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Tips On Boosting Views For Your YouTube Videos

Youtube is a worldwide platform for videos concerning anything you would want to know. It is now the search engine next to Google.

Youtube is a worldwide platform for videos concerning anything you would want to know. It is now the search engine next to Google. Nowadays, you can earn money by producing and posting videos on YouTube, but it would be a challenge for you to gain views as numerous people do the same. 

You need to have 1000 subscribers and a total of 4000 hours of videos watched within one year, for you to be able to earn money using YouTube.


To gain more views, your content alone is not enough, you should think of other methods to achieve your goal. And, that is what we will talk about. We have a total of 14 ways on how to get more views. Let’s get started!

1. Usage of Intro And Outro videos

What is an Intro and Outro video? Intro video is a 10second clip that runs at the start of the video. It should showcase what is the video all about. While the Outro video is a clip at the end of your video which you use to request likes and subscriptions from your audience.

Having both as part of your video will greatly boost potential viewers or even subscribers.

2. Making a Good Video Title

Always make your title “Catchy” to gain the attention of viewers, it is essential to have a good title. You need to utilize keywords and include it in your title, in that way, it will rank up your video to make your video more searchable.

Be mindful to consider these tips for creating a good title:

  • Use Keywords
  • Make it Straight to the point
  • Make it alluring
  • Provide the current year of the video
  • Using Case
  • Utilize Power Words such as Smart, Best
  • Use Emotional Words such as Lovely, Sensual

3. Video Tagging

Video Tags are the next essential thing in a video. The purpose of these tags is to be able to make your video be searched in the first 50 searches on YouTube.

When making tags, you may take advantage of using the maximum amount of 500 keywords in a video. If you can exercise on putting even 5 to 10 keywords, it would help your video to be seen frequently.

These aware of these tips for video tags:

  • Use of Main Keywords
  • Use Various Keywords
  • Use Unique Keywords
  • Use tags applied in other high-ranked videos
  • Always put your brand name in all of your videos

4. Interview Influencers In Your Niche

Making an interview with a famous personality that is related to your niche will boost your views remarkably. It is beneficial for you and a great way to promote your channel. 

5. Providing a series of Good Thumbnail

In the form of the videos presented by YouTube, the thumbnail is the most essential part. It is what a potential viewer looks to find what is in the video.

Here is what you need to know when choosing a thumbnail:

  • Choose a picture with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • The picture needs to be under 2 MB
  • Use the format of JPG, GIF, BMP and or, PNG
  • Consider an aspect ratio of 16:9

6. Using Call To Action

Call to Action is when you request the viewers to like or subscribe to your channel and even share your video for those who they think needs it.

It is an effective way to increase potential followers on social media.

7. Creating a Playlist

Creating numerous playlists and putting your videos on other various playlists will dramatically enhance your views. 

These tips would help you with creating a playlist:

  • Make a creative title of the playlist
  • Make an elaborate description and input keywords
  • Upload identical videos in one playlist
  • Put a video under many playlists

8. Get your Channel Featured

This method may bring home the bacon for increasing the viewers and subscribers. 

With this method, you need to have a contact or you may contact a celebrity or a famous YouTuber and make them place the link of your channel under the featured channel. This would surely make your potential viewers and subscribers skyrocket.

To achieve this, you can either ask a friend or pay an amount for the famous YouTuber. Keep in mind that the person you are aiming needs to have the same niche as you are because it would be advantageous.

9. Collaboration with Other YouTubers

It is a smart move to team up with other YouTubers, you may combine each of your viewers to have potential viewers. This is a favorable situation for both of you.

10. Using Google AdWords

This is a paid platform but it grants more views for you. If you are going to use this method, make sure that the content and quality of your videos are very informative and pleasing.

11. Create a YouTube Community

This is an easy step to also garner views for your videos. All you need to do is to locate and click the +icon to create a post on the YouTube Web or App.

After that, type the message you want to convey and link your video that you want to be promoted. Adding images or polls would make the community more lively. The community may also leave a like or post a comment which can help bigtime for communication between you and your audience.

12. Learning from YouTube’s Creator Academy

YouTube is not all about uploading videos, there are more than meets the eye. You may want to learn what can you do more on YouTube.

By using YouTube’s Creator Academy, you may learn new techniques and hacks to be savvier using YouTube.

13. Utilize Social Media Channels

Make sure to promote your channel and video to Social Media Platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

In this way, you have a better opportunity in sharing your videos and gaining more audiences outside of YouTube. Share your videos frequently. 

You can also use “Hashtags” so that it may add chances in making your video be discovered.

14. Blog about your YouTube Channel

Do not forget to make a blog about your YouTube videos. With this, you can earn money both ways, through blogging and vlogging.

 I hope this can help you achieve your goals as a YouTuber. There are certain ways to promote your videos on YouTube, these are only some of the techniques you may use to help you gather more views.


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