More and More Movies are Available for Free on YouTube

More and More Movies are Available for Free on YouTube

It’s no secret that YouTube is extremely popular. When thinking about watching videos online, it is one of the first- if not the first – names to come up. This Google-owned video-streaming platform is actually the second-largest website in the world. It’s next only to its parent company’s flagship product,

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Istanbulsh*t: What Youtube Users in Turkey Need to Know

The Latest: What Youtube Users in Turkey Need to Know

Youtube, a US-based video-sharing platform, had launched its operations in Turkey back in 2012. Immediately after the launch, the platform became home to many successful Turkish creators who bring significant contributions to the country’s economy. From teachers to journalists, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, Youtube serves as a stable platform for sending global messages. It also serves as a hub for creativity, ideas, learning, and of course, a great source of information. However, as the country is working on amending its law for online platforms, the team behind Youtube has no choice but to make some adjustments. 

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21 Predictions for International YouTube Music Foundry Fest 2021

International YouTube Music Foundry Fest 2020

YouTube celebrated the international artist community’s creativity & resilience last October 23, 2020. Foundry Fest saluted the diverse and global nature of YouTube with more than 20 videos. It includes collaborative conversations, performances, and music from Founding artists premiered via their Official YouTube Channels. 

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How To Garner More Views: The Perspective Of a Dozen Of Marketers

Want to get more YouTube views, even if it means paying for them? Don’t worry, there are other ways!

We could all agree today that, video is simpler to film, less expensive to deliver, and simple to gauge. Anybody can record an astoundingly great video by only using their cellphone, toss in some effects using apps you can download and promote it on social media platforms where the video can be uploaded. Video is all over the place and this is the reason such huge numbers of businesses occupy your online feed with videos.

Based on research, approximately 41% of advertisers state they upload new videos on their own channel on YouTube each week, approximately 36% states they upload videos monthly, while the other 23% state they upload videos, but occasionally.

How To Garner More Views The Perspective Of a Dozen Of Marketers Fast

There are such a significant number of videos and YouTube channels to view that it’s turned out to be much harder for a brand to stick out. Just like before, advertisers search for approaches to separate themselves on the content to discover a crowd to be their audience.

We requested that advertisers share what number of perspectives videos get.

25% of advertisers state their YouTube videos get an average of up to 5k or more views.

The question is, what can advertisers provide to drive audiences to watch their own videos? We surveyed many advertisers to discover. This is what we realized:

Distribute Worthy Content to View

It is stated by Jake McKenzie of a Shop of Accessories for cars that the best technique for driving more people in watching your YouTube videos is having a one of a kind content. The saying, “the early bird gets the worm” it the best to describe what you need to do. If you are the first one to conduct a review on a product, you can rack up more views.

Jam Campus’ Andrew DeBell defines two objectives to consider for his videos. Entertain and Educate. When creating videos you must consider just one or better if both categories to increase views for your videos. You have to plan the content you put in your videos, involve keyword searching, understanding other companies on the same content, have great new ideas. 

Use Paid Ads to Rank your Videos

Digital Filmmaker’s Slavik Boyechko stated that videos profit from leveraging. But it requires a little push to make it snowball. He discovered that the first paid boosting is adequate to get the show on the road. The distinction within a video getting a lot of views and a video that doesn’t get views is only $75.

Profitable Promotion from Google Ads

Robert Donnell of P5 Marketing, explicitly referenced Google Ads. He stated that their go-to strategy for directing people to recordings is Google Ads. Their YouTube advertisement promotion that are video-based direct people to our customer’s video for around two pennies for each snap.

Also, the CEO of Brian Carter Group preferred to use Google Ads. Their preferred method to get a huge amount of YouTube views for themselves and customers is Google Ads. Google possesses YouTube and gives you a chance to put the advertisements to demonstrate your YouTube recordings to individuals, alongside a connect to whatever size you need.

The Brian Carter Group’s expense per view amounts to 6 pennies each, yet they acquire them only under 1 penny for each view. Carter also added that requesting subscriptions and having end cards will help increase the total of your subscribers.

How To Garner More Views The Perspective Of a Dozen Of Marketers

Promote Videos Organically

Brandish Insights’ Josh Braaten urges advertisers to do the only thing advertisers were instructed never to do is to send the viewers from your site.

Promote your videos on other social media platforms, on a blog post, send it on newsletters, or any place you could think of that can get you, potential viewers. Don’t stress if you don’t get enough visits, because if the effort pays off, you would gain more than lose some.

BLOOM’s Ana Cvetkovic added that you can’t just upload it and stop there. You need to share it on every social media. Do it not just once, but many times.

Use Social Media

Kettlebell Kings’ Jay Perkins utilizes the Instagram followers of their company that has a total of 80,000 to acquire a greater amount of YouTube views. The company uses Instagram in sharing a clip of videos using its products. This method made them gain a clickthrough rate of 10% whenever they advise followers to look at a fresh post. 

Eric Simons of Hyper Projector suggests another social stage media platform which is Reddit. Snap an interesting frame that will gain the attention of the people from the video and post it. If it raises curiosity, then you did a good job.

Comment it!

A very straightforward approach to gaining views for your video is to discover websites that are significant and there you can comment on the link of your video. In that way, you can get additional views that will surely help rank your videos. 

Video with a Good Description

Rebrandly’s Seán Connolly prescribes to focus on your titles, thumbnails, and tags.

Thumbnail: Primary component of your video that gets looked up by a potential watcher. It must be captivating and intriguing for the watchers. Apply the term “less is more” when making thumbnails.

Title: Be certain to concentrate on your primary keyword. Make the keyword a priority and craft the title around that keyword.

Tags: Tags are in every case unimaginably significant. Tag every significant content that may help your video to rank up. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to tag too much as it may cause your video’s performance.

Make sure that your title and thumbnail sync in, it should work as one. The decision making of a viewer depends on looking at your thumbnail, and then title, and getting back to your thumbnail. Remember to spark their curiosity regarding the thumbnail and then give the details using the title.

Include Important Details

Colibri Digital Marketing’s Andrew McLoughlin suggests making the full description as though they were small scale blog entries. In that way, you may clarify what the video you have created is all about, and you may incorporate keywords that can rank up your videos. Then, your video at that point be significantly more liable to appear in searches, and you’ll see your views increasing.

