views to speed up the process of people finding your content. If you are wondering about the effects of buying YouTube views, you have to the right place. The following are the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. 

Buying YouTube Views


Gaining social authority

In the current era of likes, comments, and views, the more views you have, the more influential you appear. It also becomes easier to watch what other people are watching. A video with thousands of views looks reputable, popular, and credible. People would like to watch content with a high number of views because they think you are a master in your field.

Gaining social authority

Content creators spend money in buying YouTube views because they are a symbol of social proof. Social proof dictates that people accept something because many others have accepted it. Viewers are more likely to interact with a channel having many views per video and many subscribers. If your goal is to gain social authority, then purchasing YouTube views offers a good start.

Improved search ranking

YouTube search engine algorithm prioritizes videos with many views in its search results. The more views a video has, the higher it will be ranked. It follows that more people will watch your videos, improving its ranking even further. An increased number of views has a direct financial benefit.

 Helps you to make money

Increased number of views means more money to the YouTube channel owner. Celebrities and other renowned people with millions of views per video make a lot of money through their YouTube channels. You can earn money through paid partnerships, being a product ambassador, or through AdWords.

Head start for new videos

When a YouTuber uploads a video, there is usually a period of waiting before the video can gain a sizeable number of views. This waiting duration can determine the success or failure of the uploaded content. Buying views comes to the rescue during this period unless the YouTuber is an influential person who gets thousands of views after uploading their videos. View velocity is a term used to describe the rate at which views accumulate in the first few days of posting a video. A higher view velocity results in improved video ranking. Buying YouTube views will, therefore, increase view velocity and improving video ranking.

 Views appear to be organic

If you buy views from a quality source, they will appear to be natural. Your viewers will not detect whether you bought them to boost your video. Additionally, you can buy other elements that signify engagement, such as likes and comments, to add value to the views.

 YouTube won’t remove good views

YouTube constantly checks whether views are legitimate. If you bought the views from a credible source, the search engine would not remove them. It is, therefore, vital to buy views from a reputable source.


Purchased views do not substitute real customers

When you buy views, the users making such views will not become real customers. Since purchased views are not customers, they can not buy your products or generate any direct income for you. The views only attract people to your content and help in growing its ranking and popularity. Overall sales will increase from real customers.

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The practice of buying views proves to be a failure at times because you do not make new fans and customers. Bought viewers have an interest in your money and not how you will grow your brand. Therefore, if you decide to purchase views, ensure they only serve as an attraction to your target market.

Ad revenue suffers

Purchased views are different from organic ones. If you buy views, expect zero engagement. This affects the rate of revenue gathered from ads. If your goal is to make money through views, you should consider growing your channel to gather real views for every content you upload.

Perceived as unethical

Although it is hard to find out, people might not like it when they know you have bought views. In a world where people believe in hard work for success, it is controversial to buy views. To avoid the risk of detection, YouTube views should be bought from quality sources. 

Possibility of scam

YouTube views business has attracted a lot of people. With the increase in the number of entities selling the same, there is a high possibility of buying fake views. YouTube audits views frequently to determine their authenticity. If it is detected that your views are generated by bots, the video could be removed, or the views could be trimmed, leaving only the legitimate ones. Whichever the case, it is a loss to the YouTuber since he spends money to purchase the views.

Increased risk of penalty 

The habit of buying views increases the risk of getting penalized by YouTube. There are certain red flags that YouTube observes when penalizing you. For example, a video with thousands of views but few comments and likes indicates fake views. As a practice of integrity, Google and YouTube advocates for growing your channel and gaining real views for every video upload you make.

Difficult in analyzing view statistics

Purchased views make it difficult in determining the success of your channel. Although you can know the number of organic views you have to attain by subtracting the purchased ones from the total number, you can not determine when the real views came in from when the purchased ones came. It becomes more difficult when the views increase after the video gains popularity.


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