Were 1930s Films different from YouTube Today?

One thing that remains constant is change. It is evident that everything changes over time, whether noticeable or not. Human beings have perfected the art of development, of course, with the help of machines, so much that things could change overnight. Let us call it transformation. If there is one niche field that has experienced the power of change, it is the film industry. Actors and actresses, producers, managers, and the way they do their thing has had one major time shift that we may not even begin to compare the past and the present in this noble industry.

Think of 1930, and think of what it meant to be a film star then. Think of how the stars then, were treated with extremely high levels of respect and adoration, and how they live on even after years of reigning in the industry. At this point, we want to blame it all on technology, because it is around it that everything is revolved.


The stardom in the film industry was perfect in the past years, built on firm stands and morals, which were paramount in maintaining the public image and status of a star. Back then, things were real and genuine, natural to the core, with the beauty beheld by every onlooker. If you want to feel the point, please watch a movie or two from the Barbara Stanwyck collections; it is all locked away there.

Manual versus Technology

We do not want to make the 1930s stardom seem backward. That is why we are calling it natural and authentic. There were no exaggerations in make-up, dressing, accent, or even presentation. Everything was beautifully exotic. Some movies still carry this mantle by producing films that feature the past times and everything’ and oh, they are catchy.

Then there came the age of change, progress, growth, and technology. Influenced by technology in all its aspects; acting, producing, and even presentation. This is the age that is propelled by machines that have been sophisticated overtime to perfect everything that goes through them. And this is the age we are watching in today’s films across the world. This is the age that makes the past of the film industry to look so cliché, manual, and backward. But wait; is that even the case really?

You will be surprised at how much you do not know about today’s film industry. It has become so crowded with stars, some of whom are born overnight and some who do not even need to go to acting schools. Some are becoming stars because of their families and backgrounds, and some are becoming celebrities because of their looks!

Do you want to know how it all happens? Here comes. We are living in a world that is ruled by social media. Over the recent past, numerous social media platforms have been created and modified to offer nothing but the best. However, the ‘best’ aspect is what brings around some controversial approaches. Look at Instagram, for example. If you can have more than five million followers, millions of likes, and comments to your posts, you are already a celebrity. And the film industry does not waste time in trying to win over social media celebrities to their shows because then, they come in with their followers and end up promoting their content and driving traffic to them. With or without substance, if you have social media dominance, you can become a star today.

Take an example of the famous ‘Next Level’ movie, one of today’s representations of the film industry that is trending for all the wrong reasons. The movie is made of young actors and actresses, most of whom were celebrities even before the movie. They pride in their millions of followers on social media platforms, and the young generation is taking after them already; admiring them and making them their mentors and stars.

One of the famous movie critics was recently quoted to be criticizing today’s film stars and generation in general. He recalled having his kids reeling off social media and Youtube celebrity names, some of which he had never heard before, while he and his wife sang along with names of famous athletes and artists! That is how far we are with the difference between the 1930s film industry and today’s social media celebrities’ craze.

Please Note: Today’s film industry is not only full of terrible actors and actresses; it is also producing movies and films that are not interesting in the right ways. Technology has taken over, and now the stars are born and are as modern as they come. If you have a great body, you can become a film star overnight because people will follow you around for the looks; even when you have no content and extremely poor acting skills! How well do we even expect to look when we are having the film industry producing movies for the wrong reasons and with the wrong people?

The diva mentality is slowly killing our film industry. All our actors and actresses are now acting to be seen and be given the stardom gazes as they cruise around town. The exaggerations have gone overboard, and they are not coming down anytime soon, because that is what the acting is based on. Movies are now dull and non-reflective of our heritage. The past actors and actresses cannot be traced in these new batch of stars. In short, the authenticity and originality of the film industry have gone south already.

What should be done, you ask? Well, that is a long call to make. But it has to begin with the basics. Let us stop idolizing the Youtube actors and actresses because of their looks or their backgrounds. If we embrace positive criticism, the producers and managers just might up their game. If we stop watching mediocre movies and stick to watching movies that are typical of stardom in all the genuine ways, maybe the cry will be heard. But that is really a big MAYBE; the love for stardom and social media celebrities has sunk deep in our hearts that we may be too blind to tell good and ‘pimped’ apart.


Youtube is a worldwide platform for videos concerning anything you would want to know. It is now the search engine next to Google. Nowadays, you can earn money by producing and posting videos on YouTube, but it would be a challenge for you to gain views as numerous people do the same. 

You need to have 1000 subscribers and a total of 4000 hours of videos watched within one year, for you to be able to earn money using YouTube.


To gain more views, your content alone is not enough, you should think of other methods to achieve your goal. And, that is what we will talk about. We have a total of 14 ways on how to get more views. Let’s get started!

1. Usage of Intro And Outro videos

What is an Intro and Outro video? Intro video is a 10second clip that runs at the start of the video. It should showcase what is the video all about. While the Outro video is a clip at the end of your video which you use to request likes and subscriptions from your audience.

Having both as part of your video will greatly boost potential viewers or even subscribers.

2. Making a Good Video Title

Always make your title “Catchy” to gain the attention of viewers, it is essential to have a good title. You need to utilize keywords and include them in your title, in that way, it will rank up your video to make your video more searchable.

Be mindful to consider these tips for creating a good title:

  • Use Keywords
  • Make it Straight to the point
  • Make it alluring
  • Provide the current year of the video
  • Using Case
  • Utilize Power Words such as Smart, Best
  • Use Emotional Words such as Lovely, Sensual

3. Video Tagging

Video Tags are the next essential thing in a video. The purpose of these tags is to be able to make your video be searched in the first 50 searches on YouTube.

When making tags, you may take advantage of using the maximum amount of 500 keywords in a video. If you can exercise on putting even 5 to 10 keywords, it would help your video to be seen frequently.

These aware of these tips for video tags:

  • Use of Main Keywords
  • Use Various Keywords
  • Use Unique Keywords
  • Use tags applied in other high-ranked videos
  • Always put your brand name in all of your videos

4. Interview Influencers In Your Niche

Making an interview with a famous personality that is related to your niche will boost your views remarkably. It is beneficial for you and a great way to promote your channel. 

5. Providing a series of Good Thumbnail

In the form of the videos presented by YouTube, the thumbnail is the most essential part. It is what a potential viewer looks to find what is in the video.

Here is what you need to know when choosing a thumbnail:

  • Choose a picture with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • The picture needs to be under 2 MB
  • Use the format of JPG, GIF, BMP and or, PNG
  • Consider an aspect ratio of 16:9

6. Using Call To Action

Call to Action is when you request the viewers to like or subscribe to your channel and even share your video for those who they think needs it.

