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YouTube Stars Who are Raking in Millions of Views

YouTube has millions of active daily users. This fact made it become the second largest search engine next to its parent company, Google.

YouTube Stars Who are Raking in Millions

YouTube is home to thousands of content creators. For this reason, the competition on the platform is very tight. But despite that, there are still some who were able to stand out among the others and capture the attention of thousands and even millions of viewers. 

Huge YouTube stars have huge fanbases who support every content that they publish. This is why they can make a lot of money whenever they create videos. Also, video consumption is becoming more popular than ever. This is why there is no doubt that YouTube will grow more and more views in the years to come. 

The most popular YouTube stars are earning millions of dollars through content creation. If you are curious about who they might be, then continue reading this article to find out who they are.

YouTube has millions of active daily users. This fact made it become the second largest search engine next to its parent company, Google. Apart from that, billions of hours of videos every day. For this reason, there is no doubt why the YouTube stars in this list were able to make millions of YouTube views through their videos. 

YouTubers Who Make Millions Through Content Creation


More often than not, Irish influencers tone down their accent when they go international. However, things are different with Offaly’s Jacksepticeye. He was able to charm his viewers by keeping his accent country. His midland cadences, mixed with a hint of twang, was able to bring him to the top of the YouTube food chain. 

In one of his videos, he filmed himself playing Minecraft while telling his viewers that he had no idea what he was doing. Yet, that video garnered 5.8 million views. What’s more, his video, where the only thing he did was to laugh for 12 minutes straight, gained 1.8 million views. 

YouTube Stars Who are Raking in Millions

Jacksepticeye’s net worth is €8.1 million. 

Ryan ToysReview

Ryan, a seven-year-old YouTube star whose second name remains a mystery, was able to rake €20 million through his YouTube channel. The videos in Ryan’s channel are all toy reviews. What captured his audience is his mash-up of personal videos and unboxing videos. Also, Ryan’s innocent childhood antics have enabled him to become a child millionaire. 

Moreover, one of the most-watched videos in Ryan’s channel featured him while playing with a bouncy house. Ryan now has 32 billion (yes, b) YouTube views as of now. But at his age, he is unlikely to care about what his critics would say.

Dude Perfect

The Dude Perfect YouTube channel has a total of 36 million subscribers. On the other hand, it’s annual earning is €18.2 million.

This channel is composed of a five-person sports crew. With their net worth, they could probably construct a life-sized igloo made of dollar bills if they wanted to. 

Moreover, Dude Perfect focuses on elaborate trick shots that involve ping-pong balls most of the time. One of their most viewed content shows a man wearing a backward-pointing baseball cap. He was chucking a bottle at a trampoline while giving himself a high five whenever it lands perfectly. 


Matthew Morris, who is more commonly known as the teen rapper MattyB, was able to gain millions by making cuddly covers of popular rap songs. As everyone knows, rap music is commonly known for all the swearing-in their lyrics. However, MattyB remove them all and then replace them all with an early Justin Bieber vibe. 

YouTube Stars Who are Raking in Millions

Currently, MattyB’s YouTube channel has 12.6 million subscribers. He was able to rake an estimated net worth of €2.7 million. Also, he has already featured some guests, such as Vanilla Ice, on his channel.


We have another kid on this list. Boram is an eight-year-old Korean girl who makes videos about toys and toy reviews. As of now, her YouTube channel has 13.6 million subscribers. On the other hand, she has a video blog that boasts 17.6 million subscribers.

One of her most popular videos features her making instant noodles, which attracted more than 376 million views. Earlier this year, Boram purchased a €72 million property in Gangnam district– an exclusive district in Seoul. 

Furthermore, Boram traveled from her home to Saipan, Japan, for a wacky adventure in her most recent video.


MrBeast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He was able to make it into YouTube’s foodchain with his extremely viral videos. Two of her most viral videos were titled “Counting to 100,000 in One Video” and “Last to Remove Hand, Gets Lamborghini Challenge.” 

Besides, MrBeast pranks unsuspecting public citizens by giving them huge amounts of money. 

Vlad and Nikita

There is no denying that kiddies are now enjoying the latest technologies while having fun. These brothers, Vlad and Nikita, has a YouTube channel where they feature themselves playing with various toys and having daily adventures. According to one website, the net monthly revenues of these brothers are at €1 million.

Like Nastya Vlog

Stacy, or more popularly known as Nastya, is a Russian-American five-year-old girl. She currently lives in Florida. 

In her YouTube channel, Nastya plays with toys and goes on adventures with her parents. This type of content is undeniably effective in capturing her audience’s attention. For this reason, she now has 31 million subscribers. On top of that, her channel sits on the 47th spot in the most-watched videos on YouTube. 

Furthermore, by the time Stacy understands how the concept of money works, she will already be a millionaire.


Evan is a 13-year-old YouTuber who has built a fanbase of more than four million subscribers. In his YouTube channel, Evan reviews toys do challenge videos and science experiments. He also often features his father, Jared, and his sister Jillian in his videos. 
Rumor has it that he was able to earn €1 million every year. Furthermore, his family kept his second name unknown for privacy reasons.


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