YouTube Videos Can Now Appear on Snapchat Stories As Stickers

YouTube Videos Can Now Appear on Snapchat Stories As Stickers

YouTube is a treasure trove of video content. There are 800 million videos on the platform, hosted in 37 million channels. You can spend a year just watching those and get not even halfway done come New Year’s eve. According to reports, YouTube users upload 500 hours of video every minute. That makes the mission of watching all YouTube videos even more impossible to complete.

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Recap Of The YouTube Mobile App Revamp

Recap Of The YouTube Mobile App Revamp

From Android 11 and iPhone 12, we can see how much mobile phones have evolved. They are essentially portable computers when before, they were used mainly for texts and calls. It would not be too farfetched to say that in 2021, the mobile phone’s primary purpose is to let people access the internet no matter where they go. There’s a reason why they are now called “smartphones.”

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New Features Coming to YouTube in 2021

New Features Coming to YouTube in 2021

Ever since it was launched, YouTube has provided people on the internet entertainment. Now, more than a decade later, it still continues to do that. As a matter of fact, YouTube is the largest video-streaming platform. Also, it is the second most-visited website – losing only to its parent, Google. 

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A Storm Of New Features Arriving On YouTube to Boost Views

A Storm Of New Features Arriving On YouTube

Every minute, content creators on YouTube upload around 100 hours of videos on the platform. And not just that. Reports say that YouTube grabs the better attention of the viewers than primetime television. From that alone, we can see how successful YouTube is at being the world’s biggest video-streaming platform.

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YouTube Taking Views from Clubhouse Explained: YouTube Shorts

Clubhouse Explained: What is This Invite-Only Chat Platform All About

If you have been on social media frequently, then you might have already seen Clubhouse and wonder what it is all about. If you are wondering what Clubhouse is, then you are in the right place. Read on as we explain everything you need to know about Clubhouse. You’ll see why YouTube is adding new features to keep up with the competition.

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KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator with Growing YouTube Views

A Glimpse at KreekCraft’s Life As a Gaming Creator

Now that we live in an era of technological innovations, online gaming has become more popular these days. Most of us have subscribed to different streamers and witnessed their journey as famous personalities in the gaming world. YouTube is the leading social media platform that most streamers use to gain supporters and followers. KreekCraft is one of these streamers who became popular with playing games every day and making Roblox video theories and updates.

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Remembering YouTube Star Nicole and her Many YouTube Views

YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dies Along with Her Unborn Child

YouTube star Nicole Thea died on July 11 at the age of 24, along with her unborn child.

The family of the London-based influencer has confirmed the news in an Instagram post published on Sunday. In the post, they also stated that Thea’s unborn baby died with her.

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The Things That You Should Know Before Publishing Your Very First YouTube Video

The interests of viewers are changing continuously. This is the reason why your first YouTube video must be game-changing. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur, a brand, a content, creator, YouTube is an extremely helpful platform that allows you to reach new audiences. In addition, it helps you expand your channel’s growth.

However, the main reason for the success of popular YouTube channels is not just having great content. Rather, it is more important that you know how to optimize your videos as well. 

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YouTube Fights Myths and Improves Health Content Views

Health is something that people should pay attention to. Especially now that there is a global pandemic affecting everyone, they should access health information the quickest way possible. And when you say the quickest way, the first thing one will think of is no doubt the internet. 

Now that everyone can have limited access to healthcare, such as hospitals, they turn to the internet to search for health-related information. In addition, they now consume more video content than ever. For instance, when they experience coughs or colds, they look for video tutorials that teach home remedies. This made YouTube even more popular than it already is. 

YouTube is Featuring New Health Content

There Are Many YouTube Myths In The Healthcare Space

Moreover, the video-sharing giant YouTube is aware that people rely on its platform for health-related information. For this reason, it is now coming up with an effective way to ensure that users will get the most factual health information that they need. There are still many YouTube myths about buying views, that are persistent across the platform.

Recently, the video-sharing giant YouTube has unveiled a new health partnerships team. This team will be responsible for addressing the evolving digital health needs of people. Also, it will continue to connect people with credible and reliable health information. 

