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Travel Channel in YouTube Takes Viewers Around Mexico’s Beaten Path

Similar to other travel YouTubers, Wilkinson started his channel to show people the hidden parts of Mexico that most tourists do not see.

Travel Channel in YouTube Takes Viewers Around Mexico’s Beaten Path

Colibri Travel is witnessing a continuous growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A United States ex-pat in Guadalajara put up a YouTube travel channel seven months ago. Surprisingly, the said channel is steadily thriving despite the COVID-19 restriction as well as reduced international travel.

Blake Wilkinson owns the Colibri Travel channel. He is a 39-year-old resident of Portland, Oregon, who came to Mexico two years ago. Wilkinson decided to put up a YouTube channel called Colibri Travel just last January, despite the news circulating about a new, highly contagious virus from China. 

Travel Channel in YouTube Takes Viewers  Around Mexico’s Beaten Path

According to Wilson, the coronavirus has undoubtedly given a number of challenges when it comes to traveling and making videos. 

Similar to many other travel YouTubers, Wilkinson started his channel to show people the hidden parts of Mexico that most tourists do not see. He also aimed to help fund his passion for traveling and living in foreign countries. This love for traveling led him to go throughout Latin America as well as to live in places such as Chile, Madrid, and Santiago.

The YouTube Travel Channel Owner Moved to Mexico to Explore the Country

Wilkinson said that for a person to really understand a country and the people living there,  they have to get off the beaten path. He added that he has already traveled for years and years. He has also always loved diving deep into the local culture of the places he goes to.

Moreover, the Colibri Travel owner said that he decided to move to Mexico in order for him to explore what the country has to offer. He also noted that he thought of bringing people with him through his YouTube channel.

Putting good content to get more YouTube views for your channel that features traveling in January 2020 might be unfortunate timing. Reduction and restrictions in travel worldwide this year have left airlines, resorts, and hotels bankrupted. Regardless of this fact, the Colibri Travel YouTube channel is showing continuous growth. It has recently reached 1,000 subscribers. The increase is because Wilkinson has found various ways to adapt while remaining true to the original purpose of his channel.

Travel Channel in YouTube Takes Viewers  Around Mexico’s Beaten Path

Moreover, Wilkinson has recently expanded his content. He now includes tip videos about how people could move to a foreign country such as Mexico. He also uploads videos that take into account the COVID-19 pandemic. In those videos, he discusses the reactions and beliefs of average Mexicans in his current home city of Guadalajara about COVID-19. He also continues to feature less popular and undiscovered destinations to his videos.

Further0more, Wilkinson noted that he feels very fortunate that a thousand people have chosen to follow Colibri Travel and join him on his travels around Mexico. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic Reshaped the Travel Marketing Landscape Around the World

Furthermore, it is not only the individual YoTube travel channels that are affected by the pandemic. The entire travel marketing landscape around the world has been reshaped since the COVID-19 epidemic began in January. One thing that the tourism and travel industry has proven is its resilience in the middle of a crisis. 

The travel demand showed a decrease because of the pandemic. However, the travel industry witnessed a surge in bookings as restrained travelers anticipate their next trip after quarantine. While today’s initial travel will likely be closer to home, the travel and tourism industry is expected to rise after the stay at home orders are lifted. 

YouTube Views Partially Help Revenue in Crisis Times

Moreover, tourism is facing a great crisis due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of countries have implemented lockdowns and travel restrictions. The duration of both the pandemic and these lockdowns is still unknown. This lead to an unquestionable impact on the world’s tourism sector. 

In China, where COVID-19 first proliferated, tourism represents a total of 11 percent in its GDP in recent years. Also, it had a 7 percent steady growth rate. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the country to prohibit travels in general. Besides, more extreme government policies will implement to reduce physical contact between people. Tourists are no longer allowed to enter the country, adversely affecting its tourism industry. 

Impacted YouTube Growth Hits Hotels and Airlines

Also, hotels, airlines, as well as cruise operators, are severely affected by the pandemic. They are suffering the most immediate repercussions, mainly at the time when the outbreak occurred during the Lunar New Year, one of the busiest travel seasons in Asia. 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on companies is already global. There are cancellations of public events, trips, temporary adjustments of employment, as well as declines in incomes. In Spain, for instance, the Zurich Insurer canceled all flights of 2,000 employees who are both inside and outside Spain. The company also obliged its employees who are on a journey to return to Spain.

Travel Channel in YouTube Takes Viewers  Around Mexico’s Beaten Path

YouTube Tourism Industry Channels Grow in View Counts

Also, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has estimated that revenues on global air transport will be reduced by 5 percent this year. This means a total decrease of 29.3 billion dollars or about 27,000 million Euros. OPEC has also lowered the oil demand globally to 19 percent or 100.73 million barrels per day. 

Furthermore, the tourism industry is now in unchartered territory. Significant losses are reported worldwide amid the panic over the COVID-19 pandemic. The collapse in the stock market for days has also affected all major airlines, hotels, and operators, such as European, American, and Asian.


Moreover, the US authorities are also facing a significant blow to world tourism. This is because before the COVID-19 pandemic alarmed the country, the Administration that presides over President Donald Trump appealed to public centers and companies to avoid large meetings and travels. Such measures will undeniably bring a significant impact on people’s travel arrangements to one of the most well-known leisure destinations in the US– Las Vegas. 

Authorities have also sought to limit people’s face to face interactions. These interactions would bring a positive effect to online casinos and online betting sites to capitalize on their shortcomings during the coming weeks.


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