SEO Hacker’s Sean Si stated that you need is making appealing, cutting right to the chase titles to stand out. Viewers already decided on what they are looking for, all you need is to ensure your video is discoverable. And by achieving that, you need to use appropriate keywords and displaying the primary thought on your titles.

Streamline Your Video

Make sure to consider YouTube to be a different web search tool. The best way is to establish a solid SEO for videos. Pick a keyword that alludes to the video. The keyword should continue in the video title, depiction, and tags. Alongside the Main keyword, ensure that the supporting keywords to be likewise profoundly searched.

Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis prescribes fusing pertinent keywords into the title, descriptions, and record name. Also, use an audio podcast, syndicate your video in social media accounts, and transcribe the video.

Mackenzie Thompson stated that the rank in recommended videos by duplicating the tags of prominent videos that can be connected with your video. 

Incorporate Other Content with Your Videos

A statement given by Joe Sloan of Jurassic Sands, the best way we have observed is to gather a greater amount of views on your YouTube videos is to blog it around every particular video or a sequence of videos. You need to ensure the videos are included on pages to enable you to give more SEO to enable them to wind up found.

TakeLessons Live’s Jessica Dais has the same argument. You need to utilize your current content by implanting YouTube videos on significant blog entries for an instant ranking. Thusly you’ll get more value for your money on the traffic the site gets. 

Make a Plan

There is one thing the advertisers conceded to, you need to place in the effort to expand the views on your YouTube videos.

It may be using keyword inquiry, social advancement, advertisements, or some other techniques. But it will require some serious energy.

Storyboard Media Group’s Michael Hammond dispensed an overview for the video’s content technique, to help capitalize on your videos:

  • Advise on “how-to, reviews, clarification, product unpacking, tutorials.” 
  • Be sensitive, having energy and optimism is better. 
  • Understand your Audience 
  • Be sincere and relatable
  • Give individuals the thing they are searching for, they need to watch what you need to state, in contrast to a run of the mill advertisement on the other channel, center around quality. 
  • Make a paramount slogan or keyword with great scripting and strong message. 
  • Have a longer duration of the video. 

These are some of the strategies you may use to gather more views. Keep in mind that these methods require time and effort. Good luck with your journey!

The World of Fake Views

Next to Google, a greater number of people search on YouTube than on some other site. It is the most well-known social media platform among young people. YouTube is prevailing over monster companies like Facebook and Instagram. Gathering billions of views daily, YouTube helps spike worldwide social sensations, bring forth vocations, sell marks and advance political programs. 

YouTube Views

Martin Vassilev brings home the bacon selling phony views used by aspiring entrepreneurs on YouTube. Telecommuting in Ottawa, he has been selling views rounding about 15 million and counting this year, making progress to get up to $200,000 or more. His site,, associates clients with administrations that offer fake views and likes produced by PCs, not people. At the point when a provider can’t satisfy a request, Mr. Vassilev like an advanced switchboard administrator rapidly associates with another. 

He also stated that he can convey an unlimited volume of views to a video. Even if they try to cease it, he knows another way around. YouTube is now at struggle as to which are true views, just like various social media platforms.

Fake views can destroy the reputation of YouTube by controlling the digital money that signs an incentive to clients. Even if the fake views speaks to only a modest portion of the whole count, it still has an impact by misleading shoppers and advertisers. With the concerns of fake viewership, The New York Times inspects how the market functioned and tried YouTube’s capacity to gain control.

Expanding fake views disregards YouTube’s terms when it comes to administration. Be that as it may, Google looks for purchasing views shows up to many locales offering “quick” and “simple” approaches to build a video’s viewer count by 1000 or up to 1,000,000 or more. And sites that offer views appear in Google Advertisements Search. To know if sites are working, a New York Times journalist requested a large number of views from various different companies. In about two weeks, the entire purchases were fulfilled.

An organization that has the ability to do it was “” As per the records of the company, it gathered more than $1 million or more in the span of three years by marketing almost 200 million YouTube views. From the span of 2014 to 2017, those requests were finished in weeks, however, those for a count of a million or more views will take a longer time. Remember that a company that offers cheap and quick rise of view count is not offering genuine viewership. 

Devumi has a variety of customers, from media organizations, filmmakers, a political advocacy group, and also the video head of “The New York Post”. Even musicians buy views in hopes to be and appear popular. Some companies buy views in hopes that real people would watch their videos.

A Doctor learned the hard way of buying fake views. Dr. Judith Oppenheimer was charged $5,000 to promote her book in hopes to make it into the mainstream. The video soon garnered Fifty-Eight thousand views by using Devumi, but the sales and book deal never happened. 

People who patronize fake views rely upon the continued advancing strategies to convey views, including computerized traffic and pop-under videos on clueless clients’ PCs, yet YouTube says it has viable procedures to shield against these methodologies.

YouTube’s Director of Product Management stated that fake views were a problem for many years. YouTube’s systems are constantly monitoring videos, and the team of anti-fraud often buys fake views to figure out how fake view sites operate.

According to the company, at a certain point in 2013, YouTube had as much traffic from bots taking on the appearance of people as it did from genuine human visitors. A few YouTube employees dreaded this would cause the misrepresentation of the fraud detection system, characterizing fake views as genuine or the other way around. Thus, the term “the Inversion” was made. In any case, the difficulties are still very significant.

In any case, fixes were made that mitigated the fake views surge, which YouTube said came about because of an attack against the site. 

The fight opposing fake views that continues until years later. YouTube would not unveil the number of fake views it obstructed every day, YouTube groups attempted to keep them to under 1 percent of the totality. All things considered, with the site enlisting billions of views daily, a huge number of fake views could still get through day by day. 

Control check of views will still be a problem as long as the popularity and views of videos are the money makers of YouTube.


Mr. Vassilev took around a year and a half to go from being under the care and living with his dad in Canada to purchasing a white BMW 328i and his very own place. 

By the end months of 2014, his site was on the main page of Google for purchasing YouTube views, satisfying up to 200 requests per day and acquiring not lower than $30,000 every month. He did not believe at first that he could gain that much money online. 

A representative for Google, which is possessed by a similar company as YouTube, said that websites selling fake views are pertinent, yet that there was still an opportunity to get better.

Mr. Vassilev avoided naming his customers yet he said that numerous requests originated from advertising or marketing firms. 

Today, he takes care of most requests using, a discount provider who is run by Sean Tamir, that charges Mr. Vassilev about a dollar for a thousand views, which Mr. Vassilev exchanges for $14, tossing in 100 free likes.

