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How To Get More YouTube Views Using Content Marketing Tools

There are a lot of different content marketing tools that you can use to get more YouTube views, and this article will show you how!

How To Get More YouTube Views Using Content Marketing Tools

Video marketing has made a critical impact on the journey of individuals as consumers in more ways than one. This is the main reason why social media marketers, as well as content marketers, started to pay more attention to video marketing. Besides, a lot of consumers initially look for information regarding a product before they finally make a purchase. And it was proven that videos are responsible for affecting the decisions of many consumers. 

Unfortunately, the video marketing industry faces many difficulties. The most common challenge that video marketers face is the challenge of building an audience. So if you are a video marketer, below are the ways on how you can create an audience for your YouTube videos.

Utilize SEO Tools to Optimize Organic Traffic

There are two easy ways that you can use to increase the organic traffic driven by your videos. The first one is to choose a topic that your target audience is talking about while the second one is to use keywords relevant to what you are trying to promote. However, before you can identify the keywords that you can use, you first need to use SEO or search engine optimization tools. SEO tools allow marketers to determine what the popular topics on the web are as well as their keyword search volumes.

One example of an SEO tool is BuzzSumo. This tool is excellent if you want to check the popular topics on social media and the internet. Although BuzzSumo does not focus on optimizing YouTube, you can still utilize it to look for what is trending on social media. Once you already know the trend, you can create a YouTube video that is related to this trend. 

Once you have identified your topic, you can use keyword research tools like BulkSuggest and run your focus keyword on it. This will help you identify the relevant keywords that you can use in your video title and description.

Use Social Media Management Platforms to Share your Video with Your Target Audience

A lot of brands who utilize YouTube for their marketing efforts only do so when they already have a fanbase on other social media platforms. When you have already built your brand’s reputation on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can invite your followers and communities to check out your videos on YouTube. 

One of the social media management tools that you can use to create a schedule of promotion for your YouTube content is Buffer. If you do not like to use such platforms, you can simply use the thumbnail of your YouTube video, make a short description as its caption, and then post it on your social media pages. 

Another social media management tool that you can use is CoSchedule. It allows you to promote your content in a slightly different way. For example, if you want to have the same schedule for your social media promotional posts, CoSchedule allows you to create and save a promotion template. The tool will follow your plan of promotion automatically once you have already set up your model. 

Embed Your YouTube Videos on Your Blogs

A lot of brands that utilize a video marketing strategy embed their YouTube videos to the blogs that they have. 

You can embed videos as additional information to your blogs. However, it will be more sensible to write a blog article that is actually relevant to your video. For example, if your video is about social media marketing, you can write a blog about the different types of marketing and then ember your video under a subhead that explains its concept. 

It is quite easy to ember videos on your blogs, especially if you are using WordPress. You simply need to copy the URL of your YouTube video and then paste it in the area where you want it to appear.

Have an Email Subscription List where You Can Send Your Videos to

If you have a sizeable mailing list, you can share your YouTube videos with them once in a while. If your videos are about tutorials or things that could enhance customer experience, you can share it directly with your customer base. 

Sending videos on your email list is pretty simple. Several software tools like MailChimp and GetResponse allows you to add videos on your email t0emplate and customize the template in a way that fits the video itself. You can also add social media share plugins beside your video to attract your readers into sharing on social media.

Participate in Communities with the Same Niche as Yours and Suggests Your Videos where You Think it is Relevant

Your audience is using the internet for a reason. And that is because they are searching for relevant content. While blogs, email lists, and social media are great for increasing the views of your video, you can also participate in communities and share your videos where they are relevant. 

For instance, when people have questions, they post them on Quora and wait for other people to answer it. You can look for queries relevant to the topic of your video, answer these questions, and then share your videos with the people who asked for that question. If used in the right way, this can be a great advantage to market your business. 

However, Quora is quite competitive, so you need to create answers that stand out among others.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is a great advertising strategy if it is appropriately utilized. However, you must know how you can increase your views to make your efforts successful. Videos can be the reason that your potential customers will be converted into customers. It will also allow you to reach a broader range of audiences. And with relevant audiences, your videos will create a more tremendous and more valuable marketing impact. With the right content combined with excellent content marketing tools, you can reach your target audience and achieve the effect you desire.


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