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Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Start Fresh in 2020 At Home

We all need fresh ideas from time to time, and here are the best YouTube Channel Ideas you can learn and borrow from for new content in 2020

Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Start Fresh in 2020 At Home

YouTube plays a huge part in the community. With the introduction of video streaming, people are now consulting YouTube for different kinds of information. Whether you’re searching for recipes or simple hacks to fix your leaking faucet, YouTube has a myriad of videos in-stored for you. Moreover, people are using YouTube for all sorts of purposes, including blogging, product reviews, and to increase their online fame. There are several categories and channels within YouTube’s expansive environment.

Today, several YouTube viewers are getting converted to casual viewers to full-time YouTubers. If you’re aspiring to be one of YouTube’s most significant, you need to start from scratch. Choosing from a myriad of categories online, searching for your preferred and targeted niche can be daunting. With that being said, here are some YouTube channel ideas to start fresh at home this 2020.

Unboxing  Videos

Product unboxing is one of the crazes on YouTube. With new products and gadgets being launched and introduced monthly, YouTube viewers have a high demand for unboxing videos. In fact, unboxing videos is regarded as one of the highest-earning categories on YouTube. Unboxing different products, including devices from tech powerhouses like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Google, you can get an insurmountable amount of subscribers in no time. 

Reviewing Gadgets

This goes hand in hand with an unboxing video on YouTube. Product reviewing is similar to an unboxing video; the only difference is the sense of reviewing. Since you’re trying a newly developed product, product reviewing is a video used to educate your subscribers and viewers. Tech talks and information sharing is necessary to have a promising product review channel. Also, you may find several YouTube channels with this type of content as their forte.

Reaction Videos

If you love watching YouTube videos, then this niche is perfect for you. All you have to do is to provide a commentary on each significant part of the video. This niche can also provide you with a bigger audience since you can target a myriad of categories, including music, movie clips, hacks, and many more. Moreover, video reviewing can provide you with a connection to other YouTubers if you decide to review their videos. 

Gaming Videos

With the development of new games, including Final Fantasy and Doom Eternal, gaming has never ceased on YouTube. If you’re an avid gamer who loves gameplay and funny commenting like PewDiePie or Markiplier, then streaming a gaming session is an ideal idea for your YouTube channel this 2020. Several players have found success in streaming walkthroughs, co-op gaming, and casual playthroughs on various games; maybe it’s your turn to make an entry.

Daily Hack Videos

If you want to drive traffic to your channel quickly, try dwelling into the hack videos niche. Life hacks are conventional solutions made from day to day items. Also, life hack videos are more on the creational side of YouTube. Imagination is an essential factor when you’re going to create hack videos on YouTube. Since there are several channels on the platform using hacking videos as their font, being different, and offering unique hacks can pave a new path of opportunities. 

Prank Videos and Fun Entertainment

Staying at home for an extended period of time can become stale and tedious, especially with the coronavirus pandemic. To rid off the negativity on your house, why not try pranking your siblings or relatives? Better yet, record them on camera and post them on YouTube. Funny videos and pranks are on high demand on YouTube and are a never-ending trend in the platform. Keep in mind that when you want to have a captivating prank video, keep your smiles, and have the personality of a comedian. 

Fitness and Health Videos

People are now showing better concerns about their mental and physical health. With that being said, establishing a channel for people to get their daily dose of health tips is a great niche to have. Use your channel to funnel in different information about better health tips, including diets, workout routines, and inner peace. Or make your own videos, try supplying your viewers your take on daily exercise and body fitness at home. 

Cooking Videos

Many would say that cooking is a form of art, and every plate is a masterpiece. So if you love cooking for yourself or your family, why not feature them on a YouTube channel? Cooking videos are fascinating to watch, and most people love searching for recipes on YouTube. Since the platform offers a video stream, people can watch how mouth-watering foods are made. Moreover, you can create your very own method and let the world of YouTube know.

Make-Up Tutorial Videos

Now, this is exclusively made for people who love decorating their faces with an assortment of powder, dyes, and creams. Makeup tutorials are a massive market trend for women. Moreover, makeup can be done at home with the right equipment and tools. What’s more, makeup tutorial videos are widely used by different celebrities to promote their line of products and advertise others. With that being said, this niche is best when your goal is to provide a makeup tutorial video resource for your audience.

Create Animated Videos

Videography and animation play a massive part in YouTube’s foreground. Whether you’re searching for over-realistic animation to stick-men figures fighting the mouse cursor, YouTube has tons to offer. And, if you want to show your very own ideas on animated videos, then it’s time to create your first YouTube channel. You can put different beliefs and culture on animated clips on YouTube, enabling you to target a broader range of audiences. 

Animal and Pet Videos

If your only company is your pet, that alone can suffice when creating YouTube content. Animal videos are a great pass time for viewers and a massive opportunity for creators. You can introduce different methods on how to keep your dog clean or play with your cat by just using a string and a pen. Moreover, making pet videos is relatively cheap. All you need is to have a functioning camera, video editing software, a YouTube channel, and, lastly, your furry companion. 


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