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10 of the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

When you upload a video on YouTube, you cannot expect everyone who will watch that to like your content. You can’t please everyone.

10 of the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

Most of the time, people rank YouTube videos based on their number of likes and views. This video sharing platform has a plethora of viewers and likers. However, that does not necessarily mean that it is protected from having dislikes. The truth is that some YouTube videos, even the most viral ones, can have a staggering number of dislikes, too. 

10 of the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

When you upload a video on YouTube, you cannot expect everyone to watch that to like your content. Some would be displeased with your video, and they would show it to you by hitting the dislike button. 

If you are curious about what videos have received the most dislike, this article will help you find out. You have to wonder if these YouTubers bought YouTube likes to hide the damage their video got!

10 Videos on YouTube That Received the Most Dislikes

10. Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer – 3.88 Million Dislikes

This is not the only gaming-related YouTube video that made into this list to give you a heads up. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare came out on YouTube back in 2016. However, it’s odd about this video that the comments on it had positive things to say about the game itself despite the video having 3.88 million dislikes. 

Some of those who disliked the video expressed their regrets for judging the game quickly based only on the trailer. The video has more than 43 million views, and many people are still watching it four years after it first came out. 

9. Despacitio Music Video by Luis Fonti ft. Daddy Yankee – 4.54 Million Dislikes

The reason why Despacito made it to this list is large because of how its presence over-saturated people after its release. It is as if the song and its various remixes play wherever you go. 

But regardless of the 4.54 million dislikes that it received, it was nothing compared to the massive number of likes it received. This video has 38.02 million likes and more than 6 billion views.

The song might sound overrated now because it over-saturated us back then, but we cannot deny that millions of people love it. 

8. PewDiePie’s “Can this video get 1 Million Dislikes” – 4.75 Million Dislikes

In a video on his YouTube channel, PewDiePie requested his viewers to give him a million dislikes for that particular video. His request was granted. In fact, he got much more than he asked for. 

Currently, the video has 4.74 million dislikes. This is not surprising considering that PewDiePie has around 105 million YouTube subscribers. Also, his fans are willing to do anything to show their support to their favorite YouTuber. 

This particular video, which was published in December 2016, now has more than 20 million views. 

7. It’s Everyday Bro by Jake Paul ft. Team 10 – 4.81 Million Dislikes

Jake Paul’s music video for his song “It’s Everyday Bro” belongs to this list due to the 4.81 million dislikes that it received. If you have already seen the video, then there is no doubt that you’ll understand why it got more dislikes than likes. In fact, this video has 2.9 million likes, which is almost half of the dislikes that it received. 

10 of the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

6. LooLoo Kid’s Johny Johny Yes Papa – 5.90 Million Dislikes

It is strange to think why a less than two-minute children’s song can receive so many dislikes. However, the 5.90 million dislikes that LooLoo Kid’s Johny Johny Yes Papa received are nothing compared to the billions of views. 

Many kids watch this catchy song over and over, much to the annoyance of their parents. It is not a terrible video. But just like any other children’s songs, its lyrics are simple and repetitive. The video shows a baby who is trying to sneak sugar cubes while his father is not looking. Needless to say, Johny is hardly deserving of more than 5 million dislikes.

5. Learning Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm by Miroshka TV – 6.40 Million Dislikes

Once you see this video, you’ll understand why 6.40 million people disliked it. Learning Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm runs at five minutes and 10 seconds. Nothing is wrong with the lyrics of the video as it teaches children about colors. However, this crudely animated video uses cartoon eggs wearing creepy smiles to teach children of colors. 

Moreover, the video is narrated in Russian. But the “Old McDonald Had a Farm” song is playing on its background in the English language. 

True enough, children will learn about colors through this video. However, the cartoon eggs do weird acts like smashing themselves and combining them to make giant eggs. This is weird enough that it justifies why it received so many dislikes.

4. Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories’ Baby Shark Dance – 7.71 Million Dislikes

No matter how popular Baby Shark is to children and toddlers alike, its video gained nearly eight million dislikes. There is no way to find out where the dislikes came from. In fact, it may have come from children who were watching the video and accidentally hit the dislike button. 

Moreover, Baby Shark was published in June 2016. As of now, it already has more than five billion views. 

3. YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record – 8.98 Million Dislikes

This video was uploaded by YouTube itself to answer the criticisms thrown at its much-reviled YouTube Rewind 2018 video. While it received almost nine million dislikes, it is much fewer compared to Rewind’s predecessor. Also, it seems to have a more cohesive theme. It is also much shorter than the 2018 Rewind video.

2. Baby by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris – 11.39 Million Dislikes 

This music video became the start of Justin Bieber’s fame. Debuted back in 2010, it is still going strong with more than two billion views. 

10 of the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

Ever since it was published, the music video received 13 million likes. However, the odd thing is it has 11.39 million dislikes, which is only slightly less than the number of likes it received. Justin Bieber’s Baby has been up for 10 years already. However, it’s as if people still cannot decide if it is terrible or not.

1. YouTube Rewind 2018 – 17.93 Million Dislikes

Yes, the most disliked video on YouTube is uploaded by YouTube itself. If you have already watched Rewind 2018, there is no doubt that you’ll understand why it received so many dislikes. 

There are several reasons why this video received so many thumbs down. It is corny, and a lot of things are going on. On top of that, it seems like a weird patchwork of 2018 memes joined together. Besides, the video is too lengthy, and YoouTube included some cringe after-school special moments.


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