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A Timeline of Attempts to Cancel Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

Now, the mega personality, and the millionaire makeup creator are being hit with a storm of accountability.

A Timeline of Attempts to Cancel Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

People of social media have always been waiting for Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s actions to catch up with the both of them. Of course, the “what goes around, comes around” saying is something that a lot of people believe in. However, after many years of sporadic revolutions against violent slurs, blackface controversies, and pedophilia jokes– which are only a few of their indiscretions–it seems as if no meaningful resolution would be made. Instead, what people get are just white tears and an entire playlist of apology videos on YouTube.

Whenever the pair would cry in front of the camera and upload an apology video on YouTube, their millions of fans would not think twice to forget them. It also seems as if they expect others, especially those affected by the pair’s indiscretions, to forget. It almost feels like “canceling” those people who have fame and power is impossible. 

The two dramageddons have dodged more than six years of backlash. But now,  the mega personality, the millionaire makeup creator, and the creation of the genre that we can call “drama channel” are being hit with a storm of accountability. For instance, the famous beauty brand Morphe announced on June 30 that it would stop selling Shane Dawson and Jeffree Stars viral 2019 makeup collaboration. After beauty influencers, including Jackie Aina, have cut ties with the said makeup company, it decided to drop Jeffree Star Cosmetics in entirety.

Now, here is a timeline of all the drama and some cancellations that it took to hold the two accountable.

A Timeline of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Cancellation


The early YouTube has witnessed Shane Dawson being regarded as the king of edgy comedy. Back in 2018, he would post sketches with an eclectic cast of stereotypes that he all play. He has also impersonated celebrities, as well as make fun of popular culture. This caused him to amass more than one billion views in 2010

Dawson’s YouTube content revolved around appropriation, blackface skits, and offensive remarks. In 2014, the community, led by YouTuber and comedian Franchesca Ramsey, tried to hold him accountable. They called Dawson out for his videos, where he paints himself darker to portray individuals like Chris Brown and Wendy Williams. He also uses stereotypes to portray people of color. Ramsey called him out for his jokes about rape, child abuse, molestation, domestic abuse, and other harmful jokes.

However, Dawson initially mocked her and called her an “epitome of a hater.” His fans also threw racial slurs and threats against her. 

Weeks after, Dawson published an apology video, saying that he used blackface to keep his characters’ integrity. He even added that he was “ignorant,” but not a racist. Yet, he did not address any of the accusations, something Ramsey found unacceptable. 

A Timeline of Attempts to Cancel Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

Dawson got to move on while Ramsey continued to be harassed. She even made a video about her experience titled “Here’s Why Racism’s Not ‘Just Comedy.’” After that, she took a break from YouTube.


Kat Von D, a tattoo artist and makeup brand owner, called out her ex-friend Jeffree Star in 2016. This was due to Star’s inappropriate behavior while feuding over a friend who Von D claimed that Star never paid for their work. 

Star started his social media brand in the early 2000s on MySpace. There, he promoted his fashion designs and music. He was also known for being controversial. Star’s music led him to Warped Tour, as well as a Nicki Minaj feature on his 2009 debut album. However, he left the music industry in 2013 and decided to become a full-time beauty guru. 

He and Von D went back and forth, with Star claiming that the latter was jealous of his success. 

Meanwhile, people dug deeper into more than just the beauty guru’s inappropriate behavior. From approximately 2004 to 2006, Star chased women down the street ad calling them the N-word. In the same video, he was seen randomly cursing women out. 

A skit in 2006 revealed Star’s racist behavior. In the video, he joked about using battery acid to make a woman’s skin lighter. He also used derogatory terms, including the N-word in his music, and referred to a Black person as an ape. He even made offensive comments about Mexicans. Also, he consistently uses the word “rat” to describe Black women.


Jackie Aina, a YouTuber, publicly denounced Star in June 2016. Aina created an anti-haul video for his makeup brand. The video also intends to reveal the way Star attacked Mitchell as well as his previous racism. 

Star responded to the video by calling Aina an irrelevant rat. He also attempted to reveal her financial troubles. However, people are starting to see that he was a racist.

After four days, Star apologized in a video titled “RACISM.” In the video, he claimed that he does not know why he said those things. Yet, he had excuses ready to go. According to him, he does not know who that person was. He claimed that the person who said those racist remarks was depressed and angry with the world. 

Nevertheless, Star did not take responsibility to offer amends.


Both Dawson and Star attempted to pivot their images in a docuseries that began on August 1. In the video, he claimed that there are many versions of what happened why he stopped being friends with Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Laura Lee, and Gabriel Zamora. However, none of those versions were true. 

A Timeline of Attempts to Cancel Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

However, he was canceled by his former friends. Zamora tweeted a photo of him and the other aforementioned influencers. In the caption, he said that Star was bitter because they were doing better without him. In a sub-tweet where he pertained to Star’s supporters, he said, ‘’Imagine standing a racist.” Ha also added that Star would constantly say racist remarks about Black people every time he was around. 


On April  28, Star was featured on the Mom’s Basement podcast. He claimed that he has a voice note sent by Jame Charles’s alleged victims. However, he cannot release that due to legal issues.

But Kameron Lester, Star’s former friend, shared his experience about working with him and Dawson. He claimed that the two manipulated and used him as a “token Black kid.” He also said that he heard Dawson cursing Charles on FaceTime. 

Star denied the allegations and claimed that Lester was hysterical because his boyfriend left him. However, that did not go well because Star also broke up with his long-time boyfriend earlier this year. His vicious reaction also leads to more rumors that he was more involved than he was letting on.


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