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The Best Yet Underrated YouTube Channels of the Year 2020

If you are searching for some new quality content this 2020, we know the channels that are worth to for you to binge-watch.

The Best Yet Underrated YouTube Channels of the Year 2020

The largest names don’t always mean the greatest. Also, thousands and millions of subscribers don’t frequently mean that those channels are creating high-grade content. Safely buying real YouTube views offers a considerable amount of content every day, and it can be hard to go along with the content you like. You might not be able to know where you should start with.

The Best Yet Underrated YouTube Channels of the Year 2020

And by some incredible luck, we do. If you are searching for some new quality content this 2020, we know the channels that are worth to for you to binge-watch.

Channels For the Nerds: Science, Philosophy, and Learning

Minute Physics

Do you want to dive-in to physics and learn to know more about it but don’t have a long time to devote yourself to? Minute Physics makes science stress-free to understand with videos that seldom go on for more than a few minutes. Their lengthiest is about seven minutes, but frequently average around 90 seconds short. The channels help enlighten everything from “what is fire?” to the latest finding of the Higgs Boson. Now you can no longer feel out of place when your nerd friends talk about scientific issues, and you can now stop learning new insights from The Big Bang Theory.

Crash Course

Crash Course was made by two siblings accountable for Vlog Brothers, Hank and John Green. It offers short, 40 plus video courses on things that deal from biology to literature. Using creative depictions and cartoons, these videos can make anyone care about anything and could help you pass your school test and even two.

 Big Think

The channel Big Think compiles some of the best and brightest personalities in philosophy and science. It also tackles other areas to talk about imperative ideas, in short, all-inclusive videos. If you want to hear the physicist Michio Kaku talking about extra-terrestrial life forms and learn ideas on how to develop your mental health, the channel is an excellent source of remarkable new knowledge.  

The Creative Arts and Culture

Lessons from the Screenplay

Movie theories can be tough to absorb. Lessons from the Screenplay analyze numerous well-known films, breaking down what makes the films’ stories work, and in some cases, flop. Different topics vary from the channel. One video analyzes The Avengers discussing the variances between three- and five-act story constructions. While the other uses Blade Runner for a case study in the creation of a science-fiction futuristic-world story. 

Now You See It

Another channel studying film is Now You See it. The channel examines various facets of creating films, explaining the various strategies a filmmaker can work with and why they could use it. Different subjects also include costume design and the usage of mathematical theorems in the creation of characters. Even the wat yo deliver a good jump scare in a terrifying horror scene is tackled. 

The Best Yet Underrated YouTube Channels of the Year 2020


KEXP is a Seattle-based public radio station that hosts some of the most thrilling musicians in the alternative genre of music today. The station uploads videos of these live performances with half-concert and half-interview content videos on more views on the YouTube channel. The station’s studio has very outstanding acoustics, and every presentation sounds cozy and flawless. 

NPR Music 

NPR is not only a go-to association for an insightful radio talk-show. It has a music division where it features a couple of programs, while NPR’s Music’s YouTube channel documents a handful of memorable performances. The most astonishing segment in NPR Music is the Tiny Desk. It is a concert series, where various artists of the biggest names even visit the NPR office and perform in an exclusive audience in stripped-down shows.

The Home Chef’s Cooking and Food

Epic Meal Time

Have you ever craved for the best food combination during late-night food conversations with your best friends? Epic Meal Time is just for you.  Canadian-owned YouTube channel will sure do make you add pancetta or chicken wings to pretty much anything. The channel is not intended for vegetarians or those who can’t stomach crazy food ideas. 

Binging with Babish

Host Andrew Rea mixes pop culture and culinary. He recreates delis and dishes seen in films and cooking shows with perfect detail on his weekly series Binging with Babish. Regardless of the idea, Binging is not only a humorous part of the channel. Andrew Rea walks his audiences through every step by step procedure of his recipes! Simultaneously, he is explaining things with diamond-clean clarity and assurance. This allows any Potterhead to cook very their beef Wellington (beef wellington is a pumpkin pasty from the Harry Potter films). 

Cocktail Chemistry

Do you want to entertain your visitors, or would like to minimize your club spending? Well, it’s a life- and money-saving idea to know how to mix your home-made cocktail. At Cocktail Chemistry’s YouTube channel, they put out recipes for different styles of cocktails that range from the classics and finest like the Old Fashioned and Negroni to more bizarre formulae. It also includes videos about bartending skills for you to take your cocktail flairs to the next stage.

The Best Yet Underrated YouTube Channels of the Year 2020

Video Games for the Gaming Addicts

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb blends a desire for gaming with humorous personas; the channel’s staff is a veteran of game commentary. The channel has its free video content, which includes Quick Looks, where its staff members demonstrate games while giving their viewers a firsthand view of how they play). Quick Looks also offer the Giant Bomb’s tapings most popular podcasts.  

Jim Sterling

Jim Sterling is a video game journalist. He is one of gaming’s most pompous figures, as shown in a quick tour of his YouTube channel should exhibit. His flagship series is The Jimquisition, where he gives jagged and often caustic opinions about the latest trends in the gaming industry. 


Can you imagine Tim Curry yelling a lot and hosting a video game YouTube channel? That is it for OfficalNerdCubed. Daniel Hardcastle can play any game you can imagine, from Spiderman 2 to Flight Control. Go look out for videos he created with his father, who sounds like him – a fun thing to assess out who is who.  Most of his videos are quite extensive, so you better set aside a good time to watch them.

Wanderer’s Travels and Adventures

Fun For Louis

You will envy Louis Cole if you ever dreamt of wandering to unusual places or going to the most unheard-of adventures. Though Louis doesn’t give much travel tips in his experiences, he will for sure give you a plethora of places that you can add up to your bucket list. Even if you opt to go with his lead or live through his imaginative ways, he sure will make you see a unique place in his every video.

 Gareth Leonard

Gareth Leonard a.k.a.Tourist2Townie, as he is otherwise known, creates short videos that are more of like trailers rather than the usual travel diaries. The videos are compilations of awe-inspiring views and people that are set to the mood of the music, which is a fantastic way to get a glimpse and feel of what a country has to offer its visitors.  Gareth Leonard’s goal is to submerge himself in a culture of a place or country as if to feel like he is a local. Nevertheless, it is up to his viewers to choose if Leonard is a right fit, or if he only looks like a fanatical foreign tourist.

The Uncharted YouTube Channels

As of 2019, there are over 31 million YouTube channels that span the four sides of the World Wide Web (if there are any sides). With this vast amount of channels, we are pretty sure that the best is not only those who assured millions of subscribers or even billions. YouTube has set up its algorithm to bring you closer to contents that you watch most of the time or the topics that interest you based on the videos you have watched. This promises to bring you closer to YouTubers, as what they call themselves, and discover more areas of the 00site that were not given a chance to have a spot under the limelight.

So, go out there and surf because there are more for you to discover, and there are more contents that very much need further recognition.  


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