A few times each year, YouTube modifies its detection system in an attempt to disturb fake views. However huge numbers of the websites were able to adapt to the changes occurring when The New York Times made a large portion of its buys. Providers stated that they can evade on the updates of the system by causing their traffic to show up increasingly humanlike, which originates from clients with previous views. 

Carlton E. Bynum II, a provider, utilizes advertisements to draw in clients. He gathered more than $190,000 in income this year yet spent over $110,000 in advertisements that showed up at the top search of Google, as per budget records., the site of Carlton, runs an office in Houston, selling views from YouTube just as social media platforms, Instagram followers, Twitter supporters, like on Facebook and Plays from SoundCloud.

Google does not permit advertisements with terms like “purchase” or “buy” when it comes to YouTube views. Prior to Mr. Bynum’s selling of views, he was purchasing it for himself. After he was released from the Marine Corps a year ago, he started doing product reviews using YouTube as a platform and taking a cut when guests buy utilizing his links. The views he purchased would regularly make his videos rank higher than his rivals. The impact would snowball, the videos he uses would pick up traffic through inquiry, and he would get more income. He said that it worked great that he can get views in a day and likes only hours.

Mr. Bynum wanted to believe that people do watch his videos, but there is a possibility that he is wrong and it’s bots that watch his videos. But still, his video ranks.

Mr. Vassilev, who additionally said he utilized fake views to build up the ranking of videos that promotes his websites, makes no affectation that what he is selling is bona fide viewership. It is just impossible.


A retired English and Psychology professor, Elizabeth Clayton, was promised a simple and effective way to sell her book. She was offered to pay Hancock Press $4,200 in exchange for publishing her independently published poetry. The company stated that online promotion can guarantee her sales. She was then hopeful because she has been publishing her poetry for seven years and was not happy with the sales of it. One royalty check was given to her for only the sum of not higher than a $1.50, another one was lower than $1. She pursued Hancock to post two videos, costing her $8,400, and telling her that if she got a specific amount of hits, she could gain a certain sum.

Rather than marketing the self-publish poetry, Hancock Press paid a total of $270 for 50,000 plus views from Devumi for every video. The views, in the long run, came to around 60,000, yet, there was no influx of revenue. Ms. Clayton was not getting information about the viewers who watched her videos and starting to suspect that something is not right. 

The 92-year-old CEO of the Hancock Press, Wayne Hancock, believed that the views are from real people. That is how Devumi markets its views. 

Mr. Hancock’s daughter, who helps run the business, rejected Ms. Clayton’s reports and the Devumi receipts as fakes. 

Devumi records demonstrate that Hancock Press was spending about $26,000 more than three years, acquiring 5,000,000 or more views for their 75 clients. Six other clients of Hancock are also facing what Ms. Clayton is experienced.

Devumi was quiet when they have demanded comments. The company was under investigation after The Times reported that the company also sells fake followers on Twitter.

Numerous Devumi customers originated from the music business, where purchasing fake views is observed as essential. The vice president of Billboard stated that YouTube is one of the chief sources of music and a significant indicator of trendy music and popularity. 

Aleem Khalid, a new artist, employed a promotion company, named Crowd Surf in 2014. He stated that the firm purchased 10,000 views for each of his three videos without even knowing. They have somewhere in the range of 11,000 and 45,000 views. He also stated that at first, he believed that all views on social media platforms were genuine, but now he feels like its all fake. 

Other people who depended on Devumi said they were shocked at the organization’s strategies. Ami Horowitz, a filmmaker, purchased 10,000 views for a video he showed up in entitled, “What We Learned at the People’s Climate March”, the Koch brothers’ political influence group YouTube channel called Americans for Prosperity. Mr. Horowitz, who is regularly a guest on Fox News, additionally purchased views for a video pertaining to the challenges in Ferguson, Mo. 

He stated that he had trusted Devumi worked like a traditional web advertising. In any case, “it wasn’t what we expected,” he stated, adding that he will never utilize Devumi or with similar delivery of service again. 


YouTube’s team of engineers, analysts, and data scientists are continually improving in their capacity to battle what Ms. O’Connor calls a difficult problem yet the attacks have persistently gotten more grounded and more refined. 

A New York Times columnist gave YouTube videos in which he had purchased views, the company stated that the sellers had abused two vulnerabilities that had just been fixed. Soon thereafter, the journalist purchased more views from six of similar sellers. The view tally increased gradually. After seven days, everything except two of the sellers had fulfilled the amount needed. 

Looking closely, YouTube still misses videos with fake views. A Google report from 2017 regarding the disinformation during the 2016 electoral race took a gander at RT’s YouTube channels, presuming that there was no proof of manipulation of the platform or policy infringement. Yet The Times found out lately that an RT representative purchased fake views for the electoral videos used in 2016, which YouTube recognized it didn’t identify. 

A reporter for RT, named James Brown had obtained an approximate 300 likes and 30,000 views in total over three videos that concentrated on issues including homeless and migration in Europe. Mr. Brown stated that he trusted Devumi that the views are from genuine people. An RT representative said the organization was ignorant of the purchases and was leading an inner review. 

View-selling websites keep on publicizing with an evident exemption. A post on the YouTube Creator Blog cautioning clients against fake views has various remarks connecting to view-selling websites. 

Mr. Vassilev pointed out that the only way YouTube could eliminate fake views is to remove all the view counts. But he also stated that by doing that it would also defeat the purpose of YouTube.

5 Best YouTube Channels That You Can Subscribe To

YouTube has been giving wonderful videos till date, all thanks to several video clips coming up every time, and with the continuous tons of musical videos stretching the platform daily. The interesting part is that to know what it feels in maintaining consistent control over the subscribers; you have to be consistent. To know the cool part of YouTube, did you know in reality some niche contents have the capacity of attracting long-lasting subscriber’s base?

Subscribe To These YouTube Channels by Christmas!

Such large subscribers will make your channel a great place for content. But if you don’t know how to go about creating content that can make your page a destination for good videos, then it is time to roll up your sleeve and learn some intricate of it. However, in this article, we will be talking about the best YouTube channels that you can subscribe to and have real value for your time. These are some compiled lists and their statistics for knowledge of user subscribers. These channels consist of in-house channels or professional. YouTube game channel “PewDiePie” is a top spot in the overall YouTube statistics of subscribers presently with approximately multi-millions of heavy subscribers around the world.

