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The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

And if you think it does not work for you, well, there are these sites or applications that you should check out.

The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

We’re all a victim of low internet connections and poor streaming quality. And for us to continue a great time watching our favorite YouTube playlists and series most cheaply, the best way is to use a video downloader. With this tool’s use, you can be able to download a YouTube viewing video straight to your gadget.

The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

Of course, these all agree to copyright laws that apply and YouTube’s terms of service and any waivers directly from the downloaders. And to add, all these terms may include limitations for any offline usage.

But watching online or streaming is not for everyone. And if you think it does not work for you, well, there are these sites or applications you should check out. With this technology, you can view a YouTube video a million times just for the fun of it!

4k Video Downloader

There is no other video downloader that is as comprehensive or well-generated as 4k Video Downloader. Anyone can use the application because it already works by copying and pasting any URL in the specified field. It is fast and has an exceptional interface.

On the other hand, if you want to do more in your video, you can customize the application to use and preserve the video the way you want it. This includes any format you want, like MP3, save location, and video quality without ad popups’ annoyance. What’s more amazing is that it supports 3D or 360-degree videos, subtitles, and the capability to set up a proxy connection.

As long as you are not downloading more than 24 videos simultaneously, you can download an entire playlist using the application. While you can download the application for free, it is up to you to buy a key that can support lengthier playlists and features like captions.

The only downside for 4k Video Downloader is that you have to download the software to your device for you to use it. It is a big no for people who do not want to download applications. But as you go along the list, you will see our picks for those of you who favor web applications.

DVDVideoSoft’s Free YouTube Download

Many YouTube viewers don’t want to study a complex application for them to download their most-loved videos. That is why Free YouTube Download is perfect for them.

The application is easy to use. When you visit their site, it runs a GIF that shows point per point on how you can download your videos from YouTube in a snap. All you have to do is copy the URL, paste it, and click the Download button. In a more complex way, the application supports picking from several formats, converting any video files to a different format, and transfers your videos to your applications like iTunes.

The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

The catch for this application is that it is limited to playlists and a package of videos. This limits you to download a few videos at a time.

If you don’t want to set up a separate application or open a new site to convert from sites like YouTube, is the right one for you.

This straightforward web application can download videos you can find online. Its simple search bar allows you to browse for online videos or paste the URL of the video you want to download. Then pick the format you desire for your videos, convert it, and then download it to the device you are using. The application is fast and very efficient and will give you options to pick for the file size you prefer to manage your device’s storage.

Nonetheless, the application’s creation is only to download one video at a time, so it does not work when you try and download videos in batch.

WinX YouTube Downloader

Another high-end application that includes a lot of options in downloadable 4k is WinX. All you need to do is paste the URL of the video you want to download and, on its own, will detect the current resolution of your video, its format, and size. It will then give you swift options to match it to your desired specifications.

FLV and WebM are the available formats to choose from, and you can make a preview and take a snapshot for the video, too. The application has an extensive reach that can add up to 300 URLs in a single batch and even maximize the download speed if you find it necessary to change.

The only downside of WinX’s application is that it can’t handle 3D or 360-degree videos.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

The interface of iTubeGo is neat and user-friendly. It lets you download, save into your device, and manage or listen to any videos from more than ten thousand streaming sites online. While it gives its users a handful of specific customization options, the controls are simple and manageable. With the application, you can download playlists or channels from beginning to end in a click. It supports conversion for most of the video and audio formats.

iTubeGo supports ultra-fast downloads to a folder that you can choose if you don’t want to use the applications to play audios. The application’s multitasking and download control options allow you to control how fast you want your downloading videos to go and even choose what to download first.

The Ultimate Free YouTube Downloaders

Android is supported by iTubeGo, but there is still yet no availability for an iOS option. Though a MacOS download is already available for Apple users, it could lead to compatibility issues regarding its operating system.

YT Cutter

Another application that made our list is the YT Cutter. It offers downloads, though it operates differently. Instead of downloading entire videos, you can trim down the parts you need. After pasting the URL, it lets you choose the start and end times of the videos or record it manually. Then it lets you preview it and download it with no hassle. 

YT Cutter’s export options are the most typical ones, from audio to video file formats. If you are creative, you can save screenshots and GIFs, too.


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