It is an effective way to increase potential followers on social media.

7. Creating a Playlist

Creating numerous playlists and putting your videos on other various playlists will dramatically enhance your views. 

These tips would help you with creating a playlist:

  • Make a creative title of the playlist
  • Make an elaborate description and input keywords
  • Upload identical videos in one playlist
  • Put a video under many playlists

8. Get your Channel Featured

This method may bring home the bacon for increasing the viewers and subscribers. 

With this method, you need to have a contact or you may contact a celebrity or a famous YouTuber and make them place the link of your channel under the featured channel. This would surely make your potential viewers and subscribers skyrocket.

To achieve this, you can either ask a friend or pay an amount for the famous YouTuber. Keep in mind that the person you are aiming needs to have the same niche as you are because it would be advantageous.

9. Collaboration with Other YouTubers

It is a smart move to team up with other YouTubers, you may combine each of your viewers to have potential viewers. This is a favorable situation for both of you.

10. Using Google AdWords

This is a paid platform but it grants more views for you. If you are going to use this method, make sure that the content and quality of your videos are very informative and pleasing.

11. Create a YouTube Community

This is an easy step to also garner views for your videos. All you need to do is to locate and click the +icon to create a post on the YouTube Web or App.

After that, type the message you want to convey and link your video that you want to be promoted. Adding images or polls would make the community more lively. The community may also leave a like or post a comment which can help bigtime for communication between you and your audience.

12. Learning from YouTube’s Creator Academy

YouTube is not all about uploading videos, there are more than meets the eye. You may want to learn what can you do more on YouTube.

By using YouTube’s Creator Academy, you may learn new techniques and hacks to be savvier using YouTube.

13. Utilize Social Media Channels

Make sure to promote your channel and video to Social Media Platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

In this way, you have a better opportunity in sharing your videos and gaining more audiences outside of YouTube. Share your videos frequently. 

You can also use “Hashtags” so that it may add chances in making your video be discovered.

14. Blog about your YouTube Channel

Do not forget to make a blog about your YouTube videos. With this, you can earn money both ways, through blogging and vlogging.

 I hope this can help you achieve your goals as a YouTuber. There are certain ways to promote your videos on YouTube, these are only some of the techniques you may use to help you gather more views.

Best ways to optimize video for YouTube search

A YouTube channel serves as a platform to present video(s) to a wide range of people. Presently, there are over 800 million YouTube users and 4 billion videos available on this platform. This is the second-largest search engine in the world, only behind Google. Your success on YouTube depends on the number of views and subscribers recorded.

Most YouTube users struggle to remember the name of a channel. Once they land on YouTube, the first place they visit is the search bar. This is an easy way for users to get what they want by simply typing in a keyword.

This technique makes YouTube a whole lot similar to Google, where pages are ranked based on SEO, among other factors. To improve visibility on YouTube, you actually have to take a leaf from the Google algorithm. Because the truth is, people will easily find you through the search bar than getting an invite to your channel.

Best ways to optimize video for YouTube search

To ensure your page appears higher up on YouTube search results, here are Tips to help you out.

Optimize Your Meta-data with Keywords

Meta-data is a piece of information about a video that gives users more information about what the video is all about. On YouTube, the Meta-data is a combination of title, description, and video tags.

You are optimizing each session that makes up the Meta-data will improve your ranking on search results. Even if you end up featuring high on search results, the quality of your content will decide the reaction of your audience to your video. If you give your audience what they want, they will have no choice but to subscribe to your channel.

However, if your video sucks, even with a well-optimized Meta-data, it’s going to be hard to attain a certain level of visibility. For a moderately optimized Meta-data, you will want to feature the primary keyword in the tag, description, and title.

Since the description gives room for paragraphs and long sentences, the keyword may appear 2-3 times while it can feature once on the tag and title.

The description is the part that provides lengthy information about the video. Nonetheless, a well-written description doesn’t depend on the length of the text, but how much information is contained in it. One thing most YouTube users do is to include the same keyword used in the title in the description.

A description may also contain URL to your website or a specific page on your website where users can find the information contained in the video in text.

Add an Engaging Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the image searchers will see before the video is played. The thumbnail is like a background image for the video. Once it’s clicked on, the video automatically starts playing.

 Given the circumstances surrounding the thumbnail, you want to treat it like a book cover. It has to be intriguing, visually appealing and persuading. A new thumbnail lures viewers to click and can have a massive impact on the number of clicks and views generated. This makes your thumbnail even more critical than the title because it determines whether an individual will click or not.

Thumbnails with human images tend to receive higher plays rates than thumbnails with logos or objects. However, ensure the image you choose as your thumbnail relates to the information conveyed in the video.

For instance, Your Video can’t be about “digital marketing,” and your thumbnail is an image of a movie star. This will obviously lead viewers into thinking they’re on the wrong page.

Add End-screen To Your Videos

Adding End-screen actually comes with detailed instructions that explain why the majority of users ignore this feature. Before adding an End-screen, you should know that YouTube is quite strict on End-screen. Every End-screen is reviewed in a bid to improve users’ experience. Hence, an End-screen designed by you may never appear on your video.

These rules may seem complicated, but the End-screen gives you an edge over competitors. It’s a smart way to include keywords that invariably increases your ranking. If you’re lucky enough and your End-screen actually appears, your chances of appearing higher up on search results increases.

If the process for adding Endscreen seems a bit complex, you can use cards as an alternative. Cards are easy to use and can appear at any point in your video. Apart from improving your SEO, it also drives engagement, making your video more interactive. In some cases, cards can contain links to your website or convey meaningful information to your audience.

 YouTube Videos on Your Page

You can’t solely rely on YouTube if you want to improve visibility. Adding YouTube videos of your website page can also generate a substantial amount of viewers provided your website traffic is decent. This can only be achieved with good SEO.

In a scenario where your page is not optimized correctly, search engines won’t even bother going through your page. Hence, if your video ranking is weak, it could be because your page is poor. Thus, your page should be well optimized to ensure you’re videos equally ranked.

Even though it could be challenging to rank all your pages organically if you continue to push out high-quality content, the SEO of your page will also improve and so will the ranking. When embedding YouTube videos on your page, ensure the video stays relevant to the page it’s attached to.

Ensure the Video You Want To Rank Id First On Your Page

Google indexes one video at a time. Search engine crawlers stop crawling on a page after picking up the first video. Hence, multiple video pages aren’t actually a good idea. If you’re trying to rank one video, ensure the video is at the top of your page.