Free YouTube Subscribers

1. PewDiePie – 101.55 million Subscribers

PewDiePie is the largest channel with the subscribers’ base. As we know controversy sells, the reason why there is less likelihood of anyone familiar with YouTube not knowing much about Felix Kjellberg, knotty self-acclaimed Swedish king of YouTube platform. Kjellberg loves making Vlogs and reviewing meme of all sorts, not only that, he is controversial and has manic superiority. He got his popularity in various times for consistently make use of anti-Semitic video, racial slurs content, promoting the activities of Nazis, and a complete lot of other social misconduct portraying him of being celebrated someone with the celebrity status. The interesting thing is he enjoys a lot of supporters from his link minded supporters that probably propelled for him getting loads of subscribers. YouTube has canceled some of his hateful series. 

2. Dude perfect – 44.8 million Subscribers

The Dude perfect page is the second-largest YouTube channel. It has endless entertainment channels for its subscribers’ reason fans keep going there to watching the nerve-calming video. It started in the year 2009 with just a camera and a sandwich. The channel has loads of motivational content that lift the spirit. Ever since its creation, there is jaw-cracking content and several messages of faith for users. Tyler Toney & the band of Texas have begun using the channel to impact peoples’ lives with a great devoted message.

3. Hola Soy German – 39.68 million Subscribers

Garamendi’s productivity on his unique channel that does not involve gaming has waned over time, but his achievement on his platform has earned him greatness. He is involved in book sell, campaigns in Greenpeace by playing in a band. He is almost everywhere on YouTube doing wonders for himself.

4. Andersson Nuns – 36.57 million Subscribers

What to know about this Nuns- It is the most beloved and shirtless YouTuber ever came out of Brazil, the 24-year old keeps his viewers impressed with the consistent video stream. No matter how you are, the video will attract you to the page.

 5. Juega German – 36.23 million Subscribers

What to know about Juega German: The video games’ page is not just only about video gaming alone there several things to learn in the channel. The 29-year-old YouTube influencer is very lively and fined him discussing new topics by exploring the Internet on a daily.

Some other YouTube channel interesting also finds below:

elrubius OMG- 35.61 million Subscribers

Rubén Doblas the owner of the channel is majorly about video streaming, surprising contents, and gameplay videos. The Spanish man often drops a special interview and Chat roulette adventure into his YouTube channel feed.

Felipe Neto- 34 million Subscribers

Felipe is in a couple of ways an epitome in the YouTube silly fame race. He is a Brazilian blogger who always reacts to all kinds of news like the cultural event, gossip of celebrity, and upload funny comedy videos. He usually talks on the camera for at 60 frames per second just like a joke, but the interesting part is 27 million subscribers love it. No one can have a say to his YouTube stardom.

Fernanfloo – 33.62 million Subscribers

Fernando is a cool gamer who is popular for his weird remarks and love of indie titles. He hails from El Salvador; he is a 26-year-old who loves the green color and enjoys giving his fans the best of videos to talk about.

Kids Diana Show – 33.37 million Subscribers

Kids Diana is a channel for kids video and viewing of several kiddies contents, it is known for uploading several plays with a various selection of the latest new toys for kids on YouTube, because, for whatsoever reason, most kids cannot get adequate pleasure by watching other kids playing with toys they want without having theirs. This birthed the popularity of Kids Diana’s Show that mostly relies on the name of Diana.

Like Nastya Vlog- 31.55 million Subscribers

Like her counterpart Nikia & Vlad, Nastya is a good destination for fictional stories videos. Nasty is a Florida-Russia based YouTube influencer who creates various video content for kids and teenagers. The majority of her videos preached about creative adventure scenes. Some of her videos collaborate with her dad, and they make great video through perfect making and scripted adventurous stories that are inspired by fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Vanoss Gaming- 24.82 million Subscribers

The channel is owned by Evan Fong and has been in existence since the year 2011. The channel is all about gaming video most times with adventurous features. Vanoss is a Canadian YouTube enthusiast who loves putting mind-blowing action gaming videos online. He and his friends have flair for playing several action games like Grand Theft Auto, Garry’s Mod and Call of Duty. 

Tips On Boosting Views For Your YouTube Videos

Youtube is a worldwide platform for videos concerning anything you would want to know. It is now the search engine next to Google. Nowadays, you can earn money by producing and posting videos on YouTube, but it would be a challenge for you to gain views as numerous people do the same. 

You need to have 1000 subscribers and a total of 4000 hours of videos watched within one year, for you to be able to earn money using YouTube.


To gain more views, your content alone is not enough, you should think of other methods to achieve your goal. And, that is what we will talk about. We have a total of 14 ways on how to get more views. Let’s get started!

1. Usage of Intro And Outro videos

What is an Intro and Outro video? Intro video is a 10second clip that runs at the start of the video. It should showcase what is the video all about. While the Outro video is a clip at the end of your video which you use to request likes and subscriptions from your audience.

Having both as part of your video will greatly boost potential viewers or even subscribers.

2. Making a Good Video Title

Always make your title “Catchy” to gain the attention of viewers, it is essential to have a good title. You need to utilize keywords and include it in your title, in that way, it will rank up your video to make your video more searchable.

Be mindful to consider these tips for creating a good title:

  • Use Keywords
  • Make it Straight to the point
  • Make it alluring
  • Provide the current year of the video
  • Using Case
  • Utilize Power Words such as Smart, Best
  • Use Emotional Words such as Lovely, Sensual

3. Video Tagging

Video Tags are the next essential thing in a video. The purpose of these tags is to be able to make your video be searched in the first 50 searches on YouTube.

When making tags, you may take advantage of using the maximum amount of 500 keywords in a video. If you can exercise on putting even 5 to 10 keywords, it would help your video to be seen frequently.

These aware of these tips for video tags:

  • Use of Main Keywords
  • Use Various Keywords
  • Use Unique Keywords
  • Use tags applied in other high-ranked videos
  • Always put your brand name in all of your videos

4. Interview Influencers In Your Niche

Making an interview with a famous personality that is related to your niche will boost your views remarkably. It is beneficial for you and a great way to promote your channel. 

5. Providing a series of Good Thumbnail

In the form of the videos presented by YouTube, the thumbnail is the most essential part. It is what a potential viewer looks to find what is in the video.

