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4 Excellent Facebook Video Ads

There was a time was YouTube was the default platform for videos on the net and Facebook was just, well, Facebook. Now Facebook is changing that – and fast.

The day they launched auto-play videos, it was immediately obvious to some that it will just be a matter of time before they roll out the change to video ads, too. With 3 billion views each day reported recently, it has no doubt boosted interest in the opportunities for video on the platform.

So, if you’re thinking of using Facebook videos to reach a new market, good call! It’s not enough to just get in the game and start utilizing Facebook video ads for your brand, though. You must do it right and do it well.

So here are some Facebook video campaigns that are worth looking into. Hopefully, you’ll be able to replicate their success, tapping into the key traits that made them some of the best video ads on Facebook.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Who doesn’t remember the widely phenomenal ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, that made its rounds on Facebook in 2014? Even before Facebook launched its auto-play videos, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was already rocking the Facebook video avenue.

Creating more awareness of the disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and collecting $41.8 million in donations within the first few weeks, this online equivalent of a chain letter was probably the most viral video campaign of all time. It was such a hit that by its 30th day, it had pulled in $100.9 million in total donations.

As well, Facebook reported that between June 1 and Aug 17, over 28 million people talked about the challenge. Even Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg participated.

There are a lot of theories as to why the challenge has gone viral in a way rarely seen in charity campaigns. Of course, the kickoff could be credited to ALS patient Pete Frates and his large Facebook following.

At the core of many successful video marketing campaigns is the video’s high visibility, so that the more popular you are, the more popular your videos will be and the better they’ll rank on search engines of all kinds.

Did you know that you can get your videos noticed faster by buying YouTube views and other signals of engagement? The better you rank, the easier it will be for people to find your videos.

So, what made the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge popular? Three things: narcissism, social media pressure, and good old competitiveness. From a marketing point of view, the timing was also perfect.

Had it happened in the cold days of winter, it’s doubtful whether there’d be as many people who would still willingly pour ice water over their heads.

Certainly, its philanthropic nature also attracted the attention of many people. Add to that the participation of many famous celebrities, and it’s no wonder why the Ice Bucket Challenge went down in history as one of the best campaigns the social media world has ever seen.

Taylor vs Treadmill

The psychology of storytelling was cleverly used by Apple in this video campaign. Stories create a personal connection and emotional engagement. That a famous personality shared that story also made a very powerful impact.

In the video, Taylor Swift was heard muttering how she hated cardio. In real life, Taylor Swift also tweeted that the video was “based on true events.” She connected with the viewers.

Who hasn’t, at least once, had a near miss accident involving the treadmill? Well, probably not anyone gifted with agility that would shame a cat, but falling off a treadmill is very relatable. It’s also very funny, and seeing a celebrity in that situation is just great.

The top emotion experienced by people who’ve seen the video was reported to be amusement. It’s worth noting that people are 30% less likely to skip videos with humorous content. Those facts pretty much sum up how the Taylor vs Treadmill video ad by Apple got 11 million views in just four days.

Like A Girl

Anything that tugs at the heartstrings is, generally, a good candidate for a viral campaign. Take the “Like A Girl” video ad for example. Viewed over 76 million times, this video by Procter and Gamble’s Always brand was as powerful as it was emotional.

The video left such a strong impression that from more than 2,700 submissions for Facebook Awards, Like A Girl took the top honor for effective marketing campaigns in 2015. The ad even won a 2015 Emmy for outstanding commercial!

The video brilliantly illustrated how societal stereotypes about gender, particularly around the phrase “like a girl” made mainly into a negative by men, can change young women’s perception of themselves and of what a girl should be.

Even though not a thing was mentioned about the feminine pads it was selling, it superbly did its job of sending a positive message to young girls and possibly their mothers who will, in all probability, choose brands they feel good about.

Love Has No Label

love has no race

Another example of a heartwarming video ad, the Love Has No Label campaign by the AdCouncil, was the 2nd Most Viewed Video of 2015 and the 2nd Most Viral Video on Facebook.

The campaign video first debuted on Upworthy’s Facebook page in March 2015. It has since then been viewed 47 million times with over 1.4 million shares to date. The video ad also won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial.

The video speaks of a universal truth that all humans inherently know but often forget: that we’re all the same inside. This was creatively and adroitly delivered when the skeletons were visible on a giant x-ray screen before the people came out from behind, revealing how they were actually different in race, religion, age and all the other biases that we tend to use to judge people with.

Indeed, before anything else, we’re all humans. This message reverberated with countless people, not just on Facebook. In fact, on YouTube, it got 1.1 million views in just 24 hours.

This is the kind of response that you want to go for and it’s the reason why people buy YouTube views, for example, to drive engagement to their site and up their brand awareness level. Above that, though, you shouldn’t forget about the quality of the content of your video.

This video features a message that strikes deep into the current issues we’re dealing with in our society. AdCouncil believed that for societal change to come, the change must come first from within ourselves.

Facebook Videos Are Here to Stay

The virality of a video can never be guaranteed, even if your Facebook video has all the qualities the video ads above have.

Just the same, you can increase the likelihood of your campaign going viral by publishing charitable, compassionate, hilarious, highly emotional content, and throwing a strong message into the equation.

There are many other qualities shared by viral videos and you should explore them all throughout your video ads. What’s important at the moment is that you include Facebook videos in your broader marketing campaigns, because Facebook videos are definitely here to stay.

Best of luck!

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