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How to Push Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube in 2020

YouTube is still the third most visited site in the world; that’s a lot of potential visitors for your website. But how can you drive traffic from YouTube to your site? Read on to know more about that.

How to Push Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube in 2020

You want more traffic on your website, don’t you? If you gave an affirmative answer to that question, then you should read on to know how to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website.

Traffic is what ensures that what we have on our website is accessible to the public. Without traffic, our site is as good as an empty one. Traffic helps us to build our business and draws the clients we need to be profitable.

When it comes to making sales, you’re up to a great start since you have a website. However, you need to also work on driving traffic to your site. One way to do this is by using YouTube. More businesses are beginning to embrace YouTube as the tool they use to share information with the public and connect with current and potential customers. We’re going to go into the nitty-gritty of why YouTube is should be a top choice tool for your digital marketing campaign.

Even if you are jumpstarting your YouTube views like most people do today with buying YouTube views, these tactics work great. It would be best if you were promoting your site on YouTube for the following reasons:

1. YouTube receives tons of visitors daily

YouTube holds the enviable position of the third most visited website in the world; this means that a well thought out plan will land you many views on the platform. The site gets more visitors than the combination of Yahoo, Ask, AOL, and Bing combined.

2. Your content will be visible in multiple search engines.

You must have searched on Google before, and you noticed that a YouTube video came up. You should pay attention to it next time you make a Google search If you haven’t seen this, then. Just tap on the video option on the screen.

If you use the right keywords, yours can also pop up in Google searches.

Push Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube

3. It helps to build rapport with your viewers.

Videos help your site visitors to connect better with you, how? Viewers tend to feel connected to people that they’ve seen their picture/ video. That’s the general rule of things. Watching a video of you will build their confidence in your ability way more than you can do with any written words.

It also makes your viewers trust you better, thus making your customers and site viewers more loyal to your brand.

Let’s use an example to illustrate the effect of a YouTube video. Say you’re a fashion designer, you can make a video where you give fashion tips for summer. The video will make your viewers perceive you as an expert in the field, which will make them visit your page and even patronize you.

4. Increase your conversion rate

Your viewers will click on your site because they now like you as a person, and they accept that you’re an expert in your profession. You won’t just be driving anybody to your websites; you will be driving potential customers.

How to Use YouTube to Drive traffic to your website

1. Keep it short

Don’t make your YouTube videos longer than necessary since your call to action words will most likely be at the end of the video. Ensure that your videos are as concise as possible; it will keep your viewers hooked to your video till the end.

Research proves that for videos that are less than 4 minutes, 60%of viewers watch till the end. And videos that are less than 2 minutes have 75% viewing till the end.

The average attention span of an average internet user grows shorter as the years go by, as such, the quicker you make your point and introduce your call to action word, the better.

2. Let your call to action phrase be clear

People won’t take action unless you tell them. If you want them to visit your website, you need to inform them of these three things.

  • Tell them to visit your website.
  • How to visit your website
  • The benefit they will derive from visiting your site.

If you don’t include this information, you won’t get visitors from YouTube.

You should put your call to action words in the description and within the video. For action words that are within the video, you should first state the benefit they will derive from clicking on the link, then tell them to visit your website and explain how to visit and navigate through your site.

3. For blogs, ensure that the video is a supplement and a replacement to your blog content.

If you read the content on your blog post to them, you’ve just given them every reason not to visit your blog for that particular post. And I’m sure that’s not what you want cause if it is, you won’t be reading this article right now.

If people already know the content of your blog, why should they visit your site? Instead, introduce your blog post and ask them a question that they will find answers to on your website. Then tell them to visit your website to find answers to those questions.   


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