Here is what you need to know when choosing a thumbnail:

  • Choose a picture with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • The picture needs to be under 2 MB
  • Use the format of JPG, GIF, BMP and or, PNG
  • Consider an aspect ratio of 16:9

6. Using Call To Action

Call to Action is when you request the viewers to like or subscribe to your channel and even share your video for those who they think needs it.

It is an effective way to increase potential followers on social media.

7. Creating a Playlist

Creating numerous playlists and putting your videos on other various playlists will dramatically enhance your views. 

These tips would help you with creating a playlist:

  • Make a creative title of the playlist
  • Make an elaborate description and input keywords
  • Upload identical videos in one playlist
  • Put a video under many playlists

8. Get your Channel Featured

This method may bring home the bacon for increasing the viewers and subscribers. 

With this method, you need to have a contact or you may contact a celebrity or a famous YouTuber and make them place the link of your channel under the featured channel. This would surely make your potential viewers and subscribers skyrocket.

To achieve this, you can either ask a friend or pay an amount for the famous YouTuber. Keep in mind that the person you are aiming needs to have the same niche as you are because it would be advantageous.

9. Collaboration with Other YouTubers

It is a smart move to team up with other YouTubers, you may combine each of your viewers to have potential viewers. This is a favorable situation for both of you.

10. Using Google AdWords

This is a paid platform but it grants more views for you. If you are going to use this method, make sure that the content and quality of your videos are very informative and pleasing.

11. Create a YouTube Community

This is an easy step to also garner views for your videos. All you need to do is to locate and click the +icon to create a post on the YouTube Web or App.

After that, type the message you want to convey and link your video that you want to be promoted. Adding images or polls would make the community more lively. The community may also leave a like or post a comment which can help bigtime for communication between you and your audience.

12. Learning from YouTube’s Creator Academy

YouTube is not all about uploading videos, there are more than meets the eye. You may want to learn what can you do more on YouTube.

By using YouTube’s Creator Academy, you may learn new techniques and hacks to be savvier using YouTube.

13. Utilize Social Media Channels

Make sure to promote your channel and video to Social Media Platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

In this way, you have a better opportunity in sharing your videos and gaining more audiences outside of YouTube. Share your videos frequently. 

You can also use “Hashtags” so that it may add chances in making your video be discovered.

14. Blog about your YouTube Channel

Do not forget to make a blog about your YouTube videos. With this, you can earn money both ways, through blogging and vlogging.

 I hope this can help you achieve your goals as a YouTuber. There are certain ways to promote your videos on YouTube, these are only some of the techniques you may use to help you gather more views.

5 Helpful Tips for YouTube Optimization

YouTube video contents are all over the place. YouTube is not going on extinction, no matter what. The popularity of Facebook Live features cannot subdue YouTube. The potency of Instagrams’ videos is not bringing down, and not even Snapchat features; because YouTube is a world on its own. Truth is the gold mine of YouTube is yet untapped, and its popularity is, however, to come. Many YouTube creators have leveraged on YouTube to make fortunes for themselves with optimization. PewDiePie, according to the report, was said to have an estimated net worth of $70 million due to its searches and visibility on the platform. Just like Google, one of the easiest ways to be visible on YouTube is how optimized you are for visibility.

Meet Pip, the Southeastern Guide Dogs celebrity with 55 million YouTube views

Most people have spent tons of dollars and time for optimization on YouTube, but they are not getting the powerful hacks that unlock the visibility drive that helps them having high revenue in the right proportion.

The truth is YouTube is not out of vogue. It is not bad for visibility, but the way you go about it matters. The platform is one of the best media for all kinds of search engine optimization, and you too can leverage using it for your growth.

 Below are various advanced, powerful hacks to boost your YouTube optimization.

1. Well detailed descriptions for your videos

The best way for visibility is to include a thorough and self-explanatory video description that looks simple. The reason we put it first is that this aspect is the most important. Neglecting this will lead to no result, and you will be missing out on the foundation. The truth is that the more comprehensive and more extended your content description is, the better your video will be ranking high.

Here is why your video needs a long description, the contextual usage of keywords. Contextual keyword use is the central point of all searches on both YouTube and Google. This is a straightforward concept here because you are not only ranking for a long-tailed keyword. You are doing all at once because you will have to rank for various keywords that are search-related, that does or doesn’t include the precise keyword phrase you’re optimizing for. This is why the more extended the description; the more you are getting visibility on searches.

The fact is that YouTube has hosts of user-generated content, and YouTube is most times tagged as a social media platform for this reason. A well-written and long video description are like organic traffic, which can help give you some boost and gain more fans.

2. By carefully selecting the most friendly keywords to use

YouTube contents are highly searchable via Google; it is a point of responsibility to optimize significantly for the world’s commonly used search engines. For the record, YouTube is second below Google when it comes to search engines and as the globally used online search engine visibility. Search engine optimization has a way of optimizing your YouTube content for Google, and YouTube searches through the long-tail keywords search. The cool way in determining whether a keyword will work best across both search engines is to use a generally used phrase in your niche that your audience can relate with. 

3. Using the video embedding and share button often

According to a report, about 70 percent of all search results from Google in the year 2012 has a video. This is why making use of video SEO for your contextual keywords. The sweet thing here is that YouTube has video hence making your search easy. It is cool when you have your video visibly on search engines. Video sharing and embedding options are in the default options. You need not have to do anything extraordinary for your video except you want to refine the choice based on your unique way.

The more you have your links on chat rooms, forums, websites, and other social platforms to your YouTube video, the better your visibility. This is the essential SEO backlinking that is applied to your video. By adding your content to forums and blogs enhances your user’s engagement in various aspects. This is because fans love streaming videos online, and this is exactly what is will drive your video’s traffic organically on search engines.

4. Build themed playlists for viewers

When adding to the already discussed ways of using videos to improve visibility, another best option is by using useful playlists (video lists). Because it grows your channel engagement, time, and other vital metrics that will enhance your Return on Investments, when you have a playlist, you will see a variety of different old videos in it and still streaming new video in one folder. You can steer through the playlist in a way that doesn’t affect another video. This playlists template offers a unified channel experience for your fans such can give a more excellent conversion than just creating videos. For the fact, the Spotify leverage on curated playlists and built its brand of $10 billion worth because of YouTube.

