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The Things That You Should Know Before Publishing Your Very First YouTube Video

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is more of a search engine for millions of videos worldwide.

The interests of viewers are changing continuously. This is the reason why your first YouTube video must be game-changing. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur, a brand, a content, creator, YouTube is an extremely helpful platform that allows you to reach new audiences. In addition, it helps you expand your channel’s growth.

However, the main reason for the success of popular YouTube channels is not just having great content. Rather, it is more important that you know how to optimize your videos as well. 

The Things That You Should Know Before Publishing Your Very First YouTube Video

That being said, below are some of the best tactics and tips in increasing your video views on YouTube:

Tip #1. Optimize Your Videos On YouTube

When talking about YouTube, the strength of your optimization tactic can either make or break your success as a video creator. 

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is more of a search engine. As a matter of fact, it is the second-largest search engine next to its parent company Google. 

For this reason, careful consideration when it comes to keywords and the optimization of your videos is a must. This way, your content will help you in reaching a vast array of audiences within YouTube.

YouTube’s algorithm is extremely complex. In fact, no one can predict how the video-sharing platform ranks the content that everyone buys YouTube view on and that every creator produces. In addition, hundreds of indicators are contributing to the SEO ranking of videos. 

Note: Yes, Everyone Still Buys YouTube Views in 2021

To give your videos the best chance of success through optimization, make sure that you are selecting your SEO keywords carefully. If search engine optimization is new to you, then the best place to begin with is to pick one or two keywords that you want to use to optimize your video.

Remember, your main goal here is to make your videos appear at the top of any search queries that contain your chosen keyword0s. 

It is imperative for you to choose the keywords that match the true intent of your video. The keywords must also receive significant traffic and are not loaded. with competition.

However, knowing what keywords will drive the best results is not always easy. It can be p0retty difficult to know which keywords are receiving a high search volume. It is also hard to find out which ones have a huge chance of getting high rankings based on the performance of your channel.

Fortunately, there are a number of helpful tools that can figure your needed keywords out. For instance, you can use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner in order to find out which keywords will work best for your content. It allows you to see relevant keyword volumes, their competition levels, as well as how well you can optimize the keywords that you will choose.

The Things That You Should Know Before Publishing Your Very First YouTube Video

After choosing your keywords, it is important that you know where you will place them. Your main keywords should appear on your video title, description, and tags. You can also add other supporting keywords that are relevant to your primary ones. 

Tip #2: Improve Your Ranking By Adding Closed Captions to Your Videos 

Adding closed captions to your videos is an excellent idea for community building and inclusivity. But apart from that, closed captions can also help you with your SEO ranking. This is one of the real myths behind the concept of buying YouTube views to increase your organic reach – which works by the way!

YouTube has a feature where it automatically adds subtitles to every video if you choose a language while uploading content. However, it may take a while to generate for longer videos. But you can use YouTube Studio to review and edit your auto-generated captions once they are ready. This way, you will have perfect captions for every video.

Tip #3: Encourage Subscribers, Likes, and Shares Regularly Throughout Your YouTube Video

Just like on Instagram and any other social media platform, the more engagement your video on YouTube receives, the better performance and views it will have. 

At first, it may feel a little uncomfortable to ask your audience to subscribe to your channel or like your videos. However, these verbal prompts have a great chance of making a huge difference to your success on YouTube.

In addition, there are ways to make asking for likes and subscribes feel more natural. For instance, try framing your calls to action with a rationale. One way to do this is by saying “Subscribe to my channel so you never miss any updates and new videos.” Or if you are asking for likes, you can say “Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it or found it helpful.”

Alternatively, you can include on-screen text graphics as a form of a visual call to action. You may not be aware yet but a simple text overlay can help in driving more actions from your audience. It will also help in boosting your video views.

Tip #4: Create Attention-grabbing Thumbnails

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a visual search engine. 

That being said, an attention-grabbing thumbnail that showcases the value of your content can make a huge difference in terms of your video’s view count. 

In addition, it is important to note how Vanessa Lau, a social media coach and entrepreneur uses easy to read and catchy text overlays on all her videos. Oftentimes, she pairs these text overlays with emotive reactions. 

Your video’s thumbnails are the best way to catch the attention of YouTube users to watch your videos. For this reason, it is important to keep your text clear and easy to read. In addition, coming up with a consistent design can reassure viewers that your videos are well-produced, reliable, and professional.

The Things That You Should Know Before Publishing Your Very First YouTube Video

Tip #5: Include Pop-up Cards and Video Chapters

The excellent thing about YouTube is that you can include clickable video elements. This can include end screens and cards. This way, you will be able to drive as much traffic as possible from your content.

With the help of YouTube cards, you will be able to add prompts for a particular YouTube video or playlist, poll, channel, or a link to your website throughout your video


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