Starve the Trolls: Prevent YouTube Views on Misinformation

Starve the Trolls: Prevent Misinformation

Over the years, videos have been a popular way to disseminate information worldwide. For people looking for ways to spread ideas and messages, YouTube is their go-to platform. With millions of users every day, it continues to be the top video hosting platform up to this day. Having such a reputation, they recently announced an update regarding the rules on hate speech. By focusing on the reduction of content about harmful conspiracy theories like QAnon, YouTube hopes to curb the dispersion of hate and misinformation.

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YouTube Helps Mental Health of YouTube Fans Buying YouTube Views

YouTube Discusses Mental Health With World Economic Forum

Managing mental health has never been easy, considering how fast-paced the world right now is. But now that there is a global COVID-19 pandemic, the issue became even more complicated. Now the question is, how are people coping up these days? 

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The Things That You Should Know Before Publishing Your Very First YouTube Video

The interests of viewers are changing continuously. This is the reason why your first YouTube video must be game-changing. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur, a brand, a content, creator, YouTube is an extremely helpful platform that allows you to reach new audiences. In addition, it helps you expand your channel’s growth.

However, the main reason for the success of popular YouTube channels is not just having great content. Rather, it is more important that you know how to optimize your videos as well. 

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The New YouTube Views Challenger Is Actually Clubhouse

The New Challenge For Clubhouse is to Make Money For Its Creators

You can tell that a new social media platform has reached a new level when it begins worrying about making money for its creators. This is the question that YouTube views competitor, Clubhouse, is facing right now. Notably, Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that came straight out of Silicone Valley. Despite being an invite-only app, it is attracting more than 2 million users every month. 

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The Tactics to Gain Top Results From Your YouTube SEO

From Promotion to Optimization: Your First Video Upload

From Promotion to Optimization: The Guide That You Need For Your YouTube Video Content

Chances are, you have already spent a lot of your time binge-watching videos on YouTube, jumping from one silly prank video to another. The platform has always been an excellent source of entertaining video. However, it is also an important tool for businesses and marketers. As a matter of fact, a total of 48 percent or almost half of all marketers are planning to include YouTube in their marketing strategy over the next 12 months. This was according to the State of Inbound report.

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Istanbulsh*t: What Youtube Users in Turkey Need to Know

The Latest: What Youtube Users in Turkey Need to Know

Youtube, a US-based video-sharing platform, had launched its operations in Turkey back in 2012. Immediately after the launch, the platform became home to many successful Turkish creators who bring significant contributions to the country’s economy. From teachers to journalists, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, Youtube serves as a stable platform for sending global messages. It also serves as a hub for creativity, ideas, learning, and of course, a great source of information. However, as the country is working on amending its law for online platforms, the team behind Youtube has no choice but to make some adjustments. 

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A Boomer’s Guide to Creating a YouTube Channel in 2021

A Guide to Creating a YouTube Channel That Can Attract YouTube’s User Network

Are you a Boomer who is thinking about starting their own YouTube Channel? Don’t let the haters dissuade you, there’s plenty of room for more!

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21 Predictions for International YouTube Music Foundry Fest 2021

International YouTube Music Foundry Fest 2020

YouTube celebrated the international artist community’s creativity & resilience last October 23, 2020. Foundry Fest saluted the diverse and global nature of YouTube with more than 20 videos. It includes collaborative conversations, performances, and music from Founding artists premiered via their Official YouTube Channels. 

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Is 2021 the Right Time to Start A YouTube Channel?

Is 2021 the Right Time to Start A YouTube Channel?

If you are a big fan of social media, then chances are you have already heard about YouTube creators who make thousands of dollars from their videos. Many of them have millions of subscribers on their channels. This is the reason why some are considering starting their own YouTube channel. 

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