These optimization tricks are the difference between having a thousand or hundred likes on your page. If well optimized, your page ranking will significantly improve within a short period. Ask any Youtuber with over 1 million likes, and they will tell you that the secret to pulling in those figures actually lies in optimization.

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Subscribers on YouTube

It is no news the number of subscribers you have can go a long way in influencing your business growth. It is similar to the way you have followers on other social media platform that allows you to gain the heart of your audience quickly. Let come to the YouTube channel; there are ways to know how your content is doing. If they are converting to the right audience or you are just wasting those efforts of yours. YouTube can be leveraged to track how your viewers are doing with your video content if they are subscribing to it or otherwise. We can relate this to Twitter, such that your followers can influence how your profiles’ growth and success will be. At times, you could assume why those efforts of yours to produce quality video contents are not yielding satisfactory results. Even when you put in those long hours of work to it and upload them to YouTube, are you attracting tons of viewers that are yet subscribing to your YouTube channel? Stay calm, this article is written for you. Here are five keys factors no one is subscribing to your YouTube page.

Free YouTube Subscribers- 7 Alternative Methods

1. Asking Viewers to Subscribe

Starting with the most important one that most people don’t take seriously; the truth is that if you crave for viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, it is essentially most of the time to ask them for it. Ask it shall be given unto you. Most viewers don’t even know if they should subscribe if they are told to do so. The best thing to do is to have a part of your content that you should pitch straight to anyone viewing your video and ask them to subscribe. “Hello! Please hit the subscribe button!” You can as well inform them of your audience to subscribe to Annotations. It allows adding text to your content and also telling the viewers never to subscribe. It’ll provide the links within the video whereby your viewers could be clicking to make subscribing easier to your YouTube channel. You can remind your audience to subscribe to the video narrative.

2. Your Viewers Engagement Is Not Good Enough

Look very carefully; the highly subscribed YouTube pages are the ones having that significant human interaction that people love. Like the names of MysteryGuitarMan, Ryan Higa, or Ray William Johnson, etc. People like these always engage and influence viewers. It does not limit to YouTube views alone, but they possess the human interaction frequently most people crave for. For instance, some of these names have weekly contents for proper communication with the audience. Not only that, after the session, they’ll put out the best answers of their last weeks’ episode for new content in the subsequent week, giving viewers the best of engagements they need. When doing this, it provides your audience a feeling of commitments they couldn’t have gotten elsewhere and as such, most likely to subscribe to your page for more interaction of such.

The number of newly uploaded videos isn’t what they have come to your page to see; instead, they came to seek value. When your targeted audience hit the sign up button to see your contents; they’re more interested in seeing or detailed video that is different from others. Your viewers could have seen how cool your channel is due to the fact of what they came across on a particular video of yours or a series of video topics solving their needs.

3. Your Direction Channel Lacks

Today you are putting contents of your pets, and tomorrow you are talking about entirely different niche topics on Donald Trump politics, and another day you are uploading videos of you chilling in a club. That’s awry. The truth is viewers want solution provider, and as such, they go for those they perceive to be an authority in their niche. The best way to stand out and engage many viewers is to be specific on one slot. Most viewers will subscribe because they feel like to keep seeing your new videos immediately you upload them, and they don’t want to miss any new video of yours because it is explicit.

4. You Lack Good Publicity

Many at times, in a bid of having subscribers to your page, you have to keep promoting your page and keep doing that in every avenue you find yourself. For instance, If you are on Instagram or Twitter, it is better to help your content now and then in your timeline videos than you need for proper visibility. Most Instagram and Twitter followers are similar fans as your subscribers on YouTube but just on another social platform. All those fans you’ve seen have the possibility of driving your content via promoting them in their social media networks that gives you new subscribers entirely.

5. Effective Collaboration

Every successful YouTube expert has been saying that the most comfortable means of growing your potential subscribers will be through effective collaboration. It happens like this, each time you work in partnership with fellow YouTube creators that do similar things as yours, you would be gaining contact with already fan base, and the same as them too earning into your fan base. It is a win-win for both parties. When you have such means to collaborate with others who have more fans compare to you in your niche—collaborate with them. Who knows you may be getting the best organic traffic by engaging with other YouTube influencers.

Final Thoughts                    

To achieve more on the number of subscribers, when you feel you have done making all of the itemized lists and no result is forthcoming, then you should check on how you are doing them. Ask questions from others that are successful in what you’re doing if you are doing something different from them. Ask for feedback from your viewers for improvement.

7 Different Ways to Promote Your Youtube Channel

Nowadays, technology is at the peak of advancement. We can now message, share, upload, download and watch everywhere we can go in just a click of the mouse or tap on the phone. 


This tech-savvy generation uses YouTube as a means of entertainment by watching videos that are uploaded there. YouTube has also become the platform of people who aspires to make their videos viral or at least accumulate a sufficient number of views. However, with a swarm of videos (approximately 300 hours worth of videos uploaded every minute) uploaded every day, there is a slim chance that someone will watch every single uploaded video.

The questions are — Do you want your video to go viral? Do you want to have several subscribers? Are you planning on having a big number of views in every video you upload? How can you ever make your channel known and be heard in the world of YouTube?

This article will enumerate 7 tried and tested ways on how you can promote your YouTube channel and gain more views in 2019.

Post in Facebook Groups to Make Your YouTube Channel Known

Currently, Facebook is one of the most influential social media and we’re confident it won’t lose its popularity any time soon. With over 2 billion internationally active accounts that visit daily, it can easily boost views on videos uploaded and shared. 

You can collaborate with Facebook and YouTube to further reach out to your market and promote your YouTube Channel. Facebook groups are one of the most efficient ways to boost your videos as it will widen your audience. It can cause a domino effect wherein one person can even share it with other groups for it to spread widely. Just make sure it’s worth sharing!

Use Twitter “#Hashtags” to Gather Like-Minded People

Twitter is also one of the famous social media sites that has a definite 336 million users and still counting. As also one of the most-used social media platforms, you could take advantage of its popularity to promote your Youtube channel and subscribers.

For beginners, you may need to follow every relevant user (the people who have the same interest and content as you have) based on the hashtags they use. It is essential to make connections with significant people. In that way, you can gain their attention which is essential for your desired success.

In Twitter, hashtags matter the most on this platform. A hashtag can make your post more enticing and can persuade any curious human being. You may use this “hashtag” as a way to convince people that you have a common interest which can result in them being your audience and eventually possible subscribers.

Upload in Reddit Communities and Spark Their Interest

Another platform that you can utilize in promoting and boosting your YouTube channel and views is Reddit. Reddit has accumulated a huge amount of members over the years. This social media platform may also be an instrument to promote your YouTube channel as it houses several diverse groups of subreddits and forums focusing on the likes of TV shows, music, games, etc.


