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can't make a living on youtube

Why You Can’t Make a Living on YouTube

You have probably heard stories of YouTubers posting viral videos and making a ton of money from their videos. Like many of us, stories of people making money online are bound to catch your attention, and maybe you have been thinking of creating a YouTube channel and making money out of it too. Hate to burst your bubble, but truth be told, YouTube is a tough place to make money.

Generally, the most logical way of making money on YouTube is through ad placement with Google’s AdSense program. The average estimate of money earned from YouTube ads is about $7.50 for every 1,000 impressions. Depending on the advertiser, an impression could be a click or watching an ad for a predetermined length of time. Granted, that’s not a whole lot of money. In addition, that means when a viewer skips an ad or when they are running an ad blocker, you are not going to get paid. It‘s evident that YouTube videos are not the best way to make money online. However, this does not mean that YouTube is not important to your business. On the contrary, YouTube can serve as a very effective tool for promoting your brand.

How to use YouTube to build your brand

According to a survey by Cisco, global consumer internet traffic will reach 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014. Incorporating the use of video in your marketing strategy is a good idea. Using YouTube, you can establish yourself or your business as an authority in your niche and put your brand in front of millions of viewers. Here, a question arises. How do you establish yourself as an authority on YouTube? Below are tips that will help you build an unshakable brand campaign on YouTube.

Create quality content

High-quality content is what catches the attention of your viewers and keeps them coming back to your channel, or better yet, subscribing to your channel. If your videos connect emotionally with your audience, then they won’t think twice about sharing your videos with their friends and followers on social media. To ensure that your videos have high-quality content that will connect with your target audience, you should ask yourself these three questions:

Who exactly is my target audience? Think in terms of age, location and interests.
What exactly does my audience really want to learn from me?
What is the best way to deliver this content to my audience in video format?
Use your logo liberally

When it comes to branding, your logo is one of the most important factors, and is the element that customers are going to remember most about your business. It reminds your clients the values that your business stands for. As such, you should place your logo in all your video content, in your branded intro and in your channel art. This will create repeated impressions that will create familiarity with your brand, and with time, people will come to associate your logo with your particular type of content.

Associate your domain name with your YouTube channel

By associating your website with your YouTube channel, you are basically telling your audience that this particular channel is an official representation of your brand. The key benefit of doing this is that when users search for your brand or keywords related to the services that your brand offers, they will get more relevant video results pointing to your business.

Build a network

Apart from being a video-sharing platform, what drives the popularity of YouTube is the fact that users can interact with each other and create a network. As a marketer, you should strive to build a network of loyal fans around your channel who regularly watch your video content and interact with it. They will give you feedback and share your videos with their friends and followers on various social media platforms. This will help grow your reach beyond your subscribers and will act as consumer endorsement for your brand. To ensure loyalty from your viewers, you should produce content that is specifically tailored for them and ensure that you are consistent in posting your videos.

Buy views

Buying views for your YouTube videos is a controversial tactic that is loved and hated in equal measure. However, it can be a very effective way of building and promoting  your brand on YouTube. This tactic works based on the concept of social proof, where people are more likely to do something because their peers are doing it too. When your videos have high numbers of views, they come across as instantly more authoritative and interesting. Consequently, more people will be interested in watching your videos and subscribing to your channel because they believe they your content will provide them with value. Of course, all this will lead to the growth of your brand.

However, you need to note that buying of views has its risks. It’s against YouTube’s terms of service, and therefore, before engaging in the practice, you should do some research to ensure that you get your views from a top-quality seller and not some scammer who will sell low-quality views that YouTube will recognize as fake. Views bought from high-quality sellers cannot be detected as easily by YouTube’s algorithms and can boost your ranking in YouTube’s video search.

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