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How You Could Still Purchase More YouTube Views Legally

People fret over-purchased YouTube views, but there are many legal ways buying YouTube views is exactly what advertising mechanisms result in.

Marketers who use YouTube are always in search for strategies that can boost their video marketing efforts. While views are not the only thing that defines the marketing success of a marketing campaign executed on YouTube, generating a large number of views is definitely something that every video marketers must achieve. After all, there is no point in creating a video and uploading it if no one is going to watch it, right?

How You Could Still Purchase More YouTube Views Legally

If you notice that your videos are not getting enough views, then there is an excellent chance that there is something wrong with the way you market them. Besides, marketing competition is at its peak, so you must know how to promote your videos to be a step ahead of your competitors. 

Below are some of the steps that you can use to make your video marketing efforts successful.

Create video content that is relevant to your brand

If you want your videos to get a decent amount of views and be on top of search results, then you need to create excellent video content. Once your content is outstanding and catchy enough to attract the attention of your target audience, generating more views and engagements will be a lot easier. 

Furthermore, people will share your videos on social media if it has decent and relevant content, which means that your target audience will be the ones to do the promotional works for you. 

Moreover, content length matters, but only to a certain extent. If your videos are relevant and worth watching, people will not stop watching it, right? Still, it must be remembered that an individual’s average viewing session is 40 minutes per day. I am sure that you have already experienced watching a long video on YouTube video up to its very end because it is not overly produced and informative. 

Providing value to your target audience must always be your principle. But if you want to learn how you can deliver valuable content, then you have to learn more information about your audience first. You have to know what they like and what they are looking for. 

If you want to learn more about the likes of your target audience, you can take a look at the existing content relevant to your niche. You have two options in this case. The first one is to take a look at the blog posts that have already targeted a decent amount of audience. Then you can create a video using the information that this blog has given you.

Another Relevant Option

The second option is to take a look at the existing YouTube videos relevant to your niche, Ince you have found one, you can create a better looking and more valuable video that can attract your target audience. 

If you already have mastered the art of video marketing, then creating better and more valuable videos should already be easy for you. However, if you are still new and you are struggling to create a good video, take a moment to assess yourself and what you can do to improve your videos.

You can also make use of YouTube’s search engine. You can simply type your main keyword, and the search engine itself will present you with a handful of content ideas. For example, if you type “How to Do SEO,” YouTube’s search engine will recommend several suggestions like, “how to do SEO for a website,” “how to do SEO for local business,” and “how to do SEO marketing.”

Optimize your YouTube’s content

Doing an optimization for your video will help it appear where it should– at the top of search listings and related video recommendations. 

Optimizing your video is pretty simple. However, there is a chance that you might over-complicate it, so try not to over-analyze things. 

If you want to optimize your video, four things should be taken care of. These are the title, tags, description, and thumbnail.

With regards to the title, you mustn’t make it a clickbait. Instead, you have to make sure that the title will clearly explain what your video covers, as well as the keyword you used. 

Meanwhile, your tags must be provided with several keywords that are related to your video. Also, the tags that you should use must be limited to 10 to 12 tags. Using more tags than these specified numbers will make you lose your target audience and dilute the search results data. On the other hand, selecting the right tags that are related to your main keyword will help your video be a part of Youtube’s recommended videos when someone is watching a video related to your topic. 

Outsmarting Google

Moreover, it is vital for you not to outsmart Google when you are writing your video’s description. Be sure that you do not do keyword stuffing and other black hat optimization methods. In the story, you must clearly describe what your video is all about, as well as what the viewers are going to learn while watching the video. 

Lastly, there are several approaches that you can take when creating a thumbnail. Remember, a custom thumbnail is a part of your video and channel’s branding. For the thumbnail, you can use images of people when you customize your thumbnail. It would also be helpful if you will include tet overlay with the keywords for your video. Also, add an image that shows the exciting part of your video.

Experiment with YouTube ads

Running YouTube ads is one of the top ways to generate views from your target audience. With YouTube ads, you can target the right kind of audience so that they will be aware of your video. Running ads will allow you to acquire feedback from when you have already posted your audience. Once you have previously known your audience’s feedback, you can start working on the weak parts of your content to make it more engaging. 

Promote where you can

Creating a video for your YouTube does not end when you have already uploaded it to your channel. Instead, you have to promote everywhere that it is possible. You can post the link of your YouTube content on all your social media pages like Facebook. If you have built an email list, you can also promote your video by creating a template and including your video link on that template before sending it to your email list.

Create a subscriber base

If you can get subscribers, then your videos will have an outstanding amount of views. You can do this by creating an annotation where you can prompt your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can also mention in your video that subscribing to your channel will help you get your video out to a broader network. By actually saying it, you are promoting your viewers to take action. 

Also, you can consistently create content that people can look forward to. Consistent content will increase the possibility of people subscribing to your channel since they have content to look forward to.


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