You may succeed in using Reddit as a platform when you stay on relevant pages. Hover through and scrutinize the specific subreddits relation to your niche then post your videos as participation in the Reddit community. All you need to have is patience, focus, and trust in your own video!

Post in Tumblr for YouTube Channel Marketing

Tumblr does not make as much noise as its other social media counterparts but it has a massive user count nevertheless. Take advantage of the numerous users in Tumblr and take a chance on this underrated platform.


It features a re-blogging and tagging system. Re-blogging promotes a continuous spread of videos that has the possibility of being viral. The tagging system is utilized by “vloggers” or video bloggers to enhance their chances of attracting the right audience.

Invite Family and Friends in Promoting Your Channel

You don’t even have to look any further to promote your YouTube Channel. Your greatest support system may come from your inner circle. People near you can willingly promote your channel (for free!). Your family, friends, and even your colleagues can endorse you on their personal accounts.

In today’s digital generation, almost all of the people around you have some type of connection with you online. This technique is the easiest because you can send the videos directly to them via social media or whatever online platforms they are involved in.

Having them promote your vids can cause a chain reaction that can gain the attention of their other friends when they watch, share, and comment on the video or even when it pops up on their feed by liking it. It would encourage other people to do the same.

Send Out Promotional Emails to an Email List for Your YouTube Channel

Another effective way to promote your YouTube Channel is by building an email list for email marketing. Email marketing is done by sending notifications to your audience via email.


Maximize your range of audiences by finding ways to gather their email addresses. Better yet have a loyal subscriber list and send messages every time you upload a new video. Think of this as an advertisement that you share on various platforms. Even if they aren’t using YouTube as of the moment, it will allure them to open the app and visit your video. Have a persuasive and attention-catching email template and subject header ready to send. 

Upload Snippets of Your Video on Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine

“Short but sweet” is the way to go. Pick a remarkable bit in your video and post it on the platform that uses short-video posts. It may attract curious audiences that might lead to them watching the whole thing! Consider it as a sort of a teaser which is always a certainly great way to promote your video and your YouTube Channel.


Think creatively and critically on what can activate the curiosity of your viewers in the first few seconds of the clip. Give them info at the end of the short video that will lead them to check the link to your YouTube Channel.

Things to Remember When Promoting Your YouTube Channel

First thing’s first, find a topic that will best suit your niche. It must be something you are knowledgeable about, passionate about and joyful about creating.  

Next, create a high-quality video and maximize its accessibility to search engines like SEO promotions.

Lastly, you can start your journey on promoting your videos and YouTube Channel using the various and effective ways we’ve mentioned on any platform you desire.

Keep in mind that the interest of the audience is your utmost priority. See your videos in the eyes of your target market. These are some of the ways that do not require you to dole out any money. Should you choose to go for ways that involve money, it is your call so by all means, go for it! Do what you think is best to promote your videos. The success of your channel will always lie in your hands. Make the best decisions coupled with a lot of patience and hard work, and you are sure to soar.

Awesome Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is such a large online video platform where 300 hours of videos are uploaded every single minute. Consequently, there are thousands of videos for people to watch on any desired topic. You can always buy YouTube views as a backup plan if you have the cash. There are too many videos to watch on YouTube as thousands of people join the YouTube industry seeking to be relevant. The effect of this is that only a few of these YouTuber’s videos garner small views. 

Awesome Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free

No content is peculiar to people anymore. No content creator on YouTube has the exclusive right to demand views as people have too many an option to select. Hence, to stand out from other YouTubers and gain views, you need to make sure your videos amass views. The reason for the workability of this strategy is that people gravitate towards YouTube channels that have lots of views (social proof bias). 

Thus, the question you should ask yourself as a YouTuber is this: “How do I make my prospective audience find me?” If you find yourself deliberating on this question, you’re one step away from having more subscribers on your channel and garnering lots of views. 

One of the ways to make your prospective subscribers find is by ensuring that they watch your videos. Your videos act as part of the conversion funnel for them. Thus, asides content creation, you should spend time promoting your videos- A LOT, like a real lot. There are fantastic ways to promote your YouTube videos for free! You might find it hard to believe, but, there are free ways to promote your YouTube videos. The best part re these methods is that they make you drive fantastic traffic to your channel. Here are some of these ways are treated in this post:

  1. Optimize your YouTube channel

Websites and blogs are not the only things that require optimization. If you want your YouTube videos to get across your target audience quickly, you should optimize your channel. Do not be scared. YouTube optimization is not as tricky as regular SEO. It is highly simplistic that a non-tech guy can go about it. 

In similitude to Google search, YouTube is a search engine that has algorithms that control video rankings.

Optimization of your YouTube channel comes at no cost at all. If you are serious about making your videos’ promotion effective, leverage the potentials of YouTube optimization. This optimization process is the first step that you should take before sending your videos out for promotion. 

Some of the ranking factors pertinent to the optimization of your channel are not known. However, tests conducted by search engine experts in the past reveal some of these factors. These factors include:

  • Title tags
  • Video duration
  • Count of subscribers earned after each video view
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Description tags
  • Audience loyalty
  • Comments 

The strategies necessary for thorough and effective YouTube channel optimization include:

  • Conduct keyword research. Asides showing on YouTube page, YouTube videos are similarly shown on Google search results. The latter is more significant than the latter. Keyword research is either free or paid.
  • Nevertheless, there is a high possibility of effectiveness under the free version of keyword research. For instance, use YouTube search suggestions to figure ideal keywords for your videos. Also, use free versions such as Moz keyword tool or keyword tool. 
  • Create transcripts for your videos. Although the norm is that videos are done naturally, if you want better optimization of your channel; you should have scripts for your videos. These scripts are the ideal transcripts for your videos. Ideally, a transcript implements the natural flow of keywords. 
  • Provide a video description. If you want your videos highly ranked over the rest, make sure that your video descriptions are longer than the average video description. The practical word-count limit is 250 words. Don’t make the mistake of trying to market your products in your video’s description, instead of including 3-4 primary keywords with LSI keywords, making it as natural as possible. 
  • Include an interesting title. Titles for your videos should be short (between the range of ten words and not more than 60 characters) and compelling. 

Always perform SEO for your videos. SEO is the first factor YouTube considers before even ranking your videos at all. 

  1. Harmonize your blog/website with your YouTube channel

Another way to promote your video at a free amount is by using your resources. Resources imply your website or blog. As a website or blog owner, your YouTube channel should integrate with either of them. One of the motives behind this strategy is that you easily embed videos with your content nowadays. Hence, you can easily use your blog to drive traffic to your website. 

