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Devumi vs. FastFollowerz: Who has better YouTube views?

Buying views and subscribers can fast track your dreams to success and glory on YouTube. As a result, there are a lot of players in the game selling these services. If you do choose to buy YouTube views, however, don’t just buy from the first website you stumble across. It’s a better idea to shop around before you make your purchase and get the best service possible for your money.

In fact, we’ve done the shopping around for you. Here, we will do a side-by-side comparison of the two top vendors, Devumi and FastFollowerz, to help you decide if either of them is right for you.


FastFollowerz is a New York-based social media services provider. The company has been around for about two years and sells a myriad of social media services including YouTube views, likes and subscribers. FastFollowerz stands out for their well-designed customer dashboard and the real-looking, high-quality followers they provide.


Devumi has been around for about six years, a period during which they have become renowned providers of YouTube subscribers, views and engagements. The features that sets Devumi aside from their competitors include a very reliable YouTube subscribers service as well as a dedicated personal support team.

Pricing and discounts

One of the key factors that people consider before buying followers is the price. When it comes to pricing, both Devumi and FastFollowerz are on the same level. They both start at $19 for 1,000 Twitter followers, $39 for 2,500 followers and $99 for 10,000 followers. However, as the number of followers increases, a difference emerges between the two. Buying followers from FastFollowerz becomes cheaper. Getting 250,000 Twitter followers from FastFollowerz will cost you $1,499, while you will have to part with $1,799 for the same amount of followers from Devumi.

Quality of followers

One of the features that has contributed to the popularity of these two providers is the quality of subscribers they both provide. Both Devumi and FastFollowers promise to provide you with follows from active and high-quality English accounts. The followers are delivered gradually and naturally, with both companies using the safest promotion techniques. Both companies claim that their followers have high retention rates. However, there have been reviews from previous clients claiming that followers from FastFollowerz drop frequently. In addition, Devumi has a one up over FastFollowerz since its followers also provide engagements with your content. They will Retweet and favorite your posts.

Quality of service

Another feature contributing to the ranking of these two companies is the high quality of service that they provide. When you buy followers from either of these companies, you get a 100% money back guarantee in case you do not get the followers as promised. In addition, both of them have a replacement guarantee in case the followers they provided drop. However, another slight difference appears here. Devumi offers a one year replacement guarantee, while FastFollowerz, on the other hand, offers a two year replacement guarantee. Both do not ask for your password, which is contrary to Twitter’s terms of service. To top it off, FastFollowerz will give you a well designed client dashboard where you can follow your progress, while Devumi accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, bitcoin, MasterCard and American Express among others.

Customer support

You don’t want to buy followers and then spend hours on end waiting for a reply when you try to follow up an issue with your provider, do you? Well, how do the two compare here measure up? According to reviews from previous customers, it comes out that one of the most notable features of Devumi is their superb customer support, which is both fast and helpful. Although FastFollowerz provides its clients with a well designed customer dashboard for them to follow their progress, it has been noted that following up issues with their customer support team can be annoying and frustrating, since they are somewhat slow in responding to issues.


Both Devumi and FastFollowerz are popular as high-quality providers of YouTube views and services, so the competition between the two is very tight. It depends on your needs. When you want to purchase a particularly high number of followers, then FastFollowerz is the cheaper option.

However, when the quality of followers is your main concern, Devumi emerges as the better option. Their followers have higher retention rates and offer engagements as well. Although Devumi offers a shorter replacement guarantee, you will hardly need it because of the top-quality viewers it offers that won’t be eliminated any time soon. In addition, Devumi makes it easier to order, with multiple acceptable payment methods. When it comes to the quality of customer support, Devumi beats FastFollowerz flat out. Our final verdict is that Devumi emerges as the better provider of YouTube views.

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