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5 Tips For Building Your Brand On YouTube

YouTube has been highly influential in the digital marketplace. It gives brands the opportunity to engage with their target audience, and deepens the customer’s knowledge. This creates a strong relationship that will never be possible on platforms like television.

According to the findings of a study done by Pixability, the Top 100 global brands are building a strong presence on YouTube by creating better content that results in higher engagement. In 2015 alone, there were 611,000 brand videos that generated a total of 40 billion views!

But surprisingly, only 9% of small businesses had their own channels in 2015. YouTube is the ideal place where you can upload videos of your products and services and help you improve your brand awareness, sales, and revenue. If you aren’t effectively leveraging this network, you’re definitely missing out on the opportunity.

If you want to build a strong video presence as part of your marketing strategy (which you should!), you can jumpstart that process by purchasing views, likes, and other types of social engagement. Keep that in mind, and in this article we’ll show you a thing or two about the different brands who are killing it on YouTube, and how they got where they are today.

1. Showcase Your Products In A Unique Way


Blendtec became popular thanks to their “Will it Blend?” videos. One of the most famous videos was when they blended up a new iPhone that was just launched on the market. It was expensive and destructive but it did show how strong their blenders are!

The video now has more than 5 million views. Their channel also has different episodes of them blending other objects that have attracted more than 900,000 subscribers to their channel.


VAT19 is a business where you can find “curiously awesome” gifts. They’re also a great example on how to showcase your products in a unique way. They’ve uploaded more than 1,000 entertaining videos and have more than 3 million subscribers.

2. Embody Your Branding In Your Videos

Red Bull

Red Bull has more than 6,000 videos and more than 5 million subscribers. As an energy drink, their videos focus on promoting a lifestyle that is active and adventurous.

Their videos show the ideal lives their target customers might have – with a little help from their energy drink. Their branding is consistent in all their videos.

Their most popular videos are full of athletes, daredevils, and other risk-takers doing awesome things like driving a race car on ice, building a wooden bike from scratch, and climbing the frozen Niagara falls.

Dollar Shave Club

Another great example: In March 2012, a video promoting a razor-blade business called Dollar Shave Club went viral. The video features the company’s founder, Michael Dubin, encouraging men to buy his razor blades on subscription for only $1 a month to start. To date the video has more than 24 million views!

The video shows that Dollar Shave Club isn’t just another razor company. Their brand and videos are known for their distinct culture, attitude, and humor. This resonates well with their audience and makes them want to know what Dollar Shave Club will do or offer next.

3. Consistently Upload On Your Channel


Sephora uploads a new video on their channel almost every day. To date, they’ve uploaded over 2,000 videos and they have more than 750k subscribers.

These videos add way more to the customer experience by demonstrating how to use their products in fun and innovative ways. This is how a YouTube channel can help create and maintain a buzz around your brand, going beyond a merely transactional relationship.

Monster High

Every week Monster High features a variety of different videos on their YouTube channel. They produce webisodes, songs, product videos, and more about the Monster High World.

Overall, they have more than 4,000 videos on their main channel and have about 15 other channels for 15 countries. Through consistent posting they’ve attracted a whole lot of subscribers from all over the world, and kept them coming back for more every week.

4. Use A Variety of Content

The variety of content on Walmart’s YouTube channel is impressive. They touch on an immense number of different topics such as easy recipes, money saving tips, new product tutorials, price match testimonials, and blogger partners that do product reviews.

When they were promoting the fact that they now carry organic meat and produce, they produced the Eat Fresh With Walmart video series. The playlist now has nearly 137,000 views.

Having variety in your content will keep your users interested and increases engagement on your channel. Another great example of this is Guitar Center.

Their channel features clips of web series performances, artist interviews, promotional videos and Guitar Center sessions. They have more than 2,000 videos and almost 500k subscribers on their channel.

5. Engage Your Audience

By involving their fans in their content creation, GoPro has built a loyal and engaged audience and subscriber base. GoPro has more than 1,800 videos and more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube. The authenticity of their videos help viewers feel connected to the brand.

Currently there are about 6,000 videos uploaded on YouTube everyday with the word GoPro in its title or description. The nature of the device pretty much encourages people to advertise by word of mouth (or word of viral video).

They saw the opportunity to easily use content that was fun and exciting for their customers to make. Towards the end of 2013, GoPro released a couple of fan-submitted videos on their channel which received millions of views.

Adam Dorbusch, GoPro’s senior director of content distribution, notes, “They capture stuff we never even thought of. They’re taking us to the next level of what’s possible with what they’re capturing.” They saw that people really want to be associated with their product, and they took full advantage of it.

Another great example of brands engaging with their audience is ModCloth. This San Francisco-based online store found a way to turn their customers into brand ambassadors via YouTube. They also offer fashion lessons, style tips, and contests to engage their viewers even more.

Business Videos Should Make Money

Video marketing is becoming a must-have for digital content strategies. We’ve shown you examples of how different brands use YouTube in slightly different ways, though they all hit on most of the key points for success on this platform.

If you decide that YouTube fame is in your future, you can get there faster by purchasing views, subscribers, and other types of engagement for your videos. If you can harness the power of social proof on YouTube correctly, you’ll see your brand awareness and engagement soar to great heights.

Remember, buying views will help but it isn’t everything. Combine that with a solid content strategy, consistently putting out high-quality videos like the companies we’ve described above, and you’ll get to YouTube stardom in no time!

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