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Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Vloggers

These days, there’s even more reason to be on YouTube; fame is no longer the only thing you can get from being a content creator.

Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Vloggers

People used to upload videos on the internet to entertain others. Also, it can make you famous. So, if you want to become popular, YouTubing is one of the things that you can do.

These days, there’s even more reason to be on YouTube; fame is no longer the only thing you can get from being a content creator. YouTube has a monetization program called the YouTube Partner Program. If you become a member, you can make money from making videos. And it’s a lucrative career. You may earn hundreds of thousands to millions monthly if you do well. That beats a lot of other jobs.

But first, you must learn how to make a YouTube channel. Furthermore, it would help if you learned how to grow it to have many viewers. More views you have equals more earnings. Admittedly, that could be a daunting task. But don’t worry. You can use this guide to learn about those. There are also tips on how to become a successful vlogger.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the guide.

Creating A YouTube Channel

Of course, if you want to create a YouTube channel, the first step is to be on YouTube. Open the app on your mobile phone or visit the YouTube website using a browser. Then, sign into it using your Google account.

Click on your profile picture that will pop up, then select “Create Channel.” Next, enter your desired channel name and profile picture. Once done, click “Create Channel.” And that’s it! You have a YouTube channel.

You should not stop on that. There are other areas in your YouTube channel you should edit to ensure its success. For instance, you need to edit your channel description. It will tell other users what your content is all about. You may also want to add a YouTube banner to improve the aesthetics of your channel to make it more welcoming and appealing to visitors. 

After you set them all up, you can start uploading videos.

How To Upload A Video

Log into your YouTube account. Suppose you are using the YouTube app on mobile. Tap the “+” button at the bottom center of the screen. On the other hand, click on the video camera icon with a “+” drawn inside it if you are using the website on a computer. That’s on the upper right side of the screen, near your profile picture.

Tap or click “Upload a video.” You will be transported to the video selector window in the mobile app. Choose the video you want to upload. If you are using the website on a browser, you need to click the “Select Files” to get to that window. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a video to the given field.

Add the video title, description, and thumbnail for the video as it uploads in the background. Next, add subtitles, an end screen, and other “cards.” These are not required, but they improve the quality of your videos. You can also use them to direct viewers to one of your videos. But since it is your first one, there’s nothing to redirect to yet. 

Next, select who can watch your video. If you set the setting to “Private,” only you can see it. Obviously, that’s not what you want to do if you want to attract subscribers. 

Another option is to set the privacy setting to “Unlisted.” If you choose this setting, only those who have the link to the video can find it. You can use this if you want a select few to review your video before releasing it to the world. 

If you choose “Public,” everyone can find and watch that video.

Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Vloggers

Hit “Save” once done to upload your video on YouTube.

Content Making Strategies for Vloggers

Vlogging is short for video blogging – it is about creating short films revolving around specific topics. That could be about cooking, beauty, video games, or even your personal life. Video blogs are one of the most popular types of content on Youtube. Thus, vlogging is one of your best choices.

But how can you be a successful vlogger? There are many others like you on the platform. Some of these content creators have been doing it for years already. So, the competition is tough. That said, knowing how to stand out and appeal to your audiences is essential.

Here are some of the things you can do to attract more viewers and make them compelled to subscribe to your channel.

Know The Basics

You should know the basics of content creation on YouTube to ensure you produce high-quality videos. Understand how your camera works, what’s the best lighting setup, and learn how to edit videos. Viewers on YouTube will ignore your content if they see that they are poorly produced. So, do not skip this step.

Watch Other Vloggers

There’s a high chance the situation we’ll present has happened to you before. After watching a YouTube video, you look for similar ones on the platform. And YouTube itself may recommend something like that to you. 

That said, it’s best to look at what the other vloggers are doing. Then, copy them but be sure to add your own twists. Also, ensure the topic is relevant to your brand. By doing that, you can funnel somebody else’s viewers to your channel.

Do Collaborations

Collaborating with other content creators is an easy way to increase your visibility. By doing it, you gain exposure to the fans of the person you are collaborating with. So perhaps you have a vlogger friend. Ask them if they are down for it. They may do it regardless of what your current subscriber count is.

Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Vloggers

Be Authentic

Do not make YouTube videos just for the sake of making money. No one would like to watch it if you did not enjoy making it. In contrast, if you loved making it, people would love it too. So, choose niches and topics that genuinely interest you. After all, the beauty of YouTubing is that you get to make money while doing the things you love.


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