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How to Begin Monetizing Your YouTube Channel in 2020

Almost everyone desires to make money doing what they love; if you fall into that category and you own a YouTube channel, then this article is for you. Read on to know how to monetize your YouTube channel.

How to Begin Monetizing Your YouTube Channel in 2020

It is a standard view that YouTube stars make money, but only a few of their viewers can tell how their high viewership transcribed into cash. If you own a YouTube channel, or you plan to own one, this article will teach you how you can make money from making videos and putting it on the popular platform. In fact, people are forced to buy YouTube views to get their channel monetized under the current system.

When you become a YouTube star, remarkable things happen. You won’t just be famous; you will also receive cash for posting those videos you love or probably don’t like. If you love money, and you want to make it off YouTube, then pay attention to this article on how to make money from your YouTube channel.

Rules before you can monetize your YouTube channel

  1. You must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers
  2. You must have over 4000 watch time hours on your channel within the last 12 months
  3. You must adhere to all YouTube policies
  4. You must have an AdSense account

1. Have Good Content

If you’re starting on YouTube, you need to focus less on money and more on content. At this stage, the loyalty of your viewers is still shaky; as such, they will easily unsubscribe from your channel if they don’t perceive that your content is of high value.

The foundation for any YouTube beginner is to upload high-quality content to your viewers regularly. If you upload good content and build a solid fan base, YouTube will give you the opportunity of turning on the monetization option.

Here are some tips that will help you to create quality content.

A. Set the Stage

To make lots of people to watch your video, you don’t necessarily have to be the best; you need to strive for some degree of perfection in how you deliver your content.

One essential factor that affects your content delivery is your equipment. You don’t need to have a high-end camera; you can make do with any standard one or even that of a smartphone.

B. Be Consistent

Ensure that you’re consistent in what you post on YouTube. Your viewers should be able to predict when you’ll post your next YouTube videos based on your records. You may decide to post once a month, daily, weekly, or quarterly, but ensure that you don’t break that routine.

C. Be Unique

Check all YouTube stars, and you will notice that one thing that’s common to them is that their content and delivery is unique. Don’t try to act, talk, or create your content like someone else. The uniqueness lies in your differences. Your videos should have different content, but your tone should be the same across your videos.

How to Begin Monetizing Your YouTube Channel Partner Program

2. Your Content Should be Valuable to your Viewers

If you want your viewers to grow, if you wish to your channel subscribers to increase, and most notably, if you’re going to make money from your YouTube channel, then you must make sure that your viewers derive value from watching your videos.

Content is of value to a viewer if it satisfies the desire of a viewer. It could be a desire to laugh, a desire to know, etc., as long as it connects with the emotion of your audience.

The type of content that satisfies viewers is as diverse as the human desires itself; thus, pick a niche. Your video may focus on providing workout tips, life hacks, how to start a smartphone, how to survive in the moon, etc. as long as you have the right audience.

Ensure that the content is not just of value, but it also captivating. If your audience is bored while watching your video, you’re in trouble.

Create content that is captivating and valuable; that is the surest way to make money on YouTube.

3. Ensure that you meet up with YouTube Partner Program requirements

The YouTube Partner Program is often abbreviated Y.P.P. Before YouTube accepts your channel to this program, you must meet the four criteria we wrote in the introductory section of this article.

The first requirement of hitting a thousand subscribers is a straightforward one, and if you deliver the right content, and use the right call to action word, you’ll hit that target in no time.

Apart from that milestone, it would help if you also had at least 4,000 hours watch time within the last 12 months. A lot of people confuse this milestone with viewers, and it’s not the same in any way. A Watch Time is the accumulation of time that your viewers spend watching your videos from your channel, a little second there, and a minute here add up to make your Watch Time.

Note: Livestreams do not add to your watch time, and YouTube will remove any watch time gotten from a video you delete.

4. Link your Google Adsense account with your YouTube Channel

YouTube will only pay you through the YouTube Adsense account. As such, you should add an Adsense account if you already have one, and if you don’t, you can easily create one while setting up your YouTube Partner Program application.

Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

5. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program

Before you apply for the program, you need to ensure that your channel meets up to the rules of setting up the account.

You may have to wait for a month to get the result of your application. However, some may take just a few hours or even months. If your waiting period is more than a month, then it means that your application is under further review. In extreme cases, you may have to wait for years before YouTube comes up with a decision.

To speed up the process, you can always talk to “Team YouTube” on Twitter; it should help you to speed up the process because you’re constantly reminding them of your application.

6. Backup Steps For The Partner Program Rejected

If you get a negative response from YouTube, you may always re-apply after 30 days.

YouTube will give you a general reason why your application is rejected. The platform won’t tell you the video that caused this rejection. It would be best if you went through the community guideline and policy to check which of your videos is making you get a negative response.


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