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Top 8 Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools

Keeping track of keywords for your YouTube videos can be a tough deal. Luckily, this article comes as a unique guide that offers an overview of some of the best YouTube keyword tools to help you do that.

Top 8 Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools

Keywords are one of the most important things that people use online to improve their SEO. Knowing the top 8 best YouTube keyword research tools will help you on your journey! Today, keywords can be applied not only on websites and blogs but also on YouTube channels. This dramatically improves the chances of ranking a lot higher from specific keyphrases during searches. As a YouTuber, you should be ready to understand how relevant keywords can be to your channel. 

Every day, people use YouTube keywords to improve the SEO of their YouTube videos. If you are someone who got interested in doing this, you should be ready to work with keyword tools. These keyword tools for YouTube offer unique insights as well as crucial data concerning the keywords of YouTube. In case you do not know about these tools, this article will serve as a guide to assist you with finding the best ones for your videos. 

Top Keyword Tools of YouTube

Choosing a keyword tool to use for your YouTube videos can be tough work. This is due to the many numbers of them we can find scattered across the whole internet. Thanks to the list we have compiled below, you should be able to find the right one for yourself. Below is a short overview of some of the top keyword tools for YouTube. 

#1 vidIQ

There are tons of keyword tools out there in the world. However, the vidIQ stands out from many of them as it handles the research of unique keywords for YouTubers. As a YouTuber, you should be ready to rely on tools that make keyword research a lot easier for you. This one handles that. 

The vidIQ tool comes as a chrome extension that generates a report based on search results. Usually, these reports deal with search volume, the competition, score, related keywords, and many other keyword stats. Asides from its simplicity and accuracy, the tool works excellent by adding additional data to the user interface of the YouTube platform. 

#2 Morning Fame

Morning Fame is yet another YouTube keyword tool you can make use of as a YouTuber. Thanks to its amazing features, the tool offers excellent analytics and research data on specific keywords. Although its first month of usage comes free for each of its users, you will still have to purchase unique plans to improve the number of features you can use on the platform.

By inserting a link to your video on the platform, it generates a list of recommended and related keywords. With this keyword research feature, people can gain insights into keywords they never knew existed for their videos. Also, the tool offers a section that separates keywords based on larger channels and smaller channels. 

#3 Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a great tool that offers individual data for YouTube keywords based on a variety of factors, including country and language. The tool is regarded as one of the most potent YouTube keyword research tools available on the internet. Through its unique features, people can better understand how and what keywords affect their YouTube videos. The tool comes as a website that draws critical data from tons of sources, including the Google Playstore, Wikipedia, and many more. And just like most other platforms, this one offers several unique plans that, in turn, provide a certain number of advanced features to be used by YouTubers. 

#4 Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is usually referred to as The tool provides a wide range of features that include keyword research and generation. Based on a particular topic, the tool can quickly come up with relevant long-tail keywords. Most times, the software handles the generation of keywords through YouTube autocomplete. Through these keywords, optimizing your video for rankings on search engines will be a lot easier than you can imagine. 

#5 TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is another browser extension for Chrome that handles the keyword research and report generation for users of the YouTube platform. If you are unaware of the extraordinary insights relating to the keywords that you use for your videos, this tool can come in handy. In other words, the TubeBuddy provides users with the chance to understand the keywords information generated for their videos. After installing the extension on your browser, it gives a sidebar to the YouTube platform for you. This allows you to keep track of specific keyword data such as volume, score, and the competition involved. 

#6 Ahrefs

Ahrefs makes it to our list of top YouTube keyword tools not just because it handles the same kind of analysis for many other social and marketing platforms, but also because it controls the research of YouTube keywords in one of the most powerful ways possible. 

The platform offers unique features based on keyword identification, keyword research, and competitor analysis. Asides from this, Ahrefs provides data regarding YouTube search volumes, which are based on about 171 countries. Using the platform as a means to step up your YouTube game by studying the keyword analysis is offered, and implementing its suggestions is a great way to boost the success rate of your YouTube videos. 

#7 Keyword Tool Dominator

The tool, Keyword Tool Dominator, has lived up to its name by offering a variety of unique features that can improve the SEO of your YouTube videos. Apart from its wide range of features, the Keyword Tool Dominator ensures its users understand what it does through its simplified UI. All users have to do is type in a term, and the tool generates a list of recommended YouTube search phrases. 

#8 Kparser

Here is one free-to-use keyword tool for YouTube users. The fantastic platform of Kparser ensures users navigate easily while performing tasks and researching keywords for their videos. The tool is equipped with features that allow it to generate long-tail keywords on just about any field. And if you are someone who has got tons of keywords to research, doing so by adding a comma after each keyword can still deliver you with the information you need. 


There are vast numbers of tools which are similar to the ones listed above. However, the guide above provides you with some of the best among them. Now you can efficiently work your way towards building the SEO of your videos on the YouTube platform. Good luck! 


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