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The Most “YouTuber” YouTube Personalities

It took less than a decade to go to the considerable glory of the Internet phenomenon called YouTube. Youtube personalities have built their community.

The Most "YouTuber" YouTube Personalities

Best YouTube Personalities

Regardless of the entertainment giants, they are followed by millions of Internet users. Creativity is a constant topic in discussions about marketing and communication in social media, especially when it comes to video content. 

Read our article on the best youtube personalities in the world.

1. PewDiePie

103M Subscribers

The real name of this youtube personality is Felix Arvid Ulf Chelberg. Today, he is above 30, and he has become the most popular video blogger in the world.

Since 2008, he has been a student at Chalmer Technical University, and in 2011 has dropped out of his studies because he cannot combine reviews and video blogs. 

He founded his channel back in 2010. As a fan of video games, he decided to lead his pathway in this niche, as it is still trendy. At first, he puts on 2-3 rollers daily. This seems to have helped to make his channel grow faster.

Within two years (April 2010 – July 2012), PewDiePie attracted a million subscribers, virtually without exception, even in today’s competition.

But after a few months, in September 2012, the number of subscribers increased 2 times.

In April 2013, the number reached 6,000,000.

In 2014, its subscribers reached 27 million.

Well, by the end of 2016, he had exceeded fifty dollars.

I’ve been thinking about what will happen this year.

2. Whindersson Nunes

39M Subscribers

At the age of 15, Whindersson Nunes started making videos for Youtube in his room. Today, he is one of the most successful comedians in Brazil. 

The success came due to its humorous way of portraying stories about the reality of growing up in Piauí and the charisma that attracted millions of people. Whindersson currently has films, television show presentations, and comedy specials on his resume. The young man did not abandon his origins and also worked with several philanthropic projects.

His content ranges from many vlogs to parodies to film reviews. Sounds good, but there is a catch: Whinderssons speak Portuguese in all of his videos. This is not an obstacle for the young Brazilian. With 240 million native speakers and around 30 million second speakers, he is at the top of YouTube.

Its content pleases viewers so much that his career was not limited to YouTube alone. Whindersson also does a standup comedy play, taking some of what is produced on the internet to the stage.

3. elrubiusOMG

37.4M Subscribers

Although the 27-year-old Rubén Doblas Gundersen only speaks Spanish on his channel, he is among the best youtube personalities in the world. Over 37 million subscribers secure this placement for him. 

Gundersen lives in Spain, is half Spaniard and half Norwegian, and started his YouTube activity almost a year after YouTube was founded. 

 In 2011 he created the now popular elrubiusOMG channel. El Rubius’ private channel is assigned to the Comedy category. For the most part, the channel is still loaded with gameplay content, but Gundersen also occasionally releases vlogs. 

In addition to some challenges, he answers questions from his fan base and impresses with his jokes. 

4. Smosh

25.1M Subscribers

The youtube comedy channel is composed of the American duo Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox, 32 years old each.

Their career as content producers started in 2003 on a platform called Newgrounds.

It was only in 2005 that the duo migrated to YouTube, winning millions of fans since then.

The main channel has more than 25 million subscribers. In it, humorous sketches are posted, depicting situations so absurd that they make the videos funny and super fashionable.

The two also have 2 other channels:

The Smosh Games, which consists of gameplays of the most different games and has over 7 million subscribers.

And Smosh Pit, where it hosts videos of vlogs and varieties, always drawn to good humor, has over 6 million subscribers.

5. Yuya 

24.3M Subscribers

Marianne Casterstone is a 23-year-old Mexican who devotes her Youtube channel to beauty vlogging. 

She publishes make-up, hair tutorial videos and does not hesitate to share her dress fittings. Like many videographers, she owns a second channel where she films her daily routine in the company of her brother Sergio. Its channel became so popular that it appeared in the Mexican Vogue as well as on television.

6. Jeff Nippard

1.88M Subscribers

Jeff Nippard is a young professional bodybuilder and trainer worth watching on YouTube. Not only are his videos full of tips and hints for professional coaching, but Jeff’s suggestions are based on his scientific research. Don’t be afraid; it’s not about demanding lessons or foreign words; Jeff can even explain complicated chemistry in a way that anyone can easily understand.

As a 19-year-old, Jeff Nippard began competing in bodybuilding and has been practicing a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine to this day. When he started studying biochemistry, he launched his YouTube channel. This combining expertise with his real-life experiences. It generates quality and useful information on nutrition, training, and fitness in general. The number of his followers, now over a million, speaks for itself.

YouTubers Conclusion

Creating and managing a corporate profile page is already tricky. Imagine becoming one of the best YouTuber personalities in the whole world. A complicated task, isn’t it? Despite this, I believe that this is a medium in which there is still space for many people. Today people are always connected, looking for more and more content, especially on video.

There is also the opportunity for new content creators who want to find their place in the sun. And, who knows, you might appear on a list like this few years from now. These personalities found the formula for success and achieved a level of success that many desire. It is up to aspiring YouTubers to find their niches and stand out from the crowd.


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