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Is 2021 the Right Time to Start A YouTube Channel?

When you finally started your YouTube channel, the first competitors that you will bump with are the big and popular channels.

Is 2021 the Right Time to Start A YouTube Channel?

If you are a big fan of social media, then chances are you have already heard about YouTube creators who make thousands of dollars from their videos. Many of them have millions of subscribers on their channels. This is the reason why some are considering starting their own YouTube channel. 

However, aspiring YouTubers fear that it might be too late for them to start their YouTube channel. They think that they will not be able to catch people’s attention, thus making them fail. 

Also, some people think that YouTube no longer has a place for them. This is because the platform is already saturated with thousands of content creators. But this is not the case. While there are more creators than ever, viewers are also increasing significantly. 

It is also worth noting that without trying, there will be a lesser chance for you to progress and reach your goals. 

Almost every home has a mobile device, laptops, or computers and an internet connection. So, it is now easier for people to access YouTube. But the question is, is it now the right time to start a YouTube channel?

Is This Year the Right Time to Start a YouTube Channel?

You may not have noticed it yet, but this year gives you an advantage. If you start a YouTube channel now, you will have the chance to study popular YouTube channels. This way, you will see their strategy. You will also see what they are doing wrong; thus allowing you to learn from it. 

In addition, there are blogs and YouTube videos that teach people how to exactly do YouTube. You might find rumours that even these successful channels secretly bought YouTube views to get started.

It is worth noting that when you finally started your YouTube channel, the first competitors that you will bump with are the big and popular channels. But this should not overwhelm you. Rather, it should motivate you to think of an effective strategy that will allow you to later become as popular as your competitors. 

But the most important thing is that you will be able to earn money through YouTube. Aside from the monetization, you will get from your videos. You can also sell your products and services on the platform. Needless to say, YouTube offers more financial opportunities this year. 

Is 2021 the Right Time to Start A YouTube Channel?

2021: The Perfect Year to Start a YouTube Channel

Procrastination is very common in people. This also applies to starting a YouTube channel. Some say that they will start tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, they will say next week. The thing is that procrastination delays progress. For this reason, start today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not even next month– today!

It is important to note that starting early is better than starting perfectly. It would be better to start on YouTube and then learn along the process than learning all the things you need to know before starting. Knowing too much and knowing too little can paralyze your goals. As the saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss.” That also applies to YouTube.

Once you have already started your channel, you will wonder about a lot of things and processes. Search for information about the things that you wonder about. After that, apply what you learned to manage your channel. You do not have to read all the things to know about starting a YouTube channel. This is because you will still have to figure out your own preferred way of working. And the only way to find out about it is to start with YouTube.

Why You Should Start With YouTube Now

The culture of vlogging (video + blogging) increased significantly in recent years. According to the search engine giant Google, 86 percent of vlogs on YouTube come vlogging channels. Also, 44 percent of online users watch at least one vlog every month. 

Moreover, vlogging began around 2008. The smartphone era made it gain its popularity. Now, YouTube is filled with many vloggers who already have earned millions of subscribers and make thousands of dollars from their content. 

For that reason, you should not think twice about jumping into your own YouTube channel.

Also, 86 percent of YouTube viewers are saying that they use the platform to learn new things. That being said, it is incredible to see that various fields and topics on YouTube had increased views in the past few years. For instance, the watch time for videos about travelling increased by 41 percent. On the other hand, views for morning routine videos have tripled in the last two years.

Is 2021 the Right Time to Start A YouTube Channel?

The aforementioned statistics are evidence that YouTube creators are using the platform to learn new art and create new things. 

Points to Remember When Starting With YouTube

Choose Your Niche

True enough, YouTube is filled with random videos. But it is still important to pick a niche that you could start with. Choosing your niche will depend on your area of expertise, interest, and experience. If you are knowledgeable about tailoring, you can create how-to and tutorial videos about stitching. Or if you have experience in gardening, then you can create videos about plants. Whatever you have an interest in, you can use that to create your YouTube channel.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is pretty easy. First, sign in to YouTube and then click on “Create a new channel.” You will see that at the top left of the platform. 

Next, click on “Use a business name or other.” There, you can add your name. After adding a name, click “Create.”

Lately, upload a profile picture and cover photo, and then write a channel description.

Create and Upload Your First Vlog

Now that your channel is set, you can create a video and publish it for the audience to see. 

The video you will create must be high-quality in terms of visual and audio. Use some relevant keywords for your video title and description. If you are not sure how to do this step, you can use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner to find the right keywords. 


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