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Guide: Everything You Need To Know About YouTube TV

YouTube TV streaming service from Google is a great platform to be on. However, to maximally enjoy this service, you need to know some tips and tricks.

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YouTube TV is an innovation by YouTube that has shown the prospect of taking over cable TV subscriptions. The feature, which is accessible to those using Android and iOS devices, can be accessed by paying a monthly subscription fee. This feature enables you to watch videos live from your mobile phones.

YouTube TV has recently added some channels such as TBS, CNN, Turner Classic Movies, and TNT.

The benefit of YouTube TV is that it is very portable, while cable TV is out of reach when you’re out of your house. Also, you can quickly discontinue your subscription as there is no binding contract. Lastly, it will cost you a little amount of money to subscribe to YouTube TV.

YouTube TV is the best alternative if you plan to ditch the Cable Tv. For as little as 40$ a month, you will get access to many channels.

You can easily connect with YouTube TV by visiting their website on any internet-enabled device that supports video streaming. You can also download the app on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Also, you can watch it on Apple TV.

Below are some tips and trick that will help you to master YouTube TV

Familiarize yourself with the primary tabs

YouTube TV uses the same interface on its website, apps, and other devices. As such, if you familiarize yourself with the interface on one, you can easily navigate through YouTube TV on other platforms.

YouTube TV has three basic layouts, which are; Home, Library, and Live.
If you’ve added sports teams or shows to your account, you can quickly gain access to them when you go to “Library,” you will also find your recordings here.

The Home tab uses the information from the videos you viewed and the local broadcast channels, to suggest shows that it predicts you’ll like.
The last layout, which is the “Live” tab, will give you an overview of the things happening in the channels you’re subscribed to.

Customize the live guide

If you don’t effectively manage your live tab, you will see a lot of channels you have little or no interest in. Outside of the live guide, there are many myths about the purchasing of YouTube views, and you can read them here. You can remove channels, or change the arrangement of the channels on your live guide. To customize the live tab, follow the instructions below:

  • Open YouTube TV on a supported device
  • Tap on the “Live tab.”
  • Press “Sort”
  • Tap “Custom”
  • Click the red checkmark; this will get rid of the channel from the custom view of your YouTube TV. You can rearrange the channels such that the ones you have interest in will come first. If you want to re-order the channel, drag and drop each one.
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Family Sharing

YouTube TV is designed in a way that allows you to share your account with as many as five people. Those you create an account with, have the liberty to customize their live TV, set their DVR library, and even set alerts. If you want to set-up this feature on your YouTube TV account, here’s how to go about that.

  • Open YouTube TV on any device it supports
  • Tap your profile image
  • Then choose “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Family Sharing”
    The account that owns the subscription must be a “Gmail” account and not a Google suite account.

How To Use The Library for Family Sharing

  1. Your Library
    When you first opened a show page on your YouTube TV app, you should see “+” and a bell somewhere on that page, the only reason why you may not notice it is if you didn’t pay attention.
    If you don’t like to miss out on anything, you should tap on the bell icon, as it will send you a push alert when you have a new show in the live tab.
    If you tap on the plus icon, new games and episodes will automatically be recorded to your device. YouTube TV has unlimited storage capacity; as such, you need not worry about storage limits.
  2. Skip Commercial
    When you’re watching a video you saved in your DVR, you have the liberty to skip commercials. If you know how to use the standard YouTube app, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this, as the process is the same. You can forward, playback, and pause.
  3. Dark Mode
    YouTube TV has its dark mode feature; however, you can only get it on-demand on your computer. If you’re watching on devices like Apple TV, you can use its default dark mode instead.
  4. Ensure its kid-friendly
    One way to make YouTube TV suitable for your kids is by enabling filter; this will grant older audiences more access to shows that kids.

If you want to use the filter, follow the steps below:

  1. Open YouTube TV
  2. Tap on your profile image
  3. Push “Settings”
  4. Tap “Filters”
  5. Then flick that toggle to “On.”
  6. After enabling filters, you can configure the device only to show programs and movies of specific ratings.


You can search for shows and movies with the search feature; this helps you to access the contents easily.

Avoid Score Spoilers

If you have sports teams that you’ve added to your TV account, you will get notified of scores and events about the team. If you don’t want spoilers, then you should deactivate notification from that team. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open YouTube TV
  • Go to the team’s page
  • Click on the menu icon (This is the three dots)
  • Tap on “Hide all scored for this team.”
  • With this, you can watch an already played game, and still enjoy it like it’s live.

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