5. Watch your metrics, and grow your subscribers

When you have subscribers on your page, it is just like you’ve got long-lasting assets. For, companies, brands, and businesses on the YouTube platform, they make use of unique critical metrics in monitoring their video content campaign success. The subscribers are the ones that enhance the video views that are likely increasing your AdSense revenue. Each time your video content rank high on YouTube’s search, the click rate of your viewers, and bounce rates of those leaving after watching just content are the leading content marketing metric measurements success. Phil Defranco built a whooping sum of USD 1 million with his over 6 million subscribers YouTube. By informing viewers to opt-in to your channel can swiftly help build viewers base for your videos and enhance YouTube optimization.

Dream BIG And Go BIG: Learning From A Company Of Fountain Pens That Gathered 25 Million Views

Came from humble beginnings, Brian Goulet, the owner of “The Goulet Pen Co.” made his vision to life when he and his wife decided to make a name for themselves. They launched the company in 2008, and since then, they are known to be the biggest online fountain pen sellers in the United States.

And what do you think was the key to their success? The answer is YouTube. The company’s YouTube channel now has 110k subscribers, over 1,500 videos and garnered 25 million views.


How can YouTube contribute to a small business? In the experience of Goulet, he said that YouTube is the most efficient tool for brand awareness. The videos helped them a lot with brand-building. YouTube made them a household name for fountain pens, that when people wanted to have a fountain pen, they go straight to their website.

In terms of launching your business on YouTube, you may want to follow the steps of how Goulet launched his brand on YouTube.

Step #1

Find your Niche

In the year 2008, Goulet realized that most fountain pen retailer sells its product in physical stores. This gave him an idea to be an online retailer. He thinks that it is a new perspective to be an online retailer and they can even tend the needs of the customer better.

Goulet’s advice is to seek what your community needs but doesn’t have. He also noted to research your topic carefully. Read, read and read, blogs and forums which can give you the information you can use soon. Keep in mind that read topics that can be connected to your niche.

Always engage conversation, and be able to connect and correct what the potential customer or the customers need. Use forums like Reddit to be a platform of conversation.

Find “hashtags” words on all of the online platforms you may think of to help further your reach of the audience. 

Follow prominent influencers who you can communicate and make comments on their posts.

When making content, get all the information you can use to help solve the problem of a person. Exhaust all efforts to gain answers to the inquiries of the public. With this, you may gain the trust of the public, make your brand be known, and help you know what you are talking about.

Also, be mindful that communication is the key to success. You will need to have an organic communication to share and systematize information that can be a help to your business.

Choose your Platform

What is the most efficient platform to amp up your audience and target market? Social Media. And here are some of the platforms that are best to focus on promoting your business:

4 New SEO Tips on How to Get More Views for Your YouTube Videos

When it comes to the most effective platform for the combination of “how-to” and entertainment, this is the place to be. This platform is used by vloggers and video influencers for sponsorships or advertising of products. This would be a great opportunity for business owners to promote their brand.

  • Instagram

A platform that uses pictures to promote a product of any lifestyle. Whether it is from health, beauty products, or clothing, this is the platform that can be your stage.

  • Facebook

Almost everybody in the world uses Facebook to get engaged with other people or be used for running and promoting business. It is also a stepping stone for small businesses to go further. Your business will prosper, with the help of Facebook.

  • Twitter

Anything happening in real-time is the platform that is being maximized. So maximize Twitter in promoting updates of your business every time.

  • Pinterest

Another platform like Instagram that uses visuals. This social media platform is also a great way to promote any kind of legal and creative businesses.

  • Snapchat

A social media platform that is outstanding for fashion, pop cultures and can even be the communicating grounds with your fans and customers.

Identify your Video style

Goulet’s attack is being an educational video. He teaches people what to know about pens and how to utilize them. He also does Q&As on different platforms to gather inquiries from the public, after that, he creates videos answering those queries. Combining visual and educational will get you a follower.

Goulet also uses fewer visuals and showing more of personality in his videos.


Connect with your audience by replying to the comments of your viewers. One thing that can help your business to prosper is to have an interaction with your audience. Even if those comments are negative, Goulet’s advice is to listen and be human. He also said that when someone is upset, do apologize and if the audience has suggestions, be thankful and learn more about the suggestion. Imagine you are talking in front of each other.

Step #2

Making Impactful Videos

Once you have settled the plan, you may now start making your videos. Start from making a storyboard, shoot and edit your videos. Here are some insights from Mr.Goulet about making videos.

Go! Start!

If you wanted it badly, then go! Do not just talk about it, make it happen! With technology nowadays, you can do everything with a smartphone. 

These are some of the basic principles to follow in terms of lighting and audio:

  • Natural light is the best lighting for your background
  • Do not put a light behind you. This would make your face darker.
  • Avoid noisy background or echoes for better audio quality.

A Done Something is Better than a Perfect Nothing

Nobody is an expert from the start. So when creating videos on YouTube, it is okay to be unaware of some things. Do experiments and practice to hone your skills and figure out how will you make your own identity for your video.

It is also easy to edit, edit and edit your videos time after time until it gives you the satisfaction, but it will only be you who will know the difference. You can just make it an 80% good enough and then upload it.

Entering the Technical World of YouTube

8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

Prepare the essential things when uploading a video. Always have a great title, a lot of tags, and some picturesque thumbnails. This would be a great help to make your video entice audiences.

Be True, Be You

One great way to have a good video is to be yourself. Do not mimic any kind of personality. Remember, you are the star and nobody else. Do not force something you are not. The important thing is just to be who you are.

Step #3

Time is of the Essence

It is not easy to run a business, better yet a company. You need to exert effort and precious time to continue to be an expert with business and videos. Mr.Goulet found a way to maximize his time and effort efficiently.

Hire a Videographer

Everybody starts at the bottom. Mr.Goulet started with a little equipment and a MacBook that he uses with other business stuff. Hiring an intern that can help you start will be a good thing. Then eventually hire a full-time to help you prepare, create and edit your videos.

Learn to Show Up in a Video when Only Needed

You don’t have to be the center of attention in all of your videos. You only need to choose areas that you would be a big help. Learn to know your limits, having a team will bring you a good video. remember, teamwork makes the dream work!


Always exert time and effort, patience is needed as your business grows gradually. Learn, Learn and Learn. There is always room for improvement, keep in mind that every day we learn new things. And lastly, keep motivating yourself and persevere until you reach success.

