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How You Could Get More Views and Subscribers On YouTube

One of the reasons why YouTube is an excellent platform for brand growth is that it allows brands to reach a more diverse type of audience.

How You Could Get More Views and Subscribers On YouTube

A lot of brands have already been utilizing various social media platforms for their brand growth. Some advertisers on Facebook and Instagram which no doubt can widen their reach and increase their brand authority. But while these two social media platforms are very effective in advertising a product or service, there is another platform that brands should put more time and energy into– getting more YouTube views, of course.

One of the reasons why YouTube is an excellent platform for brand growth is that it allows brands to reach a more diverse type of audience. In addition, putting up a YouTube channel is one way to spread information about a product, just like Instagram following and email list. Lastly, the said platform can also open up two additional sources of revenue– Adsense and sponsored videos. 

How You Could Get More Views and Subscribers On YouTube

However, before you could get the full benefit of using this platform, there are some steps that you need to follow. You cannot just build a YouTube channel buying views alone, and wait for people to organically follow you without you doing anything.

Eight Steps to Get More Views and Subscribers For Your YouTube Channel

1. Create content based on the demand of your target audience

When creating content for your YouTube channel, you have to first identify the demand of your target viewers. You need to know what your potential customers are searching for on the internet. In addition, you have to think of what content will not do well in attracting audiences.

Of course, there is no guarantee that your video will immediately be a hit. But a strategic approach to your uploads will no doubt help you increase the chances of making your videos popular. Also, the results of your endeavors will greatly vary in how you approach your strategy. So, you cannot just post content that you think would work. Instead, create and upload content that will actually work. 

At the start of your YouTube marketing strategy, you have to determine what your target audience is searching for. Once, you have found out what they are searching for, find out how much competition there is. If you can, choose a topic that has regular searches but does not have much competition.

2. Utilize as many related tags as possible

When you are uploading a video, you will notice that there is a space where you can add tags. These tags work similarly to Instagram’s hashtags. They help you categorize your videos and help YouTube’s algorithm in determining which search terms on your video should rank. As a result, your overall view count will significantly increase. 

How You Could Get More Views and Subscribers On YouTube

Moreover, choosing the right and most relevant tags is ultimately important. It is worth noting that adding tags that are not relevant to your video will do more harm than good. For this reason, you have to make sure that the tags you will add are related to your main keyword as well as the video’s content. 

In addition, use as many tags as possible because this will help you widen your reach and views.

3. Create attention-grabbing titles

If you want your video to rank on searches, you should think of what primary term you are going to add in the title. This term or keyword must be relevant to all the tags that you used. Once you have thought of your main keyword, embed that keyword in your title. 

One thing worth noting is that you have to create a title that is as attention-grabbing as possible. In addition, always remember that the main keyword must always appear on your title. This will help YouTube’s algorithm to display your video on search results once users search for topics related to your content.

Of course, your main goal is to get as many views as possible. In order to achieve this, you have to make sure that your title will prompt people to click on it. There are several ways that you could do this.

You could put your title in all caps so that it will stand out among the other search results. In addition, you can also add a shocking statement on the title that would make people curious about your content. 

However, you have to avoid creating titles that are clickbait. If you do this, you will end up losing the trust of your audience.

4. Get straight to the point

Now, you have enticed someone to watch your video through an attention-grabbing title. The next thing you should do is to keep their attention until the end of your video. Moreover, the best thing to keep your viewers’ attention is to get straight to the point. 

If you attracted a viewer to click on your video but you are talking about something irrelevant to your topic for five minutes straight, you will end up boring them. Eventually, the will leave your video and find another that they think is more relevant. 

How You Could Get More Views and Subscribers On YouTube

When such a thing happens, YouTube’s algorithm will sense that your video cannot keep the attention of your audience. The algorithm will deem your video as irrelevant to the search terms that you are targeting. For this reason, your video will appear farther down the rankings until it does not appear on search results anymore. 

So, instead of blabbering things that are not connected to your topic for the sake of increasing your video’s length, get straight to your point. Both your audience and YouTube’s algorithm will love it.

5. Promote your channel on other platforms

Promoting your YouTube channel on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will help you encourage people to subscribe. Of course, you cannot expect people to subscribe if they do not know that you have a YouTube channel or if they do not know when you uploaded a video.

Every time that you publish a new video, make sure that you inform your followers by promoting the videos’ links to your social media pages. Aside from informing your followers, doing this will also inform other people about your existence on YouTube. If the videos you promote are enticing enough, then you can prompt them to check you out.


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