Unlike videos, blog contents permit the more in-depth details of the YouTube video topics. The text context of blog content allows Google to allow them better. 

If you’re skeptical about this method, try out the simple process of merely uploading your video contents on a segment of the blog. Avoid duplicity of contents (which will negatively influence your SEO). Use social media to drive your subscribers to both your YouTube channel and blog, simultaneously. This process is not only cheap but quick and reliable. 

  1. Brand your YouTube Channel

Branding is a method that has a great influence on influencing your videos’ promotion. Although branding is not visible to the average person, you feel its results. If you want your videos to freely promoted, one of the best things to do is to brand your YouTube channel in the desired light. Some of the best ways to brand your YouTube channel include:

  • Film a killer intro video. The best way to brand your channel all lies in the introduction. Create a 3-5 seconds video that makes your viewers familiar with you.  Your intro video should be short and showcase your brand in a positive light. When you make an intro video, you connect with people on a deeper level. This connection lets you establish the perception that your brand is an awesome one. 
  • Have a thumbnail in your videos.
  • Create a logo for your channel

These strategies discussed are simple but awesomely effective ways to optimize your channel. They are free of charge. Again, these steps are not hard. They directly involving optimizing your channel, incorporate your blog with your channel, and branding your channel.

How to Upload Video on YouTube

It is interesting when you have your YouTube video out there for your audience engagements. But it’s annoying when your efforts aren’t paying off as expected. Hence, you need the help of YouTube videos inputting your act together and thought out there for your subscribers. YouTube videos will help give your subscribers the best results as required. Here are simple ways to upload YouTube videos;

How to Upload Video on YouTube

Using a Mobile Device

1. Create a Video Content of Your Concepts & Ideas

 People have made tons of dollars by using video ads of YouTube that has once gone viral, and on the looking at the result will look awry. For a video to look great, it should appeal to your audience. Hence, when you’re uploading an excellent video that’s yet to give a return on your efforts, it is essential when you put up a well to do information that surely resonates with your audience. This is a kind of video to upload when doing you’re considering one

Product Descriptions– You may need to curate marketing techniques videos that would give your audience some tips on how they would pick the best product out of many others, or a kind description video that is showing instruction of “how to.”

Educating Videos— Just come up with tutorials of your audience can learn new things about your product or other stuff generally videos, you can also use the session to showcase the unique skill of your industry because you’re an expert in your industry.

2. Open your video. 

After having good video content with your mobile device, you go to sharing settings, make use of the video player to locate your YouTube video you’d like to post. You have two options here; you can either post your video directly you record it or post the video that’s on your phone already.

After uploading the video, kindly press the “Share” option.

The share option can be found in various places; it depends on the kind of phone that you’re using for such upload: 

With Android devices, it’s pretty easy because the share option is visible in the video player, and if yours doesn’t pop up, then you need to check or press your Menu button for it show up. In an iOS device, the Share option is in the left-bottom of your video player, just like a box in an arrow facing the top. There is a simple way when you can achieve the Share button. Just tap on YouTube to attach the video file directly to the YouTube channel. But you’ll need to scroll down the menu to find this option.

3. Give your video an eye-catching title

  If you took video with your phones’ camera, the video would likely have some title that comes with some random numbers and dates. Edit the title and put a good one that’ll describe your content on a positive note.

Explain the video

Put a good video explanation that your viewers can view and have a good time with it. Try and explain everything you’re doing in the video; this will give your viewers the attraction they craved. Give out a perfect description that allows that’ll allow YouTube to retain your video in its top search.

Tag your video. 

Put tags on your video to give it a suitable appearance it deserves when other viewers’ search on video related to yours. Tags are just short keywords describing ones’ video and hallo other people see it quickly on YouTube. False tags will have a counterfeit effect on your YouTube views, be creative and honest when bringing in tags.

4. Select your privacy settings and publish them. 

You’ll select the video to be attached either privately, publicly, or unlisted at all. With public uploads can be searched publicly and viewed by everyone, if it’s secretly, it won’t be seen when they search for it. After this, click the Publish button or upload it. When you’ve done the privacy settings and set the description, click the Publish button to post the video content to your channel. The size of your video should be considered, depending on your video size but make sure you choose the best quality that’ll make your work looks good. If the cost of data is much, you may consider using the WiFi to cut down the cost of data.

Uploading Using the YouTube App

17 Different Ways to Increase Views on your YouTube Videos in 2019

a. Record your video by clicking on the video option at the top right corner where you’ll record the video. Select the camera to shoot your video, or you can as well choose the live stream option to start streaming live.

b. Once you finish with your video recording, put an excellent title, add a good description, put hashtags, & metadata to your content, and select the public button for your video to be seen live or private if otherwise. Download the YouTube app on iOS store or Android play store depending on the device you’re using, installed the app, and get started.

Launch your app and log in. While everyone can view your YouTube video, but only those with Google account are allowed to put up contents & post comments on videos. This means you’ll have to have a Google account to enjoy the features of the YouTube platform. Afterward, you set up your channel. 

c. Hop into www.youtube.com, and log in to your account through the use of Gmail address and password. The sign-in button is located at the right-up corner of the home page. 

d. Uploading. Keeps your app going smoothly without disruption until the video file is uploaded. When this is complete, click on the share button. If you’re uploading an excellent content with of quality, it’s reasonable your data will be exhausted so quickly; you can make use of WiFi to reduce data consumption. Select the “Publish” option. You can only do this when you’re done with the uploading procedure and ready for your video to be live. Afterward, tap the “Done” button.

17 Different Ways to Increase Views on your YouTube Videos in 2019

1# Color of Thumbnails

The Thumbnail is the first thing that the audience sees on YouTube. You should be able to attract the audience by creating an alluring thumbnail. Experts say that 90% of the popular videos on YouTube uses a Traditional thumbnail. Added by YouTube, “Thumbnails are usually the first thing viewers see when they find one of your videos.” you would want to know, how can you create a thumbnail that distinguishes itself from others.

17 Different Ways to Increase Views on your YouTube Videos in 2019

We use the “BOGY” Thumbnails. What is a “BOGY” thumbnail? BOGY is an abbreviation of what color to be used as thumbnails. 

BOGY stands for:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

The importance of using these colors is to stand out and gain attention because the site color is majority white, black and red. 

You may want to think of a color that can present your brand. For example, the Channel of “THE BRIGHT SIDE” which in their videos, uses the colors a majority of blue, yellow, orange and purple.