Dr. Garth Graham will lead this new effort. His team will show YouTube users easy-to-understand medical information from some of the most respected clinicians and organizations in the healthcare industry.

Besides, the team will bring higher quality content from authoritative and evidence-based sources. This way, such content will be front and center on YouTube. 

More About Dr. Garth Graham

According to Dr. Graham, he saw the importance of health and access to health information firsthand while growing up. His parents emigrated from Jamaica to the US. The reason is that her mother was given a job as a nurse in Miami, Florida. After moving to the US, her mother would leave each and every day for the hospitals to treat her patients selflessly. 

But Dr. Graham’s mother did more than just treating patients. Instead, she fostered community with them. She equipped her patients with the information that they needed to understand their health conditions. In addition, she encouraged them with helpful ways of improving their health. 

Dr. Graham’s admiration for the work that her mother did and how she impacted people’s lives have become a huge part of his decision to become a doctor. 

For the past two decades, Dr. Graham has worked in many healthcare areas. He is a cardiologist who treats patients and a researcher who educates people. Also, he is a member of the health policy community that advocated for improved healthcare. 

Before he joined YouTube, he was a Chief Community Health Officer at CSV Health. He was also a Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, he has been the President of the Aetna Foundation and the Assistant Dean for Health Policy. In the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida School of Medicine. In the same department in that university, he was the Chief of Health Services Research.

YouTube is Featuring New Health Content

Taking all of these past positions into consideration, some may say that coming to YouTube is an outlier for his resume. However, he still feels excited to bring all the facets of all his experiences together. This will serve as a bridge for people between the clinical world and YouTube. 

How Dr. Graham Perceives the Evolution of Health Education Through Digital Video

As clinicians, Dr. Graham and his colleagues are always looking for various ways to move forward inpatient care. Also, they are constantly aiming to stay current when it comes to how the world is changing. 

Dr. Graham advised people not to let outdated pagers fool them. Those who want to be at the forefront of change in health should know the importance of YouTube in the digital revolution. The reason is that almost everyone around the world is always on their mobile phones, consuming videos. More specifically, most people are watching videos related to health information from YouTube and the internet. 

The Mission of Dr. Graham and His Team On YouTube

Dr. Graham noted that he and his team’s mission is to empower people to live their healthiest lives using knowledge, inspiration, and support. They want to ensure that everyone will be able to access credible and evidence-based information from trustworthy sources. Like we mentioned earlier, buying YouTube views is one of many myths that still linger.

However, the information that people can access in the digital space is so vast. For this reason, it isn’t easy to find out which information is trustworthy. It is also hard to find information sources that make complex medical jargon more accessible and easier to understand. 

Now that the world is facing one of its most challenging public health crises, people must access objective and evidence-based information. This will help them make healthy decisions. This is the reason why Dr. Graham and his team are excited to work with YouTube on innovative tactics that will ensure trustworthy scientific information is more broadly accessible, engaging, as well as actionable. 

The Plan of Bringing Additional Credible Content to YouTube

The team is now working hard to surface medical information that is easy to understand. This is the information that came from the most respected clinicians and organizations in healthcare.

YouTube is Featuring New Health Content

Some of the team’s newest collaborators include the Cleveland Clinic, American Public Health Association, Harvard School of Public Health, Osmosis, Mayo Clinic, Psych Hub, and the National Academy of Medicine. 

The aforementioned organizations are creating high-quality health content for viewers all around the globe. Besides, healthcare professionals are a major part of the vision for health on YouTube. 

Does YouTube Cause and Cure Depression and Drug-Use?

Long Struggle with Depression, Drugs: the Cause of YouTube Star Landon Clifford’s Suicide

“He was an amazing husband and the best father those girls could have ever asked for. It saddens me deeply that they will never get to know him truly. He was so young and had so much more life to live. This isn’t how things were supposed to go.” These were the words that Camryn Clifford wrote on her Instagram after she announced the death of her young husband, who committed suicide. 

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