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YouTube Analytics Tools for Social Media Managers

Despite being embroiled in an ad predicament, YouTube remains one of the most powerful marketing platforms out there. Brands continue to step up their game by coming up with stellar ads that are bringing the digital house down.

While more and more brands are flocking to YouTube for the advertising potential, the need for in-depth analytics becomes stronger.

If you’re in dire need of a tool that can help you measure your campaign’s success (or failure) then this guide is for you. We’ve gathered some of the most valuable analytics tools you can use to determine the course of your video marketing efforts.

Ready to get your hands dirty with data? Read this guide through to the end to find the analytics tools that will help you achieve your goals much faster.

YouTube Analytics

Before you opt for paid services, you should learn all about YouTube’s native analytics tool. YouTube Analytics give you access to some of the most important data points for free.

If you’re new to social media management or simply working with limited marketing dollars, YouTube Analytics is for you.

yt analyticsImage credit: YouTube Help

This tool lets you measure crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Watch Time, Audience Retention, Annotation/Card Click Throughs, and more.

We recommend that you get accustomed to using YouTube Analytics before diving into more sophisticated tools to gain a better understanding of what indicators are most important to you.


If you’re aggressively growing your brand channel, you should consider signing up for Vidooly. Vidooly is a dedicated analytics tool that lets you in on your subscriber’s browsing behavior as well as trends on how to increase web traffic through your videos.

vidoolyImage credit: Vidooly

What sets this analytics tool apart from the rest is the commentary analysis feature, which lets you zero in on your engagement levels.

This tool is essential for a burgeoning brand channel. Vidooly gives you important insights into data sets that will determine the course of your campaign, both at present and in the future.


Quintly is an analytics tool that can help you become more competitive as a brand channel. This analytics tool has a customizable dashboard that lets you review other channel profiles in comparison to yours.

quintlyImage credit: Quintly

Quintly also has a nifty feature that gives you an overview of the key influencers for your niche. The influencer insight lets you cut through the noise and efficiently determine who the ideal collaborators are for your brand.

Bonus Tip

After determining which among the influencers out there are worth collaborating with, you should consider purchasing an impressive number of YouTube Views or Subscribers from a reputable provider.

Bought YouTube Views and Subscribers can help you get your foot in the door as far as influencer marketing goes. Artificial social signals can help you look more prominent as a brand and therefore make it easier to convince influencers to work with you.


If you want to know how you can boost your local ranking, you need to sign up for RankTrackr.

This lightweight analytics tool gives you comprehensive data sets based off derived search results as well as engagement from your videos.

For only $17.60 a month, you can also export all of your findings from the dashboard with just a few simple clicks. Find out how RankTrackr can help your channel appear on as many search results as possible in the video below.

Rival IQ

Priced pretty high at $199 a month, Rival IQ gives you in-depth insights from an intuitive dashboard that can help you strengthen social engagement at a glance.

With Rival IQ, you can easily examine your competitor’s current campaign performance by pulling their profiles all on one page.

rival IQImage Credit: RivalIQ

This analytics tool is designed to help you stay competitive as a brand on a busy platform like YouTube.

Rival IQ will send you real time notifications and alerts about activity from your profile as well as your competitor’s profiles. The real-time updates give you an opportunity to stay on top of your campaign while topics and trends are most relevant.


According to their website, Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard that lets you track every aspect of your campaign in real time.

cyfeImage Credit: Cyfe

The built-in widgets on their dashboard let you focus on the data points that are most important to you. Many social media managers swear by their free package, which lets you play around with a maximum of five widgets.

If you want to gain access to an unlimited number of widgets, you can sign up for Cyfe’s basic package which is priced at $19 a month.


If you’re in the market for a customizable analytics tool, you might want to check out Klipfolio.

You have the option to integrate key data points from your Google Sheets or Dropbox account into the Klipfolio dashboard. The seamless integration gives you the capacity to keep an eye on the most important insights that are specific to your campaign and brand.

klipfolioImage credit: Klipfolio

Klipfolio is among the more affordable analytics tools out there with their most basic package available for only $19 a month. If, however, you want to export data from your Klipfolio dashboard, you have to upgrade your subscription to the next tier for $39 a month.


Socialbakers is one of the more renowned analytics tools out there. The platform rose to fame mainly for their intuitive, attractive dashboard.

Socialbakers gives you a comprehensive overview of the viewer insights that are most valuable to your content marketing efforts. By understanding what your viewers want, you’ll be able to provide relevant content that directs your marketing message to your ideal audience.

socialbakersImage credit: Socialbakers

This analytics tool boasts of an intuitive and highly organized dashboard for easier data management. You don’t have to worry about letting any piece of data fall through the cracks because Socialbakers organizes and collates them for you in one screen.

Dive into Big Data

If you want your YouTube marketing campaign to succeed, you have to get your hands dirty with data. Analytics tools are there to help you map out a more efficient and effective strategy without you having to exhaust all of your resources.

Analytics tools are a must for social media managers. You shouldn’t be afraid to use several analytics tools in combination with one another because they have unique strengths, and can often work very well together.

If you’re still working on getting your brand channel off the ground, you should consider buying high-quality YouTube Views and Subscribers from a reputable provider. Bought social signals from a tried-and-tested provider can help you appear more credible which can, in turn, attract organic viewers.

The internet only recognizes measurable success, so start playing around with big data sets today.

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