Any color can be used in creating your thumbnail, but you always gotta remember that you need to stand out and gain attention once your audience searches for a video.

2# You need to have a Template for your Video Description

Always have the mindset to create an effective Video Description. You can market your video by developing a great YouTube description. Now, let us discuss on how to create an efficient video description. 


Always start with a bang! It is very crucial to have the first batch of lines to be very alluring to the audience. Make sure to include your target keyword in the first lines of the introduction. Remember that YouTube factors keywords in your introduction, so always secure keywords at the beginning of your video description.

The first batch of lines is what the target audience sees when clicking your video. When the lines are persuasive, more people would be curious about your video and might click to watch it. 


What you need to do here is to talk about what can the viewer learn from the video. The key is in the details, my friend! Make use of the 150 words to discuss further details of the video and always include your target keywords.


Always include extra info of yourself and your videos. May it be social media or about your channel. The more links you have, the better!

3# Creating Different Playlists

Just like segregation, creating a different playlist is a great way to make an easy and effective way to take apart what topic is linked with another. 

Alternating layouts is a way to entice people’s eyes. In changing the layout, you may do it yourself by editing it on your channel page. 

4# Having a Catchy Title

The monumental part of your video is having a Catchy Title. The title you make will be all or nothing, so come up with a good one!

With statistics, adding brackets or parentheses on the title of your videos. You can add words or numbers with the brackets and parentheses that have essence for your video would be a big help to your success. 

Lastly, only use up to 50 characters, because the study shows that videos ranked up best with 50 characters or less.

5# Provide Suggested Videos

Suggested videos have a huge contribution to the success of channels. These videos are connected videos that YouTube post next to videos you are currently streaming.

So tag videos like other channels to rank your videos.

6# “MVC Formula” 

What does MVC mean? MVC stands for Main Keyword, Variations and Category. Let us breakdown what to do with the MVC Formula.

Having the “Main Keyword”

You need to utilize your main keyword as your primary and secondary tag.

Getting “Variations”

Having a variety of keywords to support your main keyword is a must to broaden your reach to garner more views.

Describe your “Category”

Usage of broad tags can aid YouTube to understand the topic discussed and how to categorize your video.

7# Share your Videos on Online Communities

One of the best ways to promote and get more views on YouTube is to share your videos in the Online Communities such as Reddit and Quora.

8# Video Ranking in Google Search

Videos ranked in Google can result in tons of views. So how can you rank up? 

google search

The first thing you do is to state the keyword loudly and frequently in your video. And the second is to create a transcript of the video you have created for Google to fully understand the contents of your video.

9# Maximizing Comments, Likes and Subscribes on your Videos

Youtube prioritize the number of views and subscriptions of a video to rank it. The comments, likes, and subscribers are connected with the rankings in the search bar on YouTube. Now, what can you do to get more people hooked with your videos? Simply ask them to get engaged with your video. Use taglines when asking like “Comment down in the comment section, click like and subscribe, and see you on my next video!”

10# Enhancing Your “Session Time”

What does “Session Time” means? Is it even important? 

Session time is the entire number of time that someone consumes after viewing your video on YouTube. 

It is a vital point that YouTube considers. YouTube even stated that: “The goals of YouTube’s search and discovery system are twofold: to help viewers find the videos they want to watch, and to maximize long-term viewer engagement…”

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

In short, if the viewer stays after watching your video, session time increases. But if the viewer leaves YouTube after watching your videos, it would decrease your session time, that’s gonna hurt.

The best thing to do to improve the session time needed is to put your best foot forward. Make your best video the first thing they see that can boost their engagement to keep watching videos.

11# Make the Most of Every End of your Video

Using the end screen is a way to get more views for your other videos. But how can you utilize the end screen?

First is to pick the most popular video of yours, or choose the most viewed video on your channel. 

Next is to find another one of your videos that can connect to that popular video and put it at the end of your video.

Lastly, link the video in the End Screen. 

Remember to correlate your videos for the engagement of the viewer.

12# Familiarize yourself in Using YouTube SEO

Another way to get views on YouTube is by learning and using “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization. And what to learn? THE BASICS! These are some of the basic things you need to learn:

  • Researching Keywords
  • Refining the Titles, Descriptions, and Tags
  • Improvement of Audience Retention and Watch Time
  • YouTube Signal Engagement

13# Use Appealing Playlist Titles

Always remember that the way to attract the attention of the viewer is to have an engaging title of your playlist. 

14# Highlight Your Videos using Own Blog

Inserting your YouTube videos into your blog is a great way to boost those views. Why? 

Simply because linking your videos to your blogs can reach more audiences and can even result in higher video ranking.

15# Share! Share! Share!

One way to share your video on social media is to find a snippet of your original video and post it on all the platforms you have in mind, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In this way, you may attract people to watch the full video on YouTube.

Remember, post the link of the full video in the comments.

16# Upload your Videos on YouTube at the Best Time Possible

Are you wondering when is the best time to upload your videos on YouTube? The answer is when your subscribers are online. But how can you know when are they online? Experimenting is a way where you try to analyze by yourself when is the time to upload your video or using a tool to study when is the best time to upload would be a big help. An example of a tool is VidIQ. 

17# Using “The Card Bridge”

Boosting your YouTube views and the Session Time would be a piece of cake by using The Card Bridge. 

The Card Bridge works by following these steps:

First, locate the report of audience retention on one of your videos and identify when did the retention drop occurs.

The next thing to do is to display the card at the time of the retention drop.

Now that is the Card Bridge. It can transmit the person to other videos before they can even click away.


Bonus 1: Getting Featured On the Homepage of YouTube

There are two ways to amp up the chances that your video will get featured on the audience’s homepages.

The first is to endorse your video for the first 2 days after you upload it.

YouTube features videos that are new and popular at the same time. And if you have a lot of viewers, you may have a chance to get featured on the homepage.

Second, it to increase the number of your YouTube subscribers. When you are being subscribed by a person, you have the chance that you may get featured on the homepage of that person.

Remember, more subscribers, more chances in landing on the homepage.

Bonus 2: Frequent Usage of the Methods that Worked Before

Here is what you need to do:

    Find the most viewed videos or with high audience retention and use the method that you applied in making videos in the future.

Bonus 3: The Community Tab Preview

Make a Trailer for the next video or Create a post on what to expect for the next video in the Community Tab.

YouTube Video Downloads Hacks and Tricks

YouTube is a powerful platform for video content. There is no video content that you cannot possibly find on YouTube.

Notwithstanding, people don’t realize that there are a lot of hidden hacks for YouTube. Many people believe that downloading YouTube videos is not possible. So, they do not benefit from the secret hacks of YouTube.