The Most Effective Method to Garner Views on YouTube

A Step by Step Method to Attain Greater Amount of Viewership and Engagement on your Videos! 

If you are using videos for online marketing for your business and finding a better way to garner more views than you expected, this is the right place to be. And if you are not into videos, you may want to change your mind after reading this.

YouTube is like a gravy train that the vast majority aren’t taking advantage of or possibly not as viable as they can be. The majority of individuals are basically making incorrect actions and unable to get the outcome that a video can give your business.

One of the people who is certainly doing it right is, Derral Eves, with more than 500k subs, and having 34 Billion views and counting that he’s straightforwardly responsible for.

Most importantly, videos can draw in individuals on a more profound level than you can carry out with some other medium. Furthermore, as you’ll discover soon, there’s an immense craving for video on the web. Individuals are getting ravening for this kind of content.

5 Brilliant Ways to Earn More Views on Your YouTube Videos

In this talk with Derral Eves you’ll discover…

  • Ways to assemble the messages of your video in a profoundly compelling manner. 
  • The best method to make videos that reverberate with your group of spectators. 
  • The mood for the content of the video that maintains your crowd exceptionally locked in 
  • How precisely to employ everything for your next video. 

Derral Eves assembled a methodology for the content. One that bodes well for our particular needs. Regardless of whether it’s LIVE video, previously posted, evergreen, it doesn’t make a difference!

But before we dive into the details. Let’s have a brief introduction to Derral Eves.

He was responsible for 34 Billion views regarding Marketing Videos. He has a channel that is leading on videos of “How-To” on YouTube. He started in 2005 and now has a corporation that concentrates on the development of audiences, growth, and monetize YouTube videos & other paid media systems.

A portion of his greatest customers includes prominent brands like Red Bull, Amazon, ESPN, Volkswagen, Google, Adobe, and YouTube.


  • He is YouTube Certified
  • He has 5 Certifications by Adwords
  • He is a Certified Google Analyst
  • He earned more than 20 gold YouTube plaques
  • Lastly, He has almost reached 20 Billion views on Facebook


Have you ever encountered the “squatty potty” commercial or otherwise known as unicorn poop? Derral Eves and Harmon Brothers were responsible for that video that garnered an approximate $45 Million of income within a year. 

I think he knows what he is gonna talk about!

Consider Using Online Video 

Are you planning or taking into account to push ahead to creating a business in the absence of the help of videos? Possibly on the grounds that you dread being on a video, or it needs a lot of work, or simply can’t do it?

Derral has an extraordinary inquiry for you. What is the largest program watched in the U.S. consistently?

Is it The Grammys? Oscars? Super Bowl? The answer is:

It’s really the Super Bowl’s Halftime show. This bit of the greatest round of the year acquires a larger number of people viewing it than everything else EACH and EVERY YEAR!


More than 80 million Americans watch more than 2 billion videos each day. Imagine that the views of the Super Bowl Halftime are multiplied by 40, look at the number of the total of views the Super Bowl garners.

Forbes Magazine states that:

  • Whenever there is a written and a video regarding a content, 68% of the people would choose to watch than reading
  • More than 70% of individuals are bound to purchase an item online subsequent to watch the video 
  • An approximate of 80% of individuals can remember a video promotion they’ve seen in the previous 30 days

So, Why do you need to use a Video Marketing Strategy?

Here are some reasons:

  1. Videos are claimed to be more than 80% of all web traffic
  2. Adding videos to Emails can boost rates of click-through by more than 200%
  3. About 90% of customers state that videos helped them in decision-making
  4. The mobile usage continues to grow every year
  5. Inserting videos in greetings can increase conversion rates by 90%


In any event in the event that you would prefer not to be totally left behind by the individuals who utilize video, it’s obligatory.

It basically must add video marketing in your armory. Online videos are totally changing the manner in which we find information by means of the web, and increasingly more it’s getting difficult to keep away from. 

For what reason would you keep away from that monstrous amount of audience at any rate?


A must ask 8 questions before getting started with the Content wish to Make 

So since you know why should you begin utilizing marketing videos to develop your business, how about we discuss how to make it successfully!

Derral Eves states perhaps the greatest slip-up that individuals make isn’t thinking about the objective behind the video they are making before getting the video to record. Preparedness is critical in the event that you need to make this viably. 

The more readiness and arranging, the better you obey methods, the greater improvement the content you’ll make. Content that draws in with individuals and makes them make a move implies you acquire leads and deals!

Questions to ask before making videos:

1st Question: For what reason Are you Making the Content? 

You should be explicit about the reason for the video you’re going to make. Besides, every video ought to have its own particular reason.

4 Reasons for Content Online

  • Build Awareness 
  • Impact Consideration because videos are the most dominant approach to influence somebody to think about a choice 
  • Driving Online Sales or even Offline
  • Developing Loyalty, meaning reconnecting with your locale, and contacting them such that makes them stay inspired by what you’re really doing. 

You’re continually tending to be categorized as one of these reasons with your content. Also, you should learn which you’ll be utilizing for every particular video, before even considering hitting the record.

2nd Question: Who Are You Competing With?

The expert Derral Eves holds a fascinating interpretation of rivalry. He states that you ought to pose the inquiry: “Should they be considered my rivals?”

This may be not quite the same as what you’ve heard by other people who need you to simply get out and beat the tar off your opposition. This is on the grounds that in Derral Eves’ perspective, we dwell in a universe of a joint effort.

Thinking along these lines, you understand that specific individuals have abilities and resources they can utilize, and teaming up rather than simply contending can be gainful to everybody!

3rd Question: Who Are you Targeting to Get in Contact?

Realizing your group of spectators is the way into ALL great marketing and creating content.

Who’s the person that you’re attempting to contact? Derral Eves has an intriguing and clearly compelling route. He essentially considers somebody that he knew, and inquire if they would draw in with his content?

Basically he’s utilizing individuals he is acquainted with as his icon.

For example, if he’s cooperating with a customer who has a group of people or teenagers, he’ll use his own children to perceive how they respond to the video content that he makes videos around. 

At that point, he knew other youngsters who will undoubtedly like it as well!

4th Question: Who are your Main Audience and Your Demographic Target?

When you acknowledge who are you attempting to reach, at that point you show signs of better thought of who will your main crowd be? You have both the main crowd and main watcher, so you’ll need to give close consideration to find out what are the similarities between the two are.

