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5 Best YouTube Channels That You Can Subscribe To

When it comes to channels on YouTube, different people have been consistent with uploading great videos that are well engaging to subscribers. These channels are of the various niches entirely from the kid’s show, gaming, social justice and many more. You can find out the best YouTube channels by subscribers in 2019 below:

YouTube has been giving wonderful videos till date, all thanks to several video clips coming up every time, and with the continuous tons of musical videos stretching the platform daily. The interesting part is that to know what it feels in maintaining consistent control over the subscribers; you have to be consistent. To know the cool part of YouTube, did you know in reality some niche contents have the capacity of attracting long-lasting subscriber’s base?

Subscribe To These YouTube Channels by Christmas!

Such large subscribers will make your channel a great place for content. But if you don’t know how to go about creating content that can make your page a destination for good videos, then it is time to roll up your sleeve and learn some intricate of it. However, in this article, we will be talking about the best YouTube channels that you can subscribe to and have real value for your time. These are some compiled lists and their statistics for knowledge of user subscribers. These channels consist of in-house channels or professional. YouTube game channel “PewDiePie” is a top spot in the overall YouTube statistics of subscribers presently with approximately multi-millions of heavy subscribers around the world.

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1. PewDiePie – 101.55 million Subscribers

PewDiePie is the largest channel with the subscribers’ base. As we know controversy sells, the reason why there is less likelihood of anyone familiar with YouTube not knowing much about Felix Kjellberg, knotty self-acclaimed Swedish king of YouTube platform. Kjellberg loves making Vlogs and reviewing meme of all sorts, not only that, he is controversial and has manic superiority. He got his popularity in various times for consistently make use of anti-Semitic video, racial slurs content, promoting the activities of Nazis, and a complete lot of other social misconduct portraying him of being celebrated someone with the celebrity status. The interesting thing is he enjoys a lot of supporters from his link minded supporters that probably propelled for him getting loads of subscribers. YouTube has canceled some of his hateful series. 

2. Dude perfect – 44.8 million Subscribers

The Dude perfect page is the second-largest YouTube channel. It has endless entertainment channels for its subscribers’ reason fans keep going there to watching the nerve-calming video. It started in the year 2009 with just a camera and a sandwich. The channel has loads of motivational content that lift the spirit. Ever since its creation, there is jaw-cracking content and several messages of faith for users. Tyler Toney & the band of Texas have begun using the channel to impact peoples’ lives with a great devoted message.

3. Hola Soy German – 39.68 million Subscribers

Garamendi’s productivity on his unique channel that does not involve gaming has waned over time, but his achievement on his platform has earned him greatness. He is involved in book sell, campaigns in Greenpeace by playing in a band. He is almost everywhere on YouTube doing wonders for himself.

4. Andersson Nuns – 36.57 million Subscribers

What to know about this Nuns- It is the most beloved and shirtless YouTuber ever came out of Brazil, the 24-year old keeps his viewers impressed with the consistent video stream. No matter how you are, the video will attract you to the page.

 5. Juega German – 36.23 million Subscribers

What to know about Juega German: The video games’ page is not just only about video gaming alone there several things to learn in the channel. The 29-year-old YouTube influencer is very lively and fined him discussing new topics by exploring the Internet on a daily.

Some other YouTube channel interesting also finds below:

elrubius OMG- 35.61 million Subscribers

Rubén Doblas the owner of the channel is majorly about video streaming, surprising contents, and gameplay videos. The Spanish man often drops a special interview and Chat roulette adventure into his YouTube channel feed.

Felipe Neto- 34 million Subscribers

Felipe is in a couple of ways an epitome in the YouTube silly fame race. He is a Brazilian blogger who always reacts to all kinds of news like the cultural event, gossip of celebrity, and upload funny comedy videos. He usually talks on the camera for at 60 frames per second just like a joke, but the interesting part is 27 million subscribers love it. No one can have a say to his YouTube stardom.

Fernanfloo – 33.62 million Subscribers

Fernando is a cool gamer who is popular for his weird remarks and love of indie titles. He hails from El Salvador; he is a 26-year-old who loves the green color and enjoys giving his fans the best of videos to talk about.

Kids Diana Show – 33.37 million Subscribers

Kids Diana is a channel for kids video and viewing of several kiddies contents, it is known for uploading several plays with a various selection of the latest new toys for kids on YouTube, because, for whatsoever reason, most kids cannot get adequate pleasure by watching other kids playing with toys they want without having theirs. This birthed the popularity of Kids Diana’s Show that mostly relies on the name of Diana.

Like Nastya Vlog- 31.55 million Subscribers

Like her counterpart Nikia & Vlad, Nastya is a good destination for fictional stories videos. Nasty is a Florida-Russia based YouTube influencer who creates various video content for kids and teenagers. The majority of her videos preached about creative adventure scenes. Some of her videos collaborate with her dad, and they make great video through perfect making and scripted adventurous stories that are inspired by fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Vanoss Gaming- 24.82 million Subscribers

The channel is owned by Evan Fong and has been in existence since the year 2011. The channel is all about gaming video most times with adventurous features. Vanoss is a Canadian YouTube enthusiast who loves putting mind-blowing action gaming videos online. He and his friends have flair for playing several action games like Grand Theft Auto, Garry’s Mod and Call of Duty. 


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