In the real sense, these features are not ‘hidden’ per se. They are merely not familiar to people. For instance, do you know that you can download videos on YouTube and save it on your phone storage? Mind-blowing knowledge. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled top YouTube video downloads hacks and tricks that will make usage of YouTube beneficial and smooth experience.

YouTube Video Downloads Hacks and Tricks
  1. Using the KeepVid website on your computer

One way through which you can bypass viewing of videos on YouTube and download them directly is by using the KeepVid website. The KeepVid is a website that is free and permits the easy downloads of YouTube videos. Keep in mind that this download hack is ideal for your computer only. 

  • Visit https://www.youtube.com in a web browser. Preferably use Chrome. Before you utilize the KeepVid website, you need first to open the video on YouTube.
  • When YouTube website loads, select the video that you want to download. To do this, type the video’s title into the search box. The results for the videos are displayed. Select the video subsequently.
  • When the video starts playing, click on the ‘share icon.’ N.B. The ‘share icon’ is a grey arrow below a YouTube video. The moment you click it; specific sharing options appear.  
  • You’ll see a blue ‘copy’ link beside the URL. Click on the link. Automatically, the link copies to your clipboard. 
  • Afterward, open a new tab. In the newly opened tab, visit https://keepvid.pro. You don’t necessarily need to open a new tab though. You can perform this action in the same tab where you visited YouTube.
  • On top of KeepVid page, there is a field labeled ‘Enter Link’ right-click the link.
  • Paste the link (previously copied to your clipboard) in the field. 
  • Once the page loads, the video and download formats are displayed. 
  • There are different download formats. If you want to get the best quality formats, click the download formats and select the ‘best video download video’ that is next to the video. 
  • Choose a saving location and save. Once your video saves successfully, you can now proceed to watch the video on your computer by double-clicking the saved file. 
  1. The 4K video downloader

The 4K video downloader is another way to hack your way around downloading YouTube videos. The 4K video downloader is available on all Windows and Mac computers. Unlike the KeepVid, this video downloader is not a website, but rather a computer application. To get the app, visit https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader. Once the website loads, there is an icon display ‘Get 4K Video Downloader’ on the left side of the page. Immediately you click the icon, the application set up file will download into your computer. Take the following steps to download YouTube video into your computer:

  • Install the 4K Video Downloader setup file on your computer. After the setup file downloads, install the application immediately. Windows and Mac computers have different ways of installing a setup file.
  • For the Windows computer, double-click the setup file. A prompt comes up, click yes. Subsequently, comply with the setup instructions displayed on the screen. 
  • For the mac computer, double-click the downloaded setup file. Afterward, verify the installation process. Keep the 4K Video Downloader application in the “applications” folder. After that, follow the displayed instructions. 
  • Navigate to https://www.youtube.com. Explore the video you wish to download. Select the video once it is displayed. 
  • Click the URL address of the video in the bar of your bowser’s window. On Windows, click Ctrl + A. On Mac, press Command + A to select the URL address adequately.
  • After 4K Video Downloader downloads, open the application.
  • On the top left corner of the 4K Video Downloader, there is an icon‘ click paste link.’ Once you click the link, the copied address immediately extracts.
  • Choose a preferred video format from the formatmenu. 
  • Once you choose the video format, select the quality of the video. By default settings, the highest quality is the first. However, many laptop screens are incapable of supporting 4K videos. So, select a lesser quality by checking the box of video formats. 
  • At the bottom end of the displayed window, select the download option. Immediately, your video starts downloading
  • Once your video’s download completes, right-click the video, and click the ‘show in folder’ option in the drop-down menu. 
  1. For android devices, use TubeMate
17 Different Ways to Increase Views on your YouTube Videos in 2019

Although the focus has been restricted to download hacks on computers, you can use the TubeMate app to download YouTube videos on android. However, the app is not available on the Google Play Store. Instead, try the manual approach by downloading the APK. Note that there are risks involved when downloading APK files. Nevertheless, TubeMate has a considerable level of credibility. 

  • Once the TubeMate app installs on your smartphone, open the app.
  • After opening the app, review the terms and policies. Select ‘Agree,’ indicating your agreement to download videos solely for private use. 
  • A permission setting will pop-up. Tap OK on the permissions setup; this enables TubeMate to run on your device
  • Follow the other on-screen instructions to grant TubeMate more permissions. 
  • When you select the back button, a  page similar to YouTube’s, tap through the how-to session quickly.  Type your desired video title in the search box at the top of the YouTube page to select the video.  
  • At the bottom-right of the screen, there is a red arrow icon. Once you tap it, a list of the video’s download options will appear.
  • Choose your preferred size and file type by selecting the MP4 video formats at the top half of the screen. 
  • At the right end of the displayed screen, there is a red arrow icon. Once you tap it, the video will automatically download on your android device. After a successful download, you can now view the video in your gallery or photo app. 

These hacks are not the entire tricks for downloading YouTube videos, but, they are quite useful. It is worthy to note that downloading YouTube videos is not illegal. But, it violates Google Terms and Policies. So, when trying these hacks and tricks, be careful, friend.

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

You can post a lot of wonderful videos on your channel, but if the views are limited to none, it can be disappointing. To obtain more views on your videos, you have to seek ways on how to expand your channel and to make your videos engaging to the viewers. But that would be a challenge.

Acquiring Greater Views on YouTube

This is the reason why we set up the ultimate guide on getting more views for your YouTube videos. The guide will aid you to boost views for your YouTube channel. We will be emphasizing a variety of methods that can be important for your success. This is an 8 chapter guide that will give you details on what will you need to do for you to be noticeable and make progress in the YouTube world.

Any sort of channel can make use of this guide, whether you a business channel that sells products, a gamer who makes reviews or tutorials, or even a beauty product endorser who gives beauty tips, this will surely help you make an impact. Just apply these approaches and practice it often to have a better possibility of amassing YouTube views.

Chapter #1: Catchy Title and Descriptions

What is the first thing a viewer on YouTube sees upon deciding what to watch? It’s the “TITLE”! So making a catchy Title is very important, because having a boring title will surely fail in gaining attention.

Catchy Title and Descriptions

Your title needs to have relevance to the main topic of the video, be very detailed and appealing to a potential viewer. Always remember that the title should be short but concise. But that is just one of the things you may do.

Another one to add is keywording, if you make sure that you will use the right keywords in the title, it will accumulate more views on your video.

Some tools can be used when using the keyword method, like “AHREFS” or the keyword planner of Google that can seek out what popular words are being used. The algorithm of YouTube can exhibit your video to potential viewers. It is also effective to put phrases “how-to, “tutorials and “reviews”.