5th Question: What is the value your customers can profit from your Content?

Here’s where things become real with the videos. Comprehend the idea of marketing, at that point you realize that if you upload video content that has no worth, you’re just wasting time.

The Value of the video is the thing that makes attraction, where individuals consider you to be the expert they’ve been searching for. When there is no value, it implies individuals proceed onward to your rival’s videos, until the viewers discover somebody who is providing them the value they needed.

3 Simple Ways to have Valued for your Viewers

These are the necessary things your content needed to accomplish for your group of spectators?

  • Inspire
  • Educate 
  • Entertain 

These are the main ways that somebody can find value in the content of your videos!

You should be unmistakable in making content that tackles on all or some of those three ways as could be expected. Ensure your content to be significant, and in the event that you can encourage one individual to dial in, at that point you can discover the same spectators, and that is the way things develop. 

Since when somebody discovers value, they are bound to share! Furthermore, obviously that is the thing that you need, and that is the manner by which things turn into an internet sensation! 

6th Question: What Is the Main Message and Content Tone of your Video?

Informing and tonality are ways of having your content to a degree of genuine commitment. As it were, it’s what will make the watcher to really watch the entire video! Simply realize that an inappropriate tone could divert from the message, and may result in them to click away.

7th Question: How Are you Planning to Maximize the reach of your Content?

The content of your video must come close to the web platform you’re on. It is known that YouTube is the pinnacle of video contents, it still may not be the top spot to discover and draw in with your crowd.

They might be on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Obviously you need the greatest reach conceivable, so you would prefer not to disregard YouTube. In any case, you might need to build your principal focus on another stage before all else. Everything relies upon your niche and the group of spectators.

8th Question: What Resembles Success?

You should have an objective at the top of the priority list when it comes to your videos, to decide whether the video was an achievement.

Well, real achievement means getting individuals to purchase your item, or joining business opportunities. Your video may not reach them right away, however ought to be the preliminary to make that bound to occur not far off.

This implies you need to think about different parts of your channel. For example, in case you’re building links from your videos, however, aren’t getting purchasers once individuals come across to your webpage, at that point you should augment your site, your greeting page, email campaigns and so forth.

The 6 C’s You need in having Successful Marketing Videos

For more than 13 years of making videos on YouTube for the absolute greatest organizations on the planet, Derral has concocted a simple method to typically make a fruitful video promoting the system.

Following these 6 C’s will make it simpler for you to copy accomplishment again and again with video advertising, much the same as it has for Derral Eves and his understudies. 

The 6 C’s Are as Follows:

  1. Content 
  1. Connection 
  1. Consistency 
  1. Community 
  1. Call to Action 
  1. Collaboration 

Quality written content is the final deciding factor. Always remember to create content that is stunning and doesn’t suck.

The Method of Creating Videos

Segment #1: Hook “The Initial Few Seconds of the Video”

“Hook” is actually what it seems like. It’s where you rapidly catch their eye, lure them, and make them move beside and wanting to listen more.

If they’re locked in, in the initial 5 seconds, at that point they’ll, for the most part, remain for 32 additional seconds.

Your hook line may be as basic as expressing your point.

“Today I’m demonstrating how to…”

This ought to be kept brief, and attempting to produce it any more drawn out could get viewers to leave. 

Segment #2: Intro and Set-Up “25 Seconds following the Hook”

When you’ve caught their eye, Intro and Set-Up basically prepare them for what will occur in the video. For what reason would it be advisable for them to stay any more? What are they going to receive in return? Will they learn something from it?

In the event that you make them continuously watching the introduction and set up, they will remain for an additional 60 seconds. 

Segment #3: Marking Brand “Next Couple of Seconds after Intro and Set-Up”

It needs to be short and basic here. A picture or a slogan, a thing that makes you be remembered so viewers consider you each and every time. Give it 3 to 4 seconds max on this to the extent time goes.

An incredible sample of this is in the event that you consider NBC. NBC got three rings and when you hear it, you are aware it’s NBC! 

Segment #4: The Re-Engaging “Next 45 Seconds after Branding”

Now you have them locked in, they will have knowledge of what they will discover, and now you have your image in there. Presently you need to simply rapidly reconnect because attention spans come in quick.

Provide them somewhat more insight regarding precisely what your video is all about, possibly state a major point you’ll make, and demonstrate to them what they’ll achieve from viewing it. You’re basically pulling them back in by demonstrating them more advantages they’re going to get.

Extremely basic and takes out two targets with one shot. It reconnects them on the video and connects them to the community you created.

Given the chance that you get them through the Re-Engagement, they’ll practically complete your whole video, but it still depends on the duration. This is on the grounds that you’ve worked admirably at making some development.

Segment #5: Content (Time is subject to change)

It’s an ideal opportunity to provide them what you discussed from the start of the video. This is the place you bring value, establish credibility and trust with the watcher.

To what extent should the content bit be? You should just know your group of spectators. This varies upon the value you’re including, and relying upon your association with your group of spectators.

Remember that individuals lose enthusiasm in a span of 1 and a half minutes. So every minute you’ll need to rapidly reconnect to keep focus. 

Here’s a tip, Jot down and keep before you precisely what you’ll be talking about to maintain the order of topics. Provide them what they sought for, and come to the heart of the matter. This would be the most significant with watchers, who are not aware of how you get things done. 

Segment #6: Wrapping Up “Needs to be super Short”

Attempt to reconnect rapidly. Now, individuals realize that you’re wrapping it up, thus you proceed to the following part as fast as would be prudent. 

Segment #7: Connect with Viewer

It is the place you need to get their attention, so they won’t click away. They realize you’re nearly done, yet you need to make them to your call to take action.

Segment #8: The Verbal Call-to-Action

In this segment, the creator should instruct the viewers, or they will do nothing. This where you instruct them to buy in, to visit the website in the depiction, or whatever activity you need them to get.

By utilizing content seen on screen, however verbally guiding them next.

Segment #9: The Closer  “The Catch Phrase”

The closer needs to be quick, and simply some leaving words that you shrivel say every time or some catchphrase that you may utilize. An example is “Don’t Forget to smile” or “Stay Hydrated”

You may also choose or create your own. Be unique!

So let’s wrap this up. This is the method of creating videos, with a demonstrated breakdown, planned explicitly on the sort of content that was ought to put out there to garner the most preferred outcome.