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How To Get More YouTube Comments on Your Videos

Comments play a significant role in boosting your video’s reach on YouTube. The YouTube algorithm gives special recognition to channels with more feedback and showcases them to a broader audience. Read more to know how to get more comments on your YouTube channel.

How To Get More YouTube Comments on Your Videos

In the same way, it is essential to get likes and subscribers on YouTube, so also it is to get more feedback. This is not just any comments, but quality comments that let other users share and interact on your channel.
Quality comments on your channel show users that your channel contains exciting and valuable content to discuss. As a result, they make your videos and even your channel more engaging.
In this article, we’ll discuss productive strategies that will help you get more comments on your YouTube channel.
Without any delay, let’s look into these strategies.

Involve Your Audience

Firstly, don’t see have it at the back of your mind that your YouTube channel is not just a place to put a video you think is cool. Instead, see your channel as a place that gives you access to share your content and interact with the audience.
In that regard, see the contents you put on the platform as a means to inspire conversation in people. If you have this mindset when posting your videos, you’ll automatically motivate your audience to engage more with your articles.

Drop Questions for Your Viewers after each content you put online

Another working strategy that can get you an almost a high engagement rate is by asking questions that relate to the video after each post. You can ask straightforward questions like, “What is your take on this video, “Hope I did well? And Drop your comments!”. Another way you can do that is to ask them to suggest another something you could have done to make the video better.

How To Get More YouTube Comments on Your Videos in 2020

Trigger a Discussion about Your Video in the comment section of Your Video

Also, have it in mind that it’s perfectly normal to engage in discussion with your audience. Sometimes, it takes content creators a lot of effort to get the audience to contribute. Still, you can initiate it by dropping asking an interesting question.

Respond to Comments

It will be wrong for you to initiate a conversation then leave it when your viewers begin to respond. Instead, frequent your channel for comments and replies to your video(s). If your audience responds to your comment, please continue the conversation by replying. Answer questions dropped on your videos and ask your audience questions back.

It is essential that you respond to the comment of your post and don’t ignore them, doing this is like asking someone a question, then when they respond, you ignore them. Your audience will perceive you as someone rude, especially if there’s no meaningful reason for that action.

However, dedicating your time to answer questions in upcoming videos or in unique Q&A YouTube videos (where you spend time to answer viewers’ questions accurately) is an excellent way to improve engagement.
When your audience members notice that you’re paying attention and that you respond to questions and that you can even mention their names in your videos, they are encouraged to start asking even more.

To get more engagement and create some suspense, answer these questions. Comment with something like, “Great question! Watch for an in-depth answer in next week’s video!”

Usually, the more engaged you are, the more engaged your audience is with your videos. You’ll get more views, likes, as well as comments on your YouTube channel, all of which are great tools to grow your channel.

Ask Your Audience suggest content for New posts

After a video, you should request that viewers suggest suitable content for new videos. Even if you’ve created a scheduled list of content that you’ll like to post, it is ideal that your topic interests your audience.
You can achieve this aim by saying. ” If you have a topic you’ll like to discuss for our next episodes of videos, feel free to suggest them in the comment section below.”

Display Comments after each Video

Involvement and interaction increase the interest of your audience in your video. It implies that your YouTube video is about them. You can strengthen this involvement by showcasing great comments and giving fans shout-outs in your YouTube videos.
For example, as you give answers to specific questions from the comments, post a screenshot of the comment with the viewer’s username. You can achieve while the video is playing, or you can put a screenshot of the comments your like or comments of the week while closing the video.
Practicing something like “Best Comments of the Week” is an excellent way to motivate more engagement as well as more comments.

Drop Comments on other YouTuber’s channels

Look for other YouTubers in your niche or the ones that you love. Drop funny comments on their videos. This will not only get you noticed but also encourages other YouTubers to return the favor by dropping a comment on your video.

Direct your viewers to another YouTuber’s channel

Recommend another YouTuber’s channel that you think your audience will love. Tell them to watch and comment on the videos saying that you directed them there. If your YouTube name is James Marcus, for example, your viewers can comment: “James Marcus sent me here” or “Who else is here because of James Marcus?”. In return, other YouTubers will also direct their audience to your video channel, and this relationship will showcase your channel to a new audience.

Conduct giveaways

Give out an incentive to your viewers for posting comments. Conduct weekly giveaways to lucky winners who have commented on your channel.
With a robust set of tactics put in place to get the comments coming in, your YouTube channel will in no time become the talk of the town.


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