Having well-defined video descriptions will truly help you to better your video’s existence. Spice up the description by using significant keywords to make your video easier to locate. It will also serve as a great instrument to deliver information regarding your channel and the details of your videos. Remember, the effectivity of getting more views depends on how precise and engaging your description.

Lastly, is using YouTube tags. Tags are an important part of the metadata of a video and help the viewer to find the content they are looking for. So make an effort to tag as many relevant as possible to lead viewers to your video.

Chapter #2: Make your Channel Eye-Catching

Making the design of your channel more appealing will help you make your audience lock eyes with your content, and entice them to be a subscriber that can lead to more viewers. 

Make your Channel Eye-Catching
8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

By achieving to have way more subscribers, you need to learn the art of making an Impressive channel. Think and build something new and one of a kind design that can tell a story about your channel.

Make sure that your channel will be easily determined. If your channel’s content is all about a brand, create a slogan, logo and pick a great colorway. Your logo can be an ideal identity of your channel. Just make sure that the quality of the picture is high, it instills the fact that it will attract attention and viewers can be aware of how capable of you to produce high-end videos.

A great way to lure more new viewers is to make a channel trailer. Just like movie trailers, this can be a way to attract new viewers before showing the full movie. Think of making the trailer as your business pitch. Present it with confinement and in detail so that you may attract new potential subscribers. Keep in mind that getting more subscribers means getting more views.

With regards to your desire for more views, always include keywords that have relevance to your content and always talk about what’s next you wanted to post, schedule when it will be posted and give a little information about you.

Maintenance is important for your channel, so update the channel regularly and maintain a very alluring channel to have a better chance of gathering more views.

Chapter #3: Maximizing Social Media

In today’s time, social media is often used all over the world. If you come to think of it, this is a great way to promote your videos and your channel. Share your videos on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, is a good deal to engage people who are so focused on social media these days. 

social media

Exposure is the main reason for you to utilize social media. This can be a stepping stone to gather more views for your videos or even subscribers for your channel. Encourage the people to like, comment or share your video to continue the growth of the users who can view your videos.

Hashtags are a thing today, so make sure to use some hashtags too. It would help you to find people who can be engaged in certain topics that you may have. Post frequently, but always keep in mind that there is a thing called too much, so acquire the right balance of wanting more and too much. Creating a series and providing an episode now and then will be fine.

Using forums is another platform, Reddit and Quora can also boost your views. You can answer inquiries that are related to the topic of your video.

Always remember to think outside the box, and video is now an essential part of learning for other people.

Chapter #4: Optimize the Thumbnail

A thumbnail serves as an indicator that shows an aspiring viewer what is in your video. Your mission is to captivate the eyes of the audience with a fascinating bunch of images that will allure them to click. The images that will be shown is all about what the video is all about.

Optimize the Thumbnail

You have to realize what viewers wanted to watch and use it to your advantage through thumbnails. You should pick colors that stand out and gain attention. Also, consider the quality of the image as it will be seen at a smaller size. So it is important to have a high-quality image used as a thumbnail.

Don’t write your title on the thumbnail. Naturally, viewers already have seen the title, so it will only take up space on your thumbnail. Refrain from using more text in your thumbnails, unless it is necessary to do so.

Always put in mind that the video thumbnail is the first thing that pops up in the search engine results, which is why it is a crucial instrument in promoting your video. With a ton of results that can be viewed anytime, a thumbnail is a make or break factor in how you can get more YouTube views.

Chapter #5: Create your Playlist

Think of how you segregate and organize what can be clustered with one another. Isn’t pleasing to the eyes and makes it easy to find what you are looking for? Now create a playlist will not just be seen as an organization of videos but it can also help the viewer look for the one they need easily. It plays an important role in ranking up your videos. It is a way to make a person stay on the YouTube site for a long time.

Viral and Trending

Remember, the more the merrier, so rack up the volume of your videos so that the viewer will be engaged in your channel. That’s why it is crucial to have a playlist so that your channel would be visible to other viewers.

When you have a playlist, and a viewer watches your video, it will automatically play another video of yours after the end of the first video.

Giving your playlist a title that can urge people to click and watch your videos. It will also give viewers the information they needed about the videos.

Chapter #6: Using the End Screen and Video Cards

Have you ever noticed the little box popping up during or at the end of a video? The one that pops up during the video is the video cards and the one showing up at the end of the video is the end screen. 

How Custom Intent Audiences Can Boost YouTube Marketing

Using them is a good way to make a viewer more engaged in your videos. YouTube permits the usage of cards within 5 times and you can use it anytime in the video. But you have to take note that quality over quantity, you have to link websites that can be a big help. Place the cards at the point where you think it is a boring part of the video.

This would be a good ground for people who are just starting or continuing a business. You can use the cards to show the company logo or the company name, and you can even promote content the viewers can download if they wish to be a customer.

The end cards are usually being used at the end of the video, it is likely for what to watch next. You may utilize this as a way to put another video of yours for the viewer to stay on your channel.

Channel #7: Follow what is Viral and Trending

Utilize videos that became viral and trending at the time of its popularity. You know that a viral video gained a success to fame, you can use it to make a review and people will dig into it. Create a video about your take on a trendy video, and include what the title and what the content of your video is all about.

Viral and Trending

You can make videos about the upcoming popular events. Surely many people would like an inquiry of an upcoming event, this would give you a chance to gather more views. 

Having a different and funny approach to a Viral video is another effective way to gather views. Making a parody or creating a funny review out of a video has been proven effective to make a YouTube video engaging.

Always remember that to gain views, you need to create videos that will surely engage the viewers or potential subscribers. This is why many people are buying YouTube views, they can’t manage the process.

Chapter #8: Growing your own YouTube Community

Interaction with the viewers is an ingredient for maintaining old viewers and absorbing new ones. If you connect with the viewers or reply to their inquiries with a friendly tone, you can create a welcoming environment of your YouTube channel.


If your channel is well-known to be engaging, people may want to view your videos or even subscribe to your channel. You can have loyal supporters, which is a good thing. Because loyal supporters can promote your channel to other people and can cause a chain of reaction to other people, therefore increasing your views and maybe even your subscribers.

YouTube has a Community Tab that can make other content creators collaborate. A community also is where you can interact with your subscribers. It will be a big help as creating an atmosphere where you and your subscribers can communicate.


Now that you have new information on how to gather more views, make sure to use it efficiently and start to make progress on your YouTube channel. Results may come in gradually, but you will rack up the volume of viewers. 

All you need to do to reach that success is patience